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Published on December 14, 2007

Author: Woofer


REVIEW:  REVIEW Monocots have floral parts with multiples of ________ Dicots have floral parts with multiples of ___________ Bryophytes, gymnosperms, ferns/ (pteridophytes), angiosperms [Put in order of their appearance on earth from the first to appear to the most recent…..phylogeny] Flowers: Structure & Fertilization:  Flowers: Structure & Fertilization Mr. Haskell 10/1/07 Male Female:  Male Female Stamen-reproductive organ:filament & anther Anther-produces pollen, contains sperm Filament-stalk holding anther Pistils-reproductive organ:stigma, style, & ovary Stigma-receives pollen Style-stalk that connects the stigma to the ovary Ovary-contains ovules, has seeds inside Slide6:  Plant Fertilization Fertilization:  Fertilization Pollen (male) produces a “pollen tube” so the sperm can reach the egg (female) in the ovule. Nucleus Divides:  Nucleus Divides Pollen nucleus divides into two sperm nuclei 1=sperm nucleus + egg zygote (baby plant) 2=sperm nucleus + regular cell endosperm Zygote + endosperm == seed Slide11:  “Fat Freddy” Garbonza Found shot dead in a locked service area No blood found at the scene Presumably he was shot somewhere else Slide12:  Suspects Examine Flowers:  Examine Flowers Follow directions to dissect flower and use the key to identify the flower. Determine what type of flower was found at the scene. Then, which suspect handles that sort of flower. Lab Safety:  Lab Safety Wear Goggles at all times (Police dept. transported the flowers in a preservative) When using the blades-remember they are sharp and not toys-cut away from you and not towards anyone else. There are aprons you may wear as well. Carry microscopes properly Shipped in Carosafe so gloves are optional

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