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Published on July 2, 2016

Author: ThomasMayes


1. (IET F1) HEALING FOREHAND & CRANIAL ISSUES MELDING WITH EQUUS 2 DAY- WEEKDAY - CLINIC An Introduction to Tom Mayes ~ Integrated Equine Therapies Techniques and Methods Prerequisite: None- just a passion to extend your abilities in profound ways. For horsemen/women of all abilities- with a desire to access and treat problems in their horses, and develop a deeper more profound connection with equus. Suitable for veterinarians and all equine professionals. Techniques and protocols taught will markedly increase your skill set and enhance your effectiveness Using acupressure, applied kinesiology, osteopathic techniques, this clinic will enable you to identify for yourself, the most common and frequently overlooked lameness patterns  Give you proven treatment techniques to clear major blockages  Applied hands-on practice will be emphasized  Meld with Equus®..... Learn the most powerful technique of all.... deeply engage and attune yourself to the horse from the inside out. Melding is essential for physical and emotional healing, advanced riding skills, and all aspects of horsemanship  Learn intuitive diagnostics with follow up confirmation  Discover reflex points that sort out joint and spinal problems  Learn potent acupoints to release muscular- skeletal, organ and metabolic restrictions  Utilize effective acupoints to calm and enhance performance

2. (IET F1) HEALING FOREHAND & CRANIAL ISSUES MELDING WITH EQUUS 2 DAY- WEEKDAY - CLINIC Day 1  Melding techniques attunement core movement  Palpation skills - Passive, active and energetic. Our hands can and do engage any tissue in the body, no matter how deep- with precision.  Intuitive diagnostics with multiple verifications  Mirroring- human equine physical and emotional mirroring  Fore Trauma Pattern -Thoracic patterns and treatment Day 2  Cranial patterns and treatment  Lumbar patterns and treatment  Organs a principle cause of lameness in the horse "Visceral Somatic Dominance"  Organ assessment and clearing with acupressure  Pelvic patterns and treatment  "Putting It All Together"  Introduction to CranioSacral therapy Deeper merging with rhythm assessment DATE: Weekday Course; Wed Aug 17 - Thurs Aug 18, 2016 Time: 9 - 4 LOCATION: Private Barn, Truckee, CA FACILITY HOST: Stacie Smith EM: PH: 775-750-7630 COST: $459 We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express. Payment Plan Options available upon request. Minimal Business Fee Applied REGISTER: On Line;  Tom Mayes is an Equine Practitioner and Clinician with Integrated Equine Therapies who has been servicing horses and teaching his signature methods through Clinics for over a decade. Areas of practice are Osteopathy; CranioSacral; Applied Kinesiology; Acupressure and Reiki. He has clients from all over the world who seek him out for professional and personal development.

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