Flash Memory

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Information about Flash Memory

Published on December 10, 2013

Author: AmitUdhwani

Source: slideshare.net


Flash Memory

Flash memory is a non-volatile memory. That can be electrically erased reprogrammed and It was developed from EEPROM (electrically erasable programmable read-only memory) Flash memory is a new memory technology that allowed stores data to be saved when the memory device was disconnected from its power sources

Standard NAND flash has 8 transistors in parallel

NOR Flash Memory  NOR flash memory was first introduced by Intel in 1988.  Developed to replace read only memory  NOR flash is more expensive and takes longer to erase and write new data.  NOR is most often used in mobile phones.  Can access any memory cell  Slow sequential access

NAND Flash Memory  NAND flash was introduced by Toshiba in 1989.  Developed to replace hard disks  NAND has significantly higher storage capacity than NOR.  It has found a market in devices to which large files are frequently uploaded and replaced.  MP3 players, digital cameras and USB drives use NAND flash  Can only access pages  Faster sequential access

Manufacturers of Flash

. Flash memory generally used in computers, television, set-up box, cell phone, digital cameras, mp3 players, global position system. .We used the flash memory to store our data reprogrammed data. .Flash memory is also used in much industrial applications.

The advantage of flash memory is this:1. Flash memory is very durable and portable devices which we use every where easily. 2. Flash memory is immersion in water. 3. We can store much and more data in flash memory. 4. We can read and erase our data easily

Flash memory limitation/disadvantage: Both NAND/NOR memory has limited number of programming/erasure cycles  About 100,000 cycles is a typical number, even though cells with higher cycle numbers can be designed  Virus can easily transfer in flash memory.  When flash memory is crash then data is lost. Sept 2007 13

Future of Flash Memory  Continues to be among the most aggressively scaled electronic technologies Memory cell size minimum of 20 nm expected to be met in 2010 May be replaced by Phase-Change RAM or other emerging technologies.  In the future size of flash memory cell is decrease and the capacity is increase.

Flash memory is a widely used reliable and fixable non-volatile memory to store software code and data in a micro controller. However as with any programmable and erasable memory. Physical parameters must be understood and the application for a long time data retention time. And cumulative program must be handled according to the DATA sheet

Wikipedia - Flash Memory How Stuff Works - Flash Memory http://smithsonianchips.si.edu

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