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Information about Flu Pandemic Presentation Slides 151205

Published on April 9, 2008

Author: Octavio

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FLU… BIRD FLU… AND NOW FLU PANDEMIC WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN FOR SINGAPORE?:  FLU… BIRD FLU… AND NOW FLU PANDEMIC WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN FOR SINGAPORE? Be Alert, Informed, Prepared Slide2:  1. All About Flu … Types Threats Symptoms Spread Drugs Vaccination 2. Bird Flu & Flu Pandemic Transmission Border Spread Going Overseas Presentation Flow 3. Consumption & Contact Eating chicken Handling live birds Keeping pet birds 4. Singapore is prepared Readiness & Response Plan Your Role Slide3:  1. All About Flu … Types Threats Symptoms Spread Drugs Vaccination Slide4:  Flu Types Human Flu Periodic outbreaks caused by flu viruses spreading among people Bird Flu Caused by bird flu viruses Sickens and kills wild birds, chickens, ducks, turkeys Current bird flu virus: H5N1 Flu Pandemic An epidemic that occurs worldwide and affects large numbers of people Caused by: -- new types of flu viruses -- flu viruses that have never circulated among people or -- flu viruses that have not circulated among people for a long time but acquired ability to spread easily among humans. -- differs from ordinary “cold” or flu viruses already in circulation Slide5:  Threats Human Flu Generally not serious Takes about 7-10 days to recover Young children, old people and the sick take longer to get well Bird Flu About 50% of people infected have died Flu Pandemic Experts predict as many as 25% of people will fall ill but majority will have mild illness Up to 150 million people could die 1968 HK flu: 1 million died 1918 Spanish flu: 20 million perished Could result in worldwide economic recession Slide6:  Symptoms What are the symptoms of bird flu in humans? Symptoms range from: fever cough sore throat muscle aches eye infections pneumonia shortness of breath Consult a doctor as soon as possible and inform him or her if you: have had contact with live birds have travelled to a bird-flu affected country Slide7:  Spread Human Flu Spread from person to person through saliva droplets by coughing or sneezing Touching contaminated surfaces Bird Flu Do not spread easily among humans Humans can catch disease through close contact with infected birds Rare cases of human-to-human infection Flu Pandemic Spreads easily like seasonal flu Humans have little immunity as viruses are new Slide8:  Drugs Human Flu Antiviral drugs e.g. Oseltamivir (Tamiflu) can reduce the severity of flu if taken within 48 hours. Bird Flu Tamiflu may decrease the duration of illness and complications if taken early. Flu Pandemic Effectiveness of Tamiflu not known as such viruses do not currently exist. Caution: Do not stock up on antiviral drugs. If used wrongly, the virus can become resistant, making the drugs useless. Slide9:  Vaccination Should I get a flu jab? NOT NECESSARY for the general population. But the following people can benefit from vaccination: Aged 65 years & older; Residents of nursing homes & chronic care facilities; Adults & children who have chronic disorders of the lungs or heart, & asthma; Adults & children who require regular medical follow-up for diabetes, kidney diseases or HIV in the last 12 months; Children and teenagers aged 6 months to 18 years receiving long-term aspirin therapy; Women who are in the second or third trimester of pregnancy. Slide10:  Bird Flu & Flu Pandemic Transmission Border Spread Going Overseas Slide11:  Transmission How can bird flu lead to flu pandemic among humans? Flu viruses have the ability to change and spread more easily from person to person. As viruses are new, humans have little or no immunity, so flu pandemic could happen. No one can tell when a pandemic might occur. Scientists are watching the situation closely. Slide12:  Border Spread Is it possible to stop the spread of bird flu to a country? The disease is carried by wild migratory birds, so there is no way of preventing its spread. But that does not mean it will be passed to domestic birds. Proper measures, such as preventing wild birds from getting into poultry houses, can prevent that from happening. Slide13:  Going Overseas? Slide14:  Going Overseas? Should I take antiviral drugs to protect myself? Not necessary to take drugs such as Tamiflu or Relenza when visiting countries with cases of bird flu. Bird flu remains mainly a disease affecting birds. Protect yourself and your loved ones by avoiding contacts with poultry and observing basic personal hygiene. Slide15:  Going Overseas? When visiting a bird-flu affected country: Avoid poultry farms, markets selling live birds, crowded places Avoid contact with live poultry & birds, especially with children Avoid handling/eating raw poultry/foods e.g. eggs Avoid touching surfaces contaminated with faeces from poultry/other animals Slide16:  Going Overseas? When visiting a bird-flu affected country: Wash your hands with soap & water after handling live poultry & birds, & after sneezing Eat balanced meals, exercise regularly, take enough rest, & avoid smoking to maintain good body resistance Get a flu jab to protect against human flu Slide17:  3. Consumption & Contact Eating chickens Handling live birds Keeping pet birds Slide18:  Eating Chickens Safe to eat eggs, chicken and other poultry? AVA does not allow imports of poultry from countries with cases of bird flu. No evidence that bird flu is passed through cooked food or eggs. Make sure your eggs & poultry are well cooked. Slide19:  Handling Live Birds Safe to come into contact with live birds and poultry? Currently no cause for alarm. AVA regularly checks wild birds & poultry in local farms for bird flu. So far, no known cases of bird flu in Singapore. Wash hands after handling birds and poultry. Slide20:  Keeping Pet Birds Do: Wash your hands with soap after handling your bird Take your bird to a vet if it falls sick. Do not: Let your pet bird come into contact with live birds Introduce your pet birds to birds of unknown origin Slide21:  4. Singapore is prepared The Government has prepared an Emergency Plan to protect the health of all Singaporeans if the H5N1 virus changes and spreads. Slide22:  Readiness & Response Plan Looking out for new flu viruses that cause illness in people The Government is monitoring the situation closely and is doing the following: Making contingency plans to deal with an outbreak rapidly Conducting regular checks on wild birds Advising people to practise good hygiene habits Singapore has a stockpile of Tamiflu Slide23:  5. Your Role You play an important part. You can prevent the spread of flu by: Practising good personal hygiene Exercising socially responsible behaviour Slide24:  5. Your Role Some good hygiene habits & responsible social hehaviour are: After going to the toilet or handling live birds, raw poultry or uncooked eggs, you should Wash your hands with soap and warm water Dry your hands thoroughly Slide25:  5. Your Role Get your doctor’s advice immediately if you think you might have been exposed to bird flu. Slide26:  5. Your Role Cover your nose and mouth with tissue when coughing or sneezing Slide27:  5. Your Role Wear a mask when you are ill. Slide28:  5. Your Role See your doctor early when ill. Slide29:  5. Your Role Use a serving spoon when sharing food. Slide30:  5. Your Role Do not spit on the floor. Slide31:  CONCLUDING OBSERVATIONS The flu virus is more infectious than SARS and spreads through close contact. The spread of transmission is faster. Antiviral drugs may be ineffective and no known vaccines are available. No two pandemics are ever the same. A pandemic will cause maximum disruption to the economy, strain our healthcare system, pose a burden on the family and social networks, increase demands for stockpiling, generate outbreaks of violence and vandalism, reduce global trade and tourism and force us to close our borders. Slide32:  CONCLUDING OBSERVATIONS Government will have to balance between acting soon and over-reacting in preparing the public for a pandemic. We must expect the worse and plan our responses accordingly. We need your support to carry Singapore through a possible pandemic. No Government can do it alone. Thank You:  Thank You ©Copyright with the Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts 2005

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