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Published on March 4, 2008

Author: Samantha

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Sea Strike FNC Enhanced Weapons Technologies :  Sea Strike FNC Enhanced Weapons Technologies John Kinzer – EC Manager Air Warfare & Naval Weapons Applications (Code 352) Office of Naval Research The 2007 Naval S&T Partnership Conference is presented by NDIA with technical support from ONR DISTRIBUTION STATEMENT A: Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited. STK-FY09-03 Enhanced Weapons Technologies:  EC Capability: Expands Counter-Air (CA) & Counter-Air-Defense (CAD) Capabilities by Providing Substantially Improved Range, Decreased Time of Flight, and End-Game Maneuverability to Air Launched Missiles Improves the No-Escape Range for CA Engagements Against Current Threats Reduces Number of Aircraft Intercepts by Surface-to-Air Missiles and Increases Number Of Emitters Killed Improves Insensitive Munitions Responses for AMRAAM and AARGM Improves Operation and Survivability of Key Missile Components at High Speed Stakeholders: Acquisition: PMA 242 (Direct & Time Sensitive Strike) / PMA 259 (Air-Air Missiles) / PMA 280 (Tomahawk) Requirements / Resource: OPNAV N88 (Air Warfare) Acquisition Programs Targeted: AIM-120 AMRAAM AGM-84 AARGM Future High Speed Weapon STK-FY09-03 Enhanced Weapons Technologies Slide3:  Solid Propulsion Technology Goals Counter Air AMRAAM Goal Threshold Range Increase 45% 30% Decrease in Time to 50 nm Target 20% 16% Increase in Maneuverability at 50 nm 100% 80% Limit Missile Production Cost Increase 5% 10% Counter Air Defense Goal Threshold Range Increase 30% 25% Decrease in Time to 80 nm Target 40% 33% Limit Missile Production Cost Increase 5% 10% STK-FY09-03 Enhanced Weapons Technologies:  Radome Technology Goals Higher Speed, with Positive Structural Margins Retain Seeker Performance and Accuracy with Less than 1 Degree of Boresight Error and 1 db of Insertion Loss Airframe / Controls Technology Goals Accurately Control AMRAAM, AARGM and High Speed Weapons for Longer Periods at Higher Speeds Freedom from Flutter for at Least 15% Margin on Mach No. and Altitude for Speeds up to Mach 4 Aeroelastic Tailoring of Folding Fins to Reduce Flutter Risk while Enabling Multiplatform Integration and Internal Storage STK-FY09-03 Enhanced Weapons Technologies Counter Air and Counter Air Defense Improvements:  Product Description: Two Related but Different Missile Propulsion Systems with Substantially Improved Kinematics to Enable Attack at Extended Range with Advanced Propellants, High Stiffness Composite Motor Cases, Low Erosion Nozzles and, in addition for AMRAAM, a Pulse Motor Laboratory POC Program Manager Steve Florian Roger Sullivan NAWCWD Code 477000E ONR 352 Strike FNC 805-484-6282 703-696-6681 steven.florian@navy.mil roger.sullivan@navy.mil Counter Air and Counter Air Defense Improvements Counter Air and Counter Air Defense Improvements (BAA Areas of Interest for ONR):  Counter Air and Counter Air Defense Improvements (BAA Areas of Interest for ONR) Composite Case Materials and Fabrication Methods to Meet Strength Requirements while Minimizing Case Thickness Propellant Grain Burn Rate Enhancers to Enable End-Burning Motors to Meet Thrust Requirements Pulse Motor Bulkheads with Minimum Weight and Thickness Rocket Motor Nozzle Technologies for Reduced Smoke Propellants to Minimize Throat Erosion at Elevated Pressure High Energy Reduced Smoke Propellants with 1.3 Hazard Classification Motor Insulation Materials to Minimize Thickness High Speed Components:  High Speed Components Product Description: Develop the High Speed Radome, Low-Backlash, Compact Actuator and Flutter-Free Folding Fins Needed for the Higher-Speed, Longer-Duration CA / CAD / High Speed Weapon Missions Laboratory POC Program Manager Mike Munson Roger Sullivan NAWCWD Code 47J550D ONR 352 Strike FNC 760-939-7716 703-696-6681 michael.munson@navy.mil roger.sullivan@navy.mil High Speed Components (BAA Areas of Interest for ONR):  High Speed Components (BAA Areas of Interest for ONR) Radome Materials and Fabrication Technologies to Meet the Structural and Thermal Requirements of High Speed Flight Harmonic Drive Actuator with High Positional Accuracy, Little Free Play to Avoid Flutter and Limit Cycle Oscillations, and Lightweight Compact Gear Reduction Aeroelastically-Tailored Folding Fins that Minimize Range of Center of Pressures to Reduce Actuator Size and to Maintain Flutter Margin through Separation of Flutter-Contributing Structural Modes Slide9:  STK-FY09-03 Enhanced Weapons Technologies QUESTIONS?

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