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Published on February 26, 2014

Author: coolneeraj1207


PowerPoint Presentation: Introduction Submitted by: Shambhavi Jha Branch : MBA Topic : Financial Forecasting Submitted to :- Ms. Pooja mam CONTENT: CONTENT 1) Meaning 2) Importance 3) Steps 4) Kind 5) Theories 6) Method MEANING OF FINANCIAL FORECASTING: MEANING OF FINANCIAL FORECASTING A financial forecast is a tool that allows you to use your resource where they’re most needed, so you can control the cash flow of business, instead of it controlling you. It allows you to control your money so you are more likely to achieve your desire net profit. IMPORTANCE: IMPORTANCE Establishing new business Formulating plans Estimating financial decision Facilitating managerial decision Quality of Management Encourages cooperation and co-ordination Better utilisation of resources Success in business STEPS OF FINANCIAL FORECASTING: STEPS OF FINANCIAL FORECASTING Developing the basis Estimating future business operation Regulating forecasting Reviewing the forecasting process Kinds of Financial forecasting : Kinds of Financial forecasting THEORIES : THEORIES 1) Theory of economic rhythm 2) Action & Reaction approach 3) Sequence or Time Lag Method 4) Specific historical analysis 5) Cross cut analysis METHOD: METHOD 1) Direct Method 2) Indirect Method 3) Historical Method 4) Deductive Method 5) Joint operation Method 6) Scientific business forecasting ANY QUERY: ANY QUERY THANKS To ALL OF YOU

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