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Published on January 21, 2008

Author: Demian

Source: authorstream.com

Flex & PHP for Rich Internet Application Development : 1 Flex & PHP for Rich Internet Application Development Charles Bihis Software Engineer cbihis@adobe.com Welcome! : 2 Welcome! Thanks for coming What is a RIA? Flex + PHP? What can I build with it? How can I build with it? Demo REST JSON AMF Q & A + What is a RIA? : 3 What is a RIA? Rich Internet Applications Fully featured software package that runs in a browser Look and feel of desktop applications More than just Ajax on a website Transfer the processing necessary for the user interface to the client eg. Don’t go back to the server for filtering or sorting of data We need TWO things… A powerful HOST A rich CLIENT and : 4 and Flex Client-side technology Object oriented ActionScript 3.0 Flex applications are compiled Compile locally to SWF files for the Flash Player Runtime Flex Builder includes debugger FREE! Flex SDK is free to download at Adobe Labs PHP Server-side technology Object oriented PHP 5 PHP is compiled Compile to bytecode for processing by the Zend Engine Dreamweaver does NOT include debugger FREE! Released under PHP License and considered free by the Free Software Foundation Flex + PHP : 5 Flex + PHP Full end-to-end solution Server (PHP) Client (Flex) Rich client interface handled by Flex Powerful server-side data management handled by PHP Easy integration between the two PHP-Powered RIAs : 6 PHP-Powered RIAs mapping application http://maps.yahoo.com photo-editing application http://seespotslide.com live chat application http://www.activalive.com audio-editing application http://finetune.com What’s in it for you? : 7 “Rich Interactive Applications (RIA*) are at the centre of the drive to make the experience of a user’s interaction with software applications matter more.” Ovum What’s in it for you? “By 2010, at least 60 percent of new application development projects will include RIA technology.” Gartner $5.5 Billion What’s in it for you? : 8 What’s in it for you? * PHP jobs are 30x more abundant than Flex jobs ? 24 000 jobs 800 000 jobs ? Slide 9: 9 Demo Demo : 10 Demo Getting started Simple HTML Table Without sorting With sorting Flex + PHP using REST Flex + PHP using JSON Flex + PHP using AMF Real-world example Getting Started : 11 Getting Started Have a LAMP installation up and running Windows: WAMP, http://www.wampserver.com/ Mac: MAMP, http://www.mamp.info PHP >= 5.2 required for JSON library Download Flex Builder: http://www.flex.org/download/ Create a MySQL database Name: MyDatabase Table: Contacts Columns: id, first_name, last_name, email Download AMFPHP http://www.amfphp.org Recap : 12 Recap PHP to HTML Design-elements are coupled with the data ALL processing is done on the server-side Visually restricted by HTML style elements PHP to Flex Data handled solely by the server, whereas design handled by client Processing is distributed accordingly Data processing handled by the server Design processing handled by they client Visually rich! Flex + PHP + Flickr = Simple Rich Flickr Photo Viewer : 13 Flex + PHP + Flickr = Simple Rich Flickr Photo Viewer Accessing Flickr servers via PHP Flickr returns data in serialized format De-serialize in PHP Output data in XML format, easily readable and accessible from Flex client Slide 14: 14 One Step Further AIR + PHP + Flickr = Simple Rich Flickr Photo Viewer : 15 AIR + PHP + Flickr = Simple Rich Flickr Photo Viewer Mostly the same code as in the Flex client Removed custom chrome Re-added ability to move application window Q & A : 16 Q & A Tips for PHP Developers : 17 Tips for PHP Developers Make sure your PHP is working before building your Flex application REST (XML output) and JSON are really easy - Just call the PHP script in a browser For AMF connections: Service Capture is an useful tool, http://kevinlangdon.com/serviceCapture/ The Flex Debugger is your friend Read the help documentation and learn to use it Community Links : 18 Community Links Get Started with Flex and PHP http://www.flex.org/php/ Frameworks: Drupal Services Module: http://groups.drupal.org/services/ Cake Framework: http://rdos.rd11.com/CakeAMFPHP/ AMF Implementations (all open source): The Midnight Coders http://www.themidnightcoders.com AMFPHP http://www.amfphp.org/ Slide 19: 19

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