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Published on April 26, 2014

Author: youngenvironmentalso

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Flies, Flies, Flies and More Flies!: Flies, Flies, Flies and More Flies! Buzz, Buzz, Buzz: Flies are more than just a nuisance for many people . More than 100 different pathogens have been associated with various types of flies, so keeping them out of your office is a must. Unlike many other pests, though, you’re likely not just dealing with one potential problem, but many. Just exactly how many kinds of flies are there? Buzz, Buzz, Buzz One Name, 16,000 Species: One Name, 16,000 Species Scientifically speaking, flies belong to the order Dipteria , which translates to two wings. As such, lots of different pests belong in this order, somewhere around 16,000 at last count, and that’s just in North America. How many of those, though, can you actually expect in your office? Four Big Pests: Four Big Pests While you could probably see a number of different kinds of flies in your office or around your home during the warmer months, most pest control professionals report they get four main kinds of calls: fruit files, drain flies, bottle flies, and house flies. Fruit Flies: Fruit Flies Almost everyone has dealt with the tiny fruit fly at some point in time. Just 3 millimeters in length, it’s rare to see these little pests by themselves. You usually see them in fairly large groups. They can be found in any spot where you might have fruit or veggies that got too ripe. They can also be found in your drain or garbage disposal. Like all of their other buddies, they can contaminate your food in a hurry, so your best bet is to get rid of them at first sight. Drain Flies: Drain Flies These are as tiny as their buddies, the fruit flies. Unlike fruit flies, though, once crushed, they leave a powdery residue behind. They set up breeding sites in damp places , like near floor or other kinds of drains. Most people try to eliminate them with bleach and hot water, but that’s typically not enough to get rid of these pests. Bottle Flies: Bottle Flies These are sometimes called blow flies. They tend to be fairly larger, and they make a loud buzzing sound when they fly. While you’re more likely to encounter them outside, if you do see them in your house, it’s because they’re trying to establish a breeding site, so contacting professional help immediately is your best bet. House Flies: House Flies People have been dealing with house flies for as long as they’ve had houses, and while one isn’t a huge problem, if you start seeing several of them in your home or office , you’re going to want some help. They’ve been known to cause a number of different diseases in people including typhoid and cholera. The Right Choice: No matter what type of flies you’re fighting, if you’re looking for pest control help, go with Young Environmental Services . With a free evaluation, you have nothing to lose by picking up the phone. The Right Choice

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