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Published on November 26, 2007

Author: Wen12

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Flaxmere Primary Planting Day!:  Flaxmere Primary Planting Day! Creating Life Long Contributions to our Community Native Plants – Did you know every plant has a common name and a Latin name? Some even have a Maori name.:  Native Plants – Did you know every plant has a common name and a Latin name? Some even have a Maori name. Holly Garden LATIN NAME NUMBER PLANTED COMMON NAME MAORI NAME Arthropodium cirratum 109 Rock lily Rengrenga Astelia chathamica 5 Chatham Is. Astelia Kakaha Brachyglottis greyii 3 Senecio/Bushmans toilet paper Carex frosted curls 197 Grass Carex testacea 51 Orange Sedge Clianthus puniceus 2 Kakabeak Corokia cotoneaster 10 Wire netting bush Cordyline australis 2 Cabbage Tree Hebe ‘Blue Gem’ 7 Hebe cultivar Hebe ‘Wiri Image’ 16 Hebe cultivar Hebe ‘Wiri Vision’ 38 Hebe cultivar Hoheria populnea 6 Lacebark Knightia excelsa 1 NZ Honeysuckle Libertia grandiflora 10 NewZealand iris Muehlenbeckia complexa 38 Muehlenbeckia axillaries 48 Phormium ‘Surfer’ 19 Flax cultivar Phormium ‘Rainbow Red’ 4 Flax cultivar Phormium ‘Emerald Green’ 10 Flax cultivar Phormium ‘Apricot Queen’ 14 Flax cultivar Phormium ‘Yellow Wave’ 2 Flax cultivar Phormium ‘Tricolour’ 6 Flax cultivar Phormium ‘Maori Sunrise’ 3 Flax cultivar Pseudopanax hybrids 2 Houpara hybrid Sophora tetraptera 1 Kowhaii The Bush Walk:  The Bush Walk Bush Walk Garden LATIN NAME NUMBER COMMON NAME MAORI NAME Alectryon excelsus 11 Titoki Amenanthele lessoniana 65 Wind grass/bamboo grass Carex frosted curls 34 Grass Carex testacea 15 Orange Sedge Corokia cotoneaster 34 Cordyline australis 4 Cabbage Tree Chionochloa flavicans 73 Broadleaf snow tussock Hebe Anne 42 Hebe Knightia excelsa 10 NZ honeysuckle Muehlenbeckia axillaris 61 Muehlenbeckia complexa 68 Pittosporum eugeniodes 1 Lemonwood Pseudopanax ‘bronze’ 10 Hybrid Pseudopanax ferox 6 Toothed Lancewood Phormium cookianum 5 Mountain flax Phormium jester 11 Flax Phormium ‘maori sunrise’ 8 Flax Phormium ‘yellow wave’ 40 Flax Sophora tetraptera 4 Kowhaii See if you can find more Maori names… Words?:  Words? Native means: Originating, growing, or produced in a certain place or region; indigenous: a plant native to New Zealand. It means something is a member of the original inhabitants of a particular place. Hybrid means:The offspring of genetically dissimilar parents or stock. This is seen here where we have bred two different species of plant together to come out with offspring which has characteristics of both species Cultivar means: A race or variety of a plant that has been created or selected intentionally and maintained through cultivation. Someone has found a trait in a plant they like. They have then propagated the plant by taking leaf cuttings or root cuttings and exposing it to growth mediums so it will grow – because it hasn’t bred with something else it will retain its special characteristics eg: flower colour – hardiness to frost – leaf shape or colour – growth habit. Ecosystem: A system formed by the interaction of a community of organisms with their physical environment. Species: A class of individuals or objects grouped by virtue of their common attributes (looks, colours, growth rate and habit, habitat requirements, eating requirements, social structures) and assigned a common name. Biodiversity: The sum total of all living things on earth – inclusive of people, flora, fauna, communities, genetics. Each type of ecosystem (coastal, lowlands, forest, wetland, alpine) has its own set of creatures that live within it. Likewise has a Country – the things that are native to it; that have evolved with it. Total Biodiversity is Global but this can only be protected if people in different countries in different types of environments help look after their special part of biodiversity What did we do and Why?:  What did we do and Why? Flaxmere park was developed in the 70’s. The community group known as ‘The friends of Flaxmere Park’ came to Council and proposed redevelopment of the Pond Area. A concept (an imaginative idea) was developed by someone with the right skills then it was handed to Council’s landscape designer (Erin) to decide what plants and overall form the development would take. Once this was decided work began – Trees and old overgrown shrubs were pulled out, new paths were put in and the ground was levelled to a smooth gradient and compost was mixed into the soil ready for planting. Then Flaxmere Primary came along and you planted the gardens! First we had to think about safety and everyone was supposed to wear shoes to protect their toes! When you see gardeners working as their job they should all have STEEL capped boots, as they use a lot of potentially dangerous equipment. Council staff had laid out the plants in their appropriate places ready for you to come and plant – before this could happen someone had to come up with the idea of doing up the park Planting Time!:  Planting Time! Then we grabbed some spades and found different types of plants to set into the ground. We planted trees, grasses, sedges, flaxes, shrubs and groundcovers. There were SIX special things we needed to do when planting – What were they? 1. The hole needed to be as deep as the plants root ball. 2. As wide as the root ball. 3. Take the plastic off! 4. Pop the plant in – shovel the dirt back in. 5. Stamp down the dirt around the trunk of the plant – ensuring it is firmly in place. 6. Place bark mulch around its base. What does mulch do? Helps retain moisture in the ground. Helps stop weeds emerging. Sometimes provides added nutrients to the soil What other mulches can you think of? Newspaper -Pebbles River Stones -Straw Leaves -Cardboard Lawn Clippings -Wood Chips What happens in nature? Leaves fall to the ground, and create thick layers. If you dig into the leaves you will find all sorts of little creatures – these little creatures eat the leaves and break down the organic matter and recycle it into the soil again for plants to take up in their roots. Once again – the circle of life. From this to this…:  From this to this… And…:  And… THANK YOU EVERYONE!:  THANK YOU EVERYONE!

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