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Published on January 18, 2014

Author: thefloragoth

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Dark gardens can be alluring and enchanting, mysterious and romantic. Here are some flora that you can decorate your yards and patios with!

Gaunt s Garden Ebon Essentials

Black Bugbane These perennial boasts some very vivid foliage and fragrant flowers. The dark leaves contrast quite nicely with the slender light-coloured blooms that emerge late summer and early/mid-autumn. Requires acidic soil, plenty of moisture, and good compost will help this slow grower fill out over time. Attracts butterflies and repels insects. Works well in gardens, container gardening, or planting in massive areas. Hillside Black Beauty (Left) Hardiness Zones: 3-8 Plant/Flower Height: ~120cm/220cm Part Shade/Full Shade Black Negligee (Below) Hardiness Zones: 4b (can be grow in 5-9) Plant/Flower Height: ~90cm/180cm Full Sun/ Full Shade

Zwartkop Aeonium This alien-looking plant has arched stems and rosette leaves. Bright yellow flowers protrude from its center in the Spring, around March/April. Works well in rock gardens as well as container gardens, since it is an ornamental succulent. Zwarktop Aeonium Hardiness Zones: 5c, 10 Plant Height: 70cm-120cm Full Sun/ Partial Sun

Black Magic Elephant Ear Huge blackened leaves and stems on a wellcared for Black Magic are astounding. However, this plant requires extreme care, lest you live in tropical conditions. That being said, moist, acidic soil is mandatory at all times. Can thrive in shallow water as well, making it great for water gardens. ‚Black Magic‛ Elephant Ear It should be noted that every part of this plant, when ingested, is poisonous. So, be careful. Plant Height: 120cm-240cm Hardiness Zones: 7b-11 Full Sun/Partial Shade Blooms Mid-Summer

Voodoo Lily Quite the morose, yet gorgeous addition to a garden, the Voodoo Lily is known for its fragrance of rotten flesh. Don’t be too repulsed however. It is necessary, as the plant is pollinated by flies, and the scent only lasts a few hours—two to three days, tops. Voodoo Lily Hardiness Zones: 5b-9 Plant Height: 120cm-180cm Full Sun/Partial Shade Blooms Late Spring/Early Summer This plant appreciates well-drained soil, and doesn’t need too much water during the summer months. If you plan on collecting seeds, wear gloves, and sow them as soon as possible, as the seeds do not keep well.

Devil’s Tongue Majestic and macabre, Devil’s Tongue is a surprisingly easy plant to care for. Similar in nature to the Voodoo Lily, this plant is also pollinated by carrion flies. This makes for a putrid scent. Hence, it’s other nickname, ‚Corpse Plant.‛ Soil for this plant should be neutral, and remain moist throughout its growth duration. This plant does well in containers, too. Devil’s Tongue Hardiness Zones: 6-11 Plant Height: 60cm-180cm Full Shade/Partial Shade Blooms Late Spring/Early Summer Lastly, both Devil’s Tongue here and Voodoo Lily are sensitive to frost. Bring that plant in if it’s cold out.

Black Mondo Grass Black Mondo Grass Hardiness Zones: 6-10 Plant Height: 15cm-30cm Partial Shade/ Full Shade/Full Sun Blooms Early Summer Excellent for ground cover, but also remarkable as a potted plant. When blooms, has white flowers and off-black, non-edible berries. When planting, space about 30cm apart from each other. Black Mondo likes fairly acidic soil (pH ranging from 5.6-6.5). While this plant works extremely well in a variety of conditions, do be careful and avoid overwatering. Irrigation is recommended.

Louis XiV Rose Rich dark colour featured in these roses’ fragrant double blooms. Repeat blooms during the season. Because they’re so small, works well in container gardens. Be sure to fertilize the soil and water well. Louis XIV Rose Hardiness Zones: 6-10 Plant Height: 60cm-90cm Full Sun/Partial Sun Blooms Late Spring/Early Summer

Black Pussy Willow The fuzzy black catkins and the red/orange staminate remind many of a bird’s talons. The shrub grows fairly quickly, so this place requires space to spread out. Prune back when it gets unruly. The Black Pussy Willow is quite tolerant of many soil types, making it a versatile plant. Black Pussy Willow Hardiness Zones: 4-9 Plant Height: 120-240 Full Sun Blooms Mid-Spring

Bat Flower The most flamboyant flower on our list would definitely be this tropical perennial. Native to the jungles of Thailand, this plant is only suitable for said climates, or a green house. That being said, consistent moisture is a must. The soil as well should be slightly acidic (6.1-7.5). In the States, it’s commonly (successfully) grown in Florida, and Texas. Bat Flower Hardiness Zones: 10-11 Plant Height: 60cm-90cm Light Shade Blooms Late Spring/Early Fall

Sorbet Black Delight Viola A more delicate and playful pansy, Sorbet Black are annuals that a fairly easy to care for. Careful and avoid overwatering. These look particularly nice in autumn containers and gardens. Sorbet Black Delight Viola Hardiness Zone: 4-9 Plant Height: 15cm-30cm Partial Shade/ Light Shade Blooms Late Winter/Early Spring These plants are very hardy, able to withstand some really cold winters and some staggering summers.

‘Black Scallop’ Bugleweed This hybridized plant has darkened, glossy leaves, making for excellent ground cover. Although shown here with a dark purple/chocolate tint, leaves can also don an even darker bluish/green hue. This plant can be a trifle bit invasive, so watch where you plant. Also, depending on your zone, slugs might be an issue. This plant appreciates moist, acidic soil, but can adapt to drier conditions once somewhat mature. ‘Black Scallop’ Bugleweed Hardiness Zones: 3b-9 Plant Height: 15cm-30cm Full Sun/Partial Shade Blooms Mid-Spring/Early Summer

There are hundreds of other dark plant variants that you can tend to in your garden. Do yourself a favour, and check out these books available in most online marketplaces.

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