Flyer Effectiveness 2008 Can Final

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Information about Flyer Effectiveness 2008 Can Final

Published on February 25, 2009

Author: stantonb



A great bit of info on the relevance of Flyers and Inserts and how they generate ROI.

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What is… The primary source for shopping inspiration (and purchase) with an in-home shelf life of 3-5 days? An advertising vehicle that reaches 70-80% of North American consumers? An essential part of an integrated consumer marketing campaign? 2

Flyers and Inserts! 3

Flyers and Inserts A traditional print medium that continues to grow Forecasts range from 5-7% per year Why?...Because They Work! 4

The Benefits of Flyers & Inserts? Cost effective way to reach local, regional or national markets Guaranteed delivery into homes and stores Variety of distribution options: • Daily Newspapers • Community Newspapers • In-Store and Mailed Delivery 5

The Benefits of Flyers & Inserts? Results can be measured when targeted or “Once we drop our versioned (by postal or zip, demographics flyers, we see a and lifestyle) 20% increase in customer traffic” Generates instant response and sales – Dodd’s Furniture, Victoria BC Brings credibility to your business; Builds your brand 6

Think Flyers are “old news”? Readership is alive, well and YOUNG! Tech Savvy Gen X and Y women are the highest users of printed advertising inserts 57% of Gen X women use advertising inserts; 20% use online circulars 40% of Gen Y women read advertising circulars before shopping And 48% of youth (18-24) would try a new store based on a flyer!! 7 Source: The Center for Media Research Online , CMA

Flyers – part of an integrated marketing campaign Sales results can be analyzed to maximize ROI and overall effectiveness “By offering shoppers multiple vehicles to receive their information, retailers increase their odds of winning that customer over”. - RAMA/NRF 8

Product Information Sources Flyers do win customers over – Flyers, the Internet and Daily Newspapers are the top information sources for consumers looking for General Product Information 9 Kubas Consultants: Major Market Retail Report (MMRR) 2007

Shopping Information Sources Flyers have remained the top-rated source of local shopping information for the last 5 years – followed by daily and community newspapers 10 Kubas Consultants: Major Market Retail Report (MMRR) 2007

The Power of Flyers Consumer usage remains high and steady “Free-standing inserts 70% of Adults Agree/Strongly Agree that are a superior Inserts are useful and that they often promotional tool in the seek circulars for promotions food and non-food categories” 76% of Adults Agree/Strongly Agree that - The Nielsen Company Inserts help them save money 11 Source: Kubas, NAA

Delivery Preferences… Print Still Wins… Through Daily or Community Newspapers Thursday to Saturday are preferred Driven by receipt of a printed edition Only 6% of consumers opt to receive flyers online 12

Flyers are used for just about any product category: Consumers have personally used Flyers/ Inserts to plan or make purchase in the “Categories with a last year for: higher penetration benefit more from the Appliances/ furniture • use of print, television Clothing • and free standing Groceries • inserts…” Home improvement products/ services • - NAD Bank Health care or personal care items • Investments or banking services • Other products or services • Home entertainment items • Computer Hardware/Software • Home Furnishings • 13 Source: The Nielsen Company

Flyers are an effective part of your marketing mix Create a sense of urgency for consumers to act by a specific date “74% of adults used sale offer [from an insert] for an unplanned purchase” Cost effective relative to other advertising vehicles High visibility with in-home shelf life “85% of adults saved insert until store visit; 74% saved / showed insert to spouse / friend” 14 Source: NAA

Flyers are an effective part of your marketing mix Messaging and product offering can be tailored by versioning “Flyers aren’t just a mass medium – they are a smart medium.” Distribution can be targeted and segmented by geography, demographics, lifestyle and more 15 Source: BIG Research

Flyers are an effective part of your marketing mix “Media Channels that can target, be timely and deliver value to consumers, such as… newspaper inserts – are increasing their influence on customer purchases.” With flexible formats, sizes, paper grades and color configurations Flyers and Inserts provide MEASURABLE RESULTS 16 Source: BIG Research

“Flyers give us the ability to create a relationship with customers on a weekly basis, keeping us at the top of their minds with their shopping habits.” - Strategy Magazine 17

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