Flat Classroom® Workshop 2013 Day 2

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Information about Flat Classroom® Workshop 2013 Day 2

Published on June 21, 2013

Author: julielindsay

Source: slideshare.net


See details here - http://flatclassroomworkshop2013.flatclassroomproject.org/

Flat ClassroomWorkshop 2013Julie Lindsay @julielindsayhttp://flatclassroomworkshop2013.flatclassroomproject.org/http://learningconfluence.com

Important Places• Workshop wiki:flatclassroomworkshop2013.flatclassroomproject.org/– Backchannel– Team pages• Flat Classroom website: flatclassroomproject.net• Flat Classroom teacher network:flatclassrooms.ning.com

BackchannelJumps InHere!

Project Pitch• Pitch your global project ideas in 2-3 min• Watch video on Action Project page• Clearly describe your project as if youwere persuading others to join you

The Flat Classroom Project(the original 2006 project)+ =Concept Mashup!

Flat Classroom Project Matrix

Flat Classroom Project Design Chartfor Wiki Collaboration

Flat Classroom MultimediaProduct: Student Video


Flat Classroom®Global ProjectsFlat Classroom® ProjectDigiteen™ and Digitween™ Projects‘A Week in the Life…’ Project Gr3-5NetGenEd™ ProjectEracism™ ProjectK-2 Project Building Bridges to Tomorrow@flatclassroom@digiteen@netgened@eracismproject@flatclassroom@flatclasskidsP10-11*P11-12P13-14P12-13P13P13NEW!@flatclassroom*See the frameworks for each model on referenced page numbers.

What is the Eracism Project?• A global student debate• Asynchronous debating style• A global community – classrooms,students and teachers connecting andcommunicating• Best-practice debating format• Topics that help to build understandingof global and cultural issues

Eracism 2013-1Debate Question:”The use of Facebookby students around the worldto communicate with one anotherdoes more harm than good.”


NetGenEducation Project 2013Mashup ofHorizon Report 2013By New Media Consortium & Educause +Grown Up Digitalby Don Tapscott NetGen OverviewP 12-13

• MOOCs• Tablet Computing> 1year• Games andGamification• Learning Analytics2-3years• 3D Printing• Wearable Technology4-5years8 NetGenNorms1. Choice(Freedom)2. Customization3. Transparency(Scrutiny)4. Integrity5. Collaboration6. Fun7. Speed8. InnovationSee Ch 3, 8Grown UpDigital byDonTapscott

GrownUpDigitalbyDonTapscott A) MOOCs B)TabletComputingC) Games &GamificationD) LearningAnalyticsE) 3DPrintingF)WearableTechnology1) Freedom (Choice) 1A 1B 1C 1D 1E 1F2) Customization 2A 2B 2C 2D 2E 2F3) Scrutiny(Transparency) 3A 3B 3C 3D 3E 3F4) Integrity (DigitalCitizenship) 4A 4B 4C 4D 4E 4F5) Collaboration 5A 5B 5C 5D 5E 5F6) Entertainment 6A 6B 6C 6D 6E 6F7) Speed 7A 7B 7C 7D 7E 7F8) Innovation 8A 8B 8C 8D 8E 8FHorizon Report 2013Team GridsP 240-242

Project Design Relationships




Project Design ToolsAvailable on the wiki: Flat Classroom Framework Sample Blank Flat Classroom Framework Form(writable) Connection Planning Tool Global Project Design Template

Web 2.0 Bootcamp• Tools for presenting and sharing• Digital Imaging• Creative Commons

Web 2 Kung Fu!• Choose a Web 2.0 tool• Pitch it in 2 min• Rotate

Where do I find globalpartners?

How to find ProjectPartners?#1 Social Networks3. Where?Where?Description URLGlobal collaborative project ideasinspired by the Learning 2.0educational networkglobalcollaborations.wikispaces.com/Flat Classroom Educator Network flatclassrooms.ning.comGlobal Education Conference globaleducationconference.com/Global Classrooms globalclassroom2011-12.wikispaces.com/Taking IT Global www.tigweb.org/tiged/

How to find ProjectPartners?#2 Established Networks3. Where?Where?Location URLiEarn http://www.iearn.org/ePals http://www.epals.com/Skype Education http://education.skype.com/Flat Classroom Projects http://www.flatclassroomproject.neteTwinning (europeonline)http://www.etwinning.net

How to find ProjectPartners?#3 Hashtags3. Where?Where?Location URL#flatclass Conversations around the principles ofmerging classrooms and co-creatingtogether#globaled Global education conversations#globalclassroom Conversations around global classroomconversations#edchat Lots of conversations happen on thishashtag in education

How to find ProjectPartners?#4 Conferences3. Where?Where?Location URLK12 Online Conference(online only) - freehttp://k12onlineconference.org/Global EducationConference (online only)– freehttp://www.globaleducationconference.com/ISTE ($) http://www.iste.orgFlat ClassroomConferences (Free forvirtual $ for f2f)http://www.flatclassroomconference.comLots of conferences bycurriculum areaLook for them!

Project ManagementShared expectationsSupport for SuccessReflect and Redesign

How often should real-timemeetings occur? What is thepurpose?How do you successfullyhost/manage/lead an onlinemeeting?Use the word LEAD instead of MANAGE?

FlattenedClassroomBlendedLearningChallenge-basedProject-basedFlippedInquiry-basedHolistic – Flat embraces all modes

When you go flat,you never go backhttp://flatclassroomproject.net

Flat Classroom®Conferencea 501(c)3 nonprofitAustralia 2014Sydney June 18-20, 2014flatclassroomconference.com

Julie LindsayDirector and Co-founder, Flat Classroom®Flat Classroom® Conference ChairGlobal Educator, Leader, Innovator, Author@julielindsaylearningconfluence.com

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