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Published on January 10, 2008

Author: Davide

Source: authorstream.com

Summer MAPPS ‘07 Int’l Opportunities for Geospatial Products & Services JAKO / China:  Summer MAPPS ‘07 Int’l Opportunities for Geospatial Products & Services JAKO / China Doug Flint 17 July 2007 General business climate JAKO:  General business climate JAKO Japan Economy index showing continuous growth Weak Yen contributes to export business Oil price leads consumer price increase Upcoming election could maintain stability or bring political change due to recent scandals Korea Economy gradually expanding Exports remain strong Won still strong Japan Geographical Survey Institute (GSI):  Japan Geographical Survey Institute (GSI) Geographical Survey Institute: Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport http://www.gsi.go.jp/ENGLISH/index.html Established in 1869, the only national organization conducting basic survey and mapping and instructs related organizations GSI tasks Survey administration based on the Survey Act Implementation of survey works mainly comprising basic surveys Research and development of survey and mapping International cooperation for survey and mapping Discussion to change GSI tasks No more guidance and protection of the industry? Too many regulations causes high cost and difficulty for new participant Privatization Economy index GDP(2005) : World Bank:  Economy index GDP(2005) : World Bank Geospatial/Mapping status:  Geospatial/Mapping status Japan Ortho project for SDI 100,000 km2 for 3 years started where digital/film camera will be used Digital camera (frame only) is implemented into GSI work standard GSI implemented direct georeference work standard for film camera GSI will implement LIDAR work standard late 2007 Korea NGII will start digital data projects, images and LIDAR NGII will implement GPS/IMU workflow Banking & finance conditions JAKO:  Banking & finance conditions JAKO Banking in both countries nearing successful end of long recovery Japan regulates low prime rate of 0.4% Korea’s prime rate is 4.5% Lending is very selective and only to entities with excellent credit Infrastructure development needs JAKO (Government):  Infrastructure development needs JAKO (Government) Government sector (Japan) Optical fiber network of 300,000km to be competed by 2010 Ministry joint working group for GIS NSDI (National Spatial Data Infrastructure Project) Digital ortho project to assist hilly land / dangerous slope development LIDAR River Shore project for flood planning Urban Ortho project of 100,000 km2 Korea – none known Infrastructure development needs JAKO (Private):  Infrastructure development needs JAKO (Private) Private sector (Japan) National Spatial Data Infrastructure Promotion Association (NSDIPA): lobbying of GIS project (nsdipa.or.jp) Intelligent Transport System Maps become content of multimedia Mobile mapping requirements? Outsider participation NTT Data (satellite provider) provides digital orthophotos and maps Korea – none known Current status of geospatial/mapping service co.’s JAKO:  Current status of geospatial/mapping service co.’s JAKO Strong and competitive… but current annual turnover is about 60% of highest year Restructuring made ownership change KKC and Asia Air owned by investment company Chance to buy Japanese mapping company? Big sensor investment differentiates position between big 5 and others Airborne sensor purchases has caused shortage of aircraft Chance to sell used Caravan Partnering potential JAKO:  Partnering potential JAKO Your partner? (Mapping big 5 for each country) Japan PASCO/KKC/Asia/AeroAsahi/NKK Korea Chungang/HIST/PanAsia/Asia/Sama Business practices are very complicated – must use in-country partner Japan interest in providing data to MS / Google type applications Laws & regs affecting N.A. co.’s doing business JAKO:  Laws & regs affecting N.A. co.’s doing business JAKO Must be registered at the applicable Ministry Mapping controlled by: Japan - Geographical Survey Institute http://www.gsi.go.jp/ENGLISH/index.html Korea - National Geographic Information Institute http://www.ngi.go.kr/index.html Japan requires qualification by Ministry of Land and Infrastructure – never been done by outsider? Korea mapping heavily controlled by national security agencies JAKO sensor market landscape:  JAKO sensor market landscape General business climate China:  General business climate China Economy is strong and GDP is growing at 10% per year More investment from government for spatial information Shortened mapping data refresh periods to 1-2 years Past two years have been quite successful for most Imaging and LIDAR sensor mfrs, but now must develop the ability to deliver data before many more sensors can come online Banking & finance conditions China:  Banking & finance conditions China Becoming quite international Several Western banks have opened banks in China to service Chinese and international companies Chinese government has allowed some foreign banks to do Chinese Yuan (RMB) business - not only foreign currencies China’s prime rate is 5-6% Infrastructure development needs China:  Infrastructure development needs China Huge urban growth – digital cities High speed railway Power and power transmission Environmental improvement such as China seacoast environment survey project Long flyover sea bridges West China mapping projects Second China land resource investigation project Current status of geospatial/mapping service co.’s China:  Current status of geospatial/mapping service co.’s China All geospatial/mapping projects are controlled by State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping (SBSM) and local government http://www.sbsm.gov.cn 28 local companies do aerial photogrammetry business All mapping companies are truly commercial All mapping companies have to get licence from government Big mapping companies have government investment Digital cameras are more and more used for urban mapping projects About 50 analog cameras are still in service Partnering potential China:  Partnering potential China North American companies are welcomed in China to provide/partner/train some new services such as digital mapping Companies are also quite welcome to provide (technology) products not yet made in China, such as medium to high-end sensors Laws & regs affecting N.A. co.’s doing business China:  Laws & regs affecting N.A. co.’s doing business China Chinese government does not allow foreign companies to do any mapping directly where the government cannot control the acquired data Sensors must pass certification from State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping By law, any local mapping data cannot be sold or sent out of country Market research China:  Market research China Large format sensor ’05-’06 market share analysis Leica ADS40 Intergraph DMC Vexcel UCD Market research China:  Market research China LIDAR sensor ’05-’06 market share analysis Leica ALS50 Optech ALTM Riegl based

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