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Published on September 16, 2014

Author: FlowDrinks

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Natural flow Pertti Lähteenmäki CEO Flow DrinksLtd

Presentation topics www.flowdrinks.com 2 •History of FlowDrinks •Products and their benefits •Research -future Flow drinks •Natural ingredients –overview

History: developmentof a conceptualizedsportsdrink VISION MISSION INNOVATION HEALTH ENHANCING CONCEPT SPORTSPECIFIC 1995 2005 COMMERCIALIZATION 2006 www.flowdrinks.com 3 ™

Implementation Recipe Production Testing Polarsano Athletes Pycnogenol® Green teaetc. www.flowdrinks.com 4

Flow Drinkspositioning Flow Drinks’ products arepositionedstrategicallybetweenhealthand sportsdrinks HEALTH DRINKS SPORTS DRINKS ENERGY DRINKS SOFT DRINKS

OriginalGoal •To develop a customized Mind & Body drink for athletes, who want to maintain high performance and concentration •For example •Differentsportsrequiresport specificadjustmentsto the drink. www.flowdrinks.com 6 Golf Indoorsports Sailing Endurancesports Skiing Archery Soccer Precisionshooting Hiking, trekking Office

Synergyeffects www.flowdrinks.com Green tea Sodium Pycnogenol® Magnesium L-Carnitine Potassium Inositol Fructoseand glucose Taurine Apple, bilberry, lingonberryand lemonconcentrates Guarana Essentialaminoacids

FLOW™Product roadmap A healthy drink to meet most needs of athletes in many sports and other activities. FlowBoost On-going R&D and expertise in medicine and nutrition permits new products and benefits development. New applications are ready for testing. www.flowdrinks.com 8 FountainFlowCrand Mg FlowEndurance Feather Flow

Flow Drinkshasbeenon the marketsince2006. The originaldrinksand concentrateswere: Feather Flow (2006) •Concentrationand performanceenhancingdrinkfor golfers •As nicheproductthe marketleaderin Finland •Endorsedbythe FinnishPGA •Flavour: Green Apple Endurance (2008) •Concentrationand performanceenhancingdrinkfor individualand teamsports •Usedbytop athletes, for example: national basketballteam, national champioshiplevelsoccerand floorballteams, 4 timeenduro •worldchampionMika Ahola, FISAF aerobic medalistIrina Matilainen •Flavour: Lemon Product portfolio renewal

Sportsdrinkcategory: 3 drinks* 2 flavors*2 consumingmodels= 12 products: •Feather, flavoursGreen Apple and ArcticBerries For activitiesrequiringcoordination, precisionand concentrationas wellas for bodycontrolsportssuchas golf, yoga, pilatesetc. •Endurance, flavoursGreen Apple and Lemon For high-energyconsumingindividualand teamsportsas wellas recreationalexercise. •Boost, flavoursGreen Apple and Cranberry Aminoacidsfor strenuousmusclestrengthexercise. Well-beingcategory: 1st product •FountainFlow Awell-beingdrinkfor weightcontroland cravingfor sweet, containingchromiumand magnesium citrate New FlowDrinks2011:

Ingredients: Aminoacids(Boost) Chromium(FountainFlow) Extractof Frenchmaritimepinebark(Pycnogenol®) Fructose Glucose Glycerol Green teaextract Guaranaextract Inositol Juice extracts: apple, lingonberry, bilberry,lemon Lacticacid L-Carnitine Naturalaromas Springwater Sodiumchloride Taurine Trimagnesiumdicitrate Tripotassiumcitrate Preservatives:potassiusmsorbate, sodiumbenzoate New FlowDrinks2011:

Flow ready-to-drinkproducts

Flow concentrates(dilute1 partconcentrateto 9 partsof water)

FeatherFor activitiesrequiringcoordination, precisionand concentrationas wellas for bodycontrolsports

Feather concentrate

EnduranceFor high-energyconsumingindividualand teamsportsas wellas recreationalexercise.

Endurance concentrate

BoostA drinkwithaminoacidsfor strenuousmusclestrengthexercise.


FountainFlowWell-beingdrinkfor weightcontroland cravingfor sweet Fountain Flow is a lightly carbonated well-being drink developed by Finnish nutrition experts. Fountain Flow is designed to help with weight management and curb the craving for sweet. Chromium and magnesium are important minerals for active people. They are also building bricks for super foods. However, a standard diet does not necessarily guarantee the sufficient intake of these minerals. Fountain Flow combines chromium and magnesium with premium Finnish spring water.

Ingredients+ Recipe=General advantagesfor consumers: •Moreconstantrelease of energy: •maintenanceof evensugarlevels •enhancementof sugarmetabolism, •maintainingenergylevelsin long lastingperformances (wellsuitedfor diabetics) •Improvementand maintenanceof •concentration, focus •stresstolerance •Improvementin •recovery, •protectionof musclecells(flavonoids) •Maintenanceof endurance •Enhancedenergyusebyusingthe body’sownfatthushelpingkeepfeelingof hungeraway, alsoaffectingweightmanagement •Enhancedbloodcirculation •Forestallingmuscularcramps New FlowDrinks2011:


Flow Institute ScientificAdvisoryBoard Chairman: Reijo Vihko, Professor Members: RaimoHiltunen, Professor in Pharmacognosy Tapio Kallio, Specialistin Orthopaedicsand Traumatology, Specialistin SportsMedicineTapio Korjus, Director of KuortaneHigh Performance Training Centre Pertti Lähteenmäki, MD PhD. Jukka H. Meurman, ProfessorDepartment of Dentistryand Helsinki UniversityCentral Hospital, Department of Oraland MaxillofacialDiseases Päivi Myllärinen, PhDFood TechnologyHeikki Tikkanen, MD PhD, Specialist in Sports and Exercise Medicine Marja-Riitta Taskinen, Professorof Medicine, Universityof Helsinki www.flowdrinks.com 23

ARTEMIS multi-centrestudy2007 – •Finnish-CanadianstudyfundedbyTEKES (FinnishFundingAgencyfor Technologyand Innovation) and sixparticipatingFinnishcompanies •Flow Drinksis the onlydrinksmanufacturerparticipating “Based on their composition, Flow Drinks products are suitable for diabetics in connection with sports and exercise. The results we have had so far and which are still being analyzed support this assumption. In our research we have not come across any negative effects Flow Drinks products may have on diabetics or healthy people. The ARTEMIS/EDGE study is a Finnish-Canadian study which aims at recognizing, forestalling and correcting cardiovascular problems associated with diabetes. Both healthy and diabetic people need replenishing liquid and energy while exercising. Consequently, the study has looked into Flow Drinks products’ suitability for this purpose. This part of the study is being undertaken in the Foundation of Sports Medicine, Helsinki Unit, and the Helsinki University Sports Sciences Unit.” Heikki Tikkanen, MD PhD, Specialist in Sports and Exercise Medicine, Specialist Clinical Physiology Unit for Sports and Exercise Medicin Juha Peltonen, Doctor of Sport Sciences, Senior Researcher www.flowdrinks.com 24

Evaluationof the Effectsof SportsDrinks: A PsychophysiologicalApproach1/2 •A studyevaluatingthe effectsof sportsdrinkswasperformedbyCKIR at HSE duringthe firsthalfof 2009. The studytestedthe effectsof Flow Endurance in GTR2, a sportscarracing simulator, a challengingdigitalgame. The effectsof Flow werecomparedwitha placeboconsistingof the sugarsof Flow, and water. •The methodsusedwereEEG (electroencephalography), ECG (electrocardiography), EMG (electromyography), EDA (electrodermalactivity) and self-evaluation. •The testsubjects(n = 13) werehealthy20-29 year-oldmen, normalweightas measuredbyBMI. Eachparticipantwasgivena giftcertificateto a departmentstoreand 24 bottlesof Flow. To motivatethemfurther, the threebestdriversweregivenan extragiftcertificate. www.flowdrinks.com 25

Evaluationof the Effectsof SportsDrinks: A PsychophysiologicalApproach2/2 •The testtookthreedays, eachdayat abouta week’sinterval, at the sametimeof the day. The menwereinstructedto haveno food orcafeine drinksthreehoursbeforethe test, therewasto beno smoking for 12 hoursbeforethe testand no alcoholduringtestdaysorthe previousdays. The testwasdonein laboratoryconditions. •Conclusions: WithFlow Endurance the laptimeswerefaster, implyingimprovedperformance. Deviatonbetweenlaptimeswasalsosmaller. Judgedbyself-evaluation, the menexperiencedhigherarousal, betterabilityto focusand a betteremotionalstateon mind. Therewasalsoincreasein the sympatheticactivityof the heartthussupportingthe mobilizationof resources. www.flowdrinks.com 26

New Flow Drinksproductportfolio2011: ExampleusingHSE CKIR*) drivingsimulator: Averagelaptimesbetweentestdrinks(Flow, sugarsolution, water) *) Helsinki Schoolof EconomicsCenter for Knowledgeand InnovationResearch 109 110 110 1 Lap time (s). p=0,188 Flow Sugar solution Water

New Flow Drinksproductportfolio2011: ExampleusingHSE CKIR drivingsimulator: Dispersion (s), p= 0,075 Dispersion betweenlaptimesbetweentestdrinks(Flow, sugarsolution, water) 0 0,5 1 1,5 2 2,5 3 3,5 4 4,5 FLOW SUGAR SOLUTION WATER

New Flow Drinksproductportfolio2011: ExampleusingHSE CKIR drivingsimulator: iGEQ Differencesbetweendrinksbasedon self-assessment. (I forgoteverythingaroundme; I feltcontent; I feltbored; I foundthe gameboring) 0 0,5 1 1,5 2 2,5 3 3,5 4 I forgot everything around me I felt content I felt bored I found the game boring FLOW SUGAR SOLUTION WATER

New Flow Drinksproductportfolio2011: ExampleusingHSE CKIR drivingsimulator: Self-assesseddifferencesin attention 4 3,9 3,8 3,55 3,6 3,5 Game caught my attention, p=0,002 Game caught all my attention, p=0,013 FLOW SUGAR SOLUTION WATER

Testwithofficeworkers2011Descriptionof test: Ninepeopleworkingfor EFG Office FurnitureLtd tookpartin a studytestingthe psychologicaland physiologicaleffectsof Flow drinkson alertness, on copingwithworkand on officeworkin general. Duringthe study, the officeworkersdrankonelitreof Flow Feather Green Apple drinkper day. The participantswerenotrequestedto changetheirdiet, butchangeswereallowed. The studytookplacein June2011 and the durationof the studywasthreeweeks. Allparticipantsfilledin a questionnaireat the endof eachweek.

Testwithofficeworkers2011 HowdidFlow affectyouralertnessand yourcopingwithwork? 0,0 1,0 2,0 3,0 4,0 5,0 vko 1 vko 2 vko 3 Duringweeks1 and 2: 9 people Duringweek3: 7 people Alertness and coping with work, average 5 Verymuch 4 Much 3 Moderately 2 Somewhat 1 Hardlyat all 0 In noway

Testwithofficeworkers2011 HowdidFlow affectyourabilityto concentrateduringthe dayat the office? 0,0 1,0 2,0 3,0 4,0 5,0 vko 1 vko 2 vko 3 Ability to concentrate, average Keskiarvo 5 Verymuch 4 Much 3 Moderately 2 Somewhat 1 Hardlyat all 0 In noway

Testwithofficeworkers2011 HowdidFlow affectyourabilityto copewithstress? 0,0 1,0 2,0 3,0 4,0 5,0 vko 1 vko 2 vko 3 Duringweeks1 and 2: 9 people Duringweek3: 7 people Ability to cope with stress, average 5 Verymuch 4 Much 3 Moderately 2 Somewhat 1 Hardlyat all 0 In noway

Testwithofficeworkers2011 HowdidFlow affectourrecoveryfromwork? 0,0 1,0 2,0 3,0 4,0 5,0 vko 1 vko 2 vko 3 Duringweeks1 and: 9 people Duringweek3: 7 people Recovery from work, average 5 Verymuch 4 Much 3 Moderately 2 Somewhat 1 Hardlyat all 0 In noway

Testwithofficeworkers2011 HowdidFlow affectyoureatingand drinkinghabits? 0,0 1,0 2,0 3,0 4,0 5,0 vko 1 vko 2 vko 3 Duringweeks1 ja 2: 9 people Duringweeks3: 7people Eating habits and rhythm, average 5 Verymuch 4 Much 3 Moderately 2 Somewhat 1 Hardlyat all 0 In noway

Testwithofficeworkers2011 HowdidFlow affectyourcravingfor sweet? 0,0 1,0 2,0 3,0 4,0 5,0 vko 1 vko 2 vko 3 Duringweeks1 ja 2: 9 people Duringweek3: 7 people Craving for sweet, average 5 Verymuch 4 Much 3 Moderately 2 Somewhat 1 Hardlyat all 0 In noway

Testwithofficeworkers2011 Summary Very much Much Moderately Somewhat Hardly at all In no way 0 0,5 1 1,5 2 2,5 3 3,5 4 4,5 WEEK 1 WEEK 2 WEEK 3 VITALITY AT WORK CONCENTRATION STRESS TOLERANCE RECOVERING FROMWORK EATING HABITS ANDMEAL FREQUENCY SWEET CRAVING SWEET CRAVING

Testwithofficeworkers2011 General commentsfromparticipants •Bloodsugarlevelremainedeven •Energy levelremainedeven •Slightlybetteralertnessat work, hardlyanyfeelingof fatigue •No feelingof tiredness •I wasmorealertthanusualafterwork •No feelingof hunger •Didn’tgetreallyhungryallday •I ateas beforebutthe needfor coffeeplummeted •Lesssnacks, lesscravingfor snacks •No cravingfor sweet, itdecreasedsignificantly •I believeFlow helpedme. I lostmy cravingfor coffeeand sweet •I evenlost2.5 kg weightduringthe thirdweek

Feather Flow is suitablefor weightmanagement •Itcontainsonly5.2 g carbohydrates, 0 g fat, 20 kcalenergyper 100 ml •The guaranain Flow Feather keepshungeraway, improvingmetabolism •The L-Carnitinein Feather Flow optimizesthe body’sabilityto utilizethe body’sownfatinsteadof carbohydratesthushelpingyoumaintainalertnesswithoutenergyspikes •The taurinein Feather Flow acceleratesthe body’sfatmetabolism www.flowdrinks.com 40

HowdoFlow drinksdifferfromotherdrinks? •Flow drinksarea Finnishinvention. Theyhavebeendevelopedin cooperationwithtop physicians, athletes, professionalathletes, trainers, coaches, universities, researchinstitutes, trainingcentresand the Flow Institute, the ScientificAdvisoryBoardof Flow DrinksLtd. •Flow drinksdonotcontaincitricacidwhichis harmfulfor toothenamel. •Flow drinkscontainno addedcolours, flavoursorartificialsweeteners •Flow drinkscontainno addedcaffeine; the caffeinecomesnaturallyfromgreenteaand guarana •Flow drinkscontainsuperfood ingredientssuchas localNordicberriesrichin antioxidants, greentea, extractof Frenchmaritimepinebark, magnesiumcitratewhichis easilyabsorbed, and L-Carnitine. Theseingredientssupportyoueffortsin exerciseand in copingwitheverydaylife, keepingenergylevelseven. •Flavonoidsprotectmusclecellsand promoterecovery. L-Carnitineis of greatinterestto athletesin thatithasa beneficialeffecton weightmanagement: itincreasesthe useof energybyutilizingfattyacidssimultaneouslydecreasingthe needfor carbohydrates. Green teaincreasesthe abilityto concentrate, whichis importantevenwhennotexercising, for instanceduringa long workday. •The guaranain Flow drinkstakesawaythe feelingof hungerand helpsin burningfat. Italsoincreasesperceptionand concentration. Thisplanthastraditionallybeenusedas a medicinalplantin South America becauseof itsmanyhealthyattributes. •The taurinein Flow drinksis an importantchemicalcompoundmonitoringthe watermetabolismin cellsand the functioningof cardiacmuscles. Italsofuntionsas a chemicalmessengerin the centralnervoussystem. www.flowdrinks.com 41

Patentsand PatentApplications Patents: USA, China, HongKong Patentsin Euroope-UK, France, Germany PatentApplications: Canada, India, Japan

Trademarks •Feather Flow: Australia, Canada, EuropeanUnion, Japan and USA •Flow: China, EuropeanUnion, Finland, India, USA •Flow Mind& Body: Finland

Registereddomains •www.flowdrinks.com •www.flowdrinks.fi •www.flowdrinks.net •www.flowdrinks.eu •www.flowdrinks.info •FACEBOOK fans

Gallery www.flowdrinks.com 45 Ursula WikströmLadiesEuropeanTour MineaBlomqvistLPGA

Gallery www.flowdrinks.com 46 Mikko Korhonen, EuropeanChallengeTour Jaakko Mäkitalo, EuropeanChallengeTour

Gallery •Joonas Granberg Professional Golfer www.flowdrinks.com 47

Gallery Sami Helenius& JuttaHeleniusstarted dancing together in2002. They dance inProfessional. www.flowdrinks.com 48

Gallery www.flowdrinks.com 49 Melges24 class Irina Matilainen, FISAF Aerobics, Europeanchampionshipbronze2009, World Championshipbronze2010

Gallery www.flowdrinks.com 50 FinnishNational BasketballTeam FC Honka

Gallery www.flowdrinks.com 51 Seinäjoen Peliveljet, Floorball, silverin the FinnishLeague2011 BlueNights, Swan 45

Gallery www.flowdrinks.com 52 Mika Ahola, 5 timeWorld Championin enduro

Gallery www.flowdrinks.com 53 Road DreamTampere -Greece2010 Tuula Styrman in Tibet2009

Gallery www.flowdrinks.com 54 Kimmo Sulkala, Rider

-Naturalflow THANK YOU www.flowdrinks.com

Flow drinks’ ingredients www.flowdrinks.com 56

L-Carnitine •L-Carnitineis an aminoacidwhichhelpsthe bodydecreaseitsfatsupplyand removesmetabolicwaste. L-Carnitineenhancesthe occidationof fatin the body, thusturningfatinto energy. •L-Carnitineincreasesoxygenuptakein strenousexercise, increasesperformanceand recovery. Ithelpsoptimizeyourperformanceand keepsthe feelingof tirednessaway. •L-Carnitineplaysan importantrolein maintainingbrainactivity. Ithasa goodeffecton cardiovascularfunctions. L-Carnitinealsohasanti-agingpropertiesto protectthe nervoussystem. •The lackof L-Carnitineupsetsnormalfattyacidmetabolismloweringyourabilityto yieldenergyand causingbuild-upof toxicby- products. •source: skip.fi, flowdrinks.com, vidaplus.fi, kolumbus.fi www.flowdrinks.com 57

Fructose •Fructoseis a fruitsugarwhichreleasesenergyslowlyand canbefoundin allfruitsand honey. Itis usedas a sweetener, amongothers, and humanssenseitas beingtwiceas sweetas canesugar. •Diabeticscantoleratefructoseslightlybetterthanfor instancecanesugarbecausefructoseraisesbloodsugarmoreslowlythanothersugars. •Fructosedoesnotcausespikesin insulinsecretionand bloodsugar, butlargedosesmaycauseincreasedeating •source: poliklinikka.fi, wikipedia.org, flowdrinks.com www.flowdrinks.com 58

Guarana •The guaranaplantgrowsin the Amazonianrainforests. Itsseedscontainguaranine, a substancesimilarto caffeine, whichstimulatesthe brainand improvesalertness. •Thisseedhastraditionallybeenusedfor fever, headache, musclecrampsand againstbacterialinfections, in refreshingdrinksand to supportgoodhealth. •Additionally, guaranaincreasesyourabilityto concentrate, clarifiesyourthoughts, helpsagainstdepression, increasesyourperceptionability, increasesyourmetabolismand helpsin endurancesports. Becauseof itscaffeine-likequalitiesguaranaalsorevitalizesyou. However, in contrastto caffeine, guaranadoesnotdecreasethe needfor sleep. Guaranaalsohelpskeepthe feelingof hungeraway. •Guaranacontainsa caffeine-likesubstanceand pepsupyourtrainingsessions. Thiscombinationgivesyoumoreenergyand supportsfatburningin combinationwithefficientexerciseand a healthydiet. •Source: www.wikipedia.org, www.hyvinvoinnin.fi, www.bodyboost.ws www.flowdrinks.com 59

Inositol •Inositolis classified as a vitamin-like compound, although it does not fulfilthe classic definition of a vitamin in every respect. •Inositolcan be found in nuts, cereals and beans as well as in breast milk and in small amounts in cow’s milk. In the human body, inositolcan be found in abundance in the nerve tissue and kidneys. It is also important in cell membranes and in intercellular communication. •Inositolhas a positive effect on the ability to concentrate and it relieves stress. •source: wikipedia.org, flowdrinks.com www.flowdrinks.com 60

Bilberry, vacciniummyrtillus •The antioxidantsof bilberryprotectmusclesfromdamagescausedbyexercise. Theyalsohavea beneficialimpacton intraocularpressureand aregoodfor the healthof youreyes. Bilberryalsorefreshesyourmemoryand ithasanti-diabeticeffects. •Bilberrycontainsan abundanceof vitaminsA and B, manganeseand flavonoids. Bilberryhasbeenfoundto haveanti-inflammatoryeffectsas well. www.flowdrinks.com 61

Lingonberry, vacciniumvitis-idaea •Lingonberrycontainsan abundaceof manganese, polyphenolcompounds, bioflavinesand flavonoids. Lingonberrysupportsthe functionof the gallbladder, kidneyand stomachand helpskeepthe intestinehealthy. Itsantibioticpropertieshelp preventkidneyand urinaryinfections. www.flowdrinks.com 62

Lemon •Lemoncontainslotsof vitaminC and flavonoids. Italsohasantioxidanteffectsand itpromotesweightlossand the breakdownof fat. www.flowdrinks.com 63

Apple •Apple helpsin loweringbloodpressureas wellas cholesteroland fatvaluesin blood. Itstrengthensbloodvesselsand cleansesthe intestine. Apple containslotsof vitaminsC, B1, B2, B6 and E. Itsfibreshelp balancecholesterollevelsand promotedigestion. An appleis a goodchoicefor diabeticsas itcontainsfruitand glucosein goodproportions. www.flowdrinks.com 64

Magnesium citrateTrimagnesiumdicitrate •Magnesium is an essentialmineralfor humans. Itis goodfor the heartand a buildingblockfor teethand bones. Consequently, over50 % of the magnesium in humansis locatedin bones. Magnesium alsohasan importantrolein activatingenzymes. •Magnesium balancesthe mindin stressfulsituations. As trimagnesiumdicitrateis itwatersoluble, itabsorbswelland balancessugarmetabolism. •Magnesium citratemaintainsphysicalperformanceability. In diabeticsitpreventsinsulinshockand ”sugarblues”. Magnesium slowsdownthe nervousimpulsacceleratedbycalciumthuspreventingmuscularcramps. •Magnesium hassaidto beusefulin preventingkidneystones. •Symptomsof magnesium deficiencyareweakmuscles, disturbancesin muscularand nervousfunctionsand arrhythmiaof the heart. Magnesium deficiencyis thoughtto beonecauseto coronaryheartdisease. Magnesium deficiencymayalsomakeyoumoresusceptibleto cancer. •Lähde: www.flowdrinks.com, www.luontaistukku.com, www.wikipedia.org www.flowdrinks.com 65

Pycnogenol® •Pycnogenol® is a strong, naturalantioxidantand itis made fromFrenchmaritimepinebark. •Itprotectsjointsand alleviatesmuscularcrampsand pains; itimprovesattention, concentrationand motoric-visualcoordination; itbalancessugarmetabolism; itprotectsthe skinfromsundamage; itimprovesthe useof energybyimprovingbloodcirculationand thussupportingthe transportationof oxygenand nutrientsinto the bloodflow. •Italsoenhancesphysicalperformance. •Basedon shorttermmedicalstudiesPycnogenol® mayimprovebloodcirculationthusdecreasingthe swellingof feetand legsduringlong flightsand itmaylowerbloodsugarlevelsto a degree. •source: flowdrinks.com, ravintojaterveys.kotisivukone.com www.flowdrinks.com 66

Taurine •Taurineis a biologicallyimportantchemicalcompoundwhichregulatesthe waterbalancein cellsand the functionof cardiacmuscles. Italsofunctionsas a messengerin the centralnervoussystem. Mostof the body’staurinecanbefoundin musclesand the brain, alsoin the nervoussystemand sensoryorgans. •Duringexercisetaurinemaintainsvitalityand hasno side effects. Taurinealsoprotectsyournervesfrominjury. By modifyingthe taurinemoleculeitis believedmedicationfor the preventionand treatmentof epilepsy, cerebraledemaand nervecellinjurycanbedeveloped. Apparentlytaurinecanalsoneutralizethe harmfulendproductsof infections. Taurinein knownto acceleratethe body’sfatmetabolismand facilitatethe absorption of fatsolublevitamins. •An adultcontainsabout1 grammeof taurineper kilo of weight. Taurineis producedin the liverand brain. Thisis a slowprocessand strenousmuscleexercisemayslowitdownevenmore. Thismeansthattaurineintakefromnutritionis important. •For infantstaurineis essential. That’swhybreastmilkand infantformulascontaintaurine. •www.jrfitness.net, www.wikipedia.org/Wiki/Tauriini, www.lisaravinteet.info, www.kuntokauppa.fi www.flowdrinks.com 67

Chromium •Chromiumis an importantmineralfor the physicallyactiveand a buildingblockof superfood. However, alldietsdonotguaranteethe sufficientintakeof chromium. •Chromiumplaysan importantrolein metabolism. Itimprovesyourperformance, sustainshealth, decreasesfat. Chromiumalsoefficientlyaids in weightmaintenanceas ithelpssuppresscravingfor sweet. www.flowdrinks.com 68

Flow ready-to-drinkproducts

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