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Published on February 24, 2008

Author: Talya

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Chapter 5 Notes:  Chapter 5 Notes You and Your Family Relationship::  Relationship: Meaningful associations with others Why are families & relationships important?:  Why are families & relationships important? …because of these relationships, a child learns to love, respect, and get along with others, and function as part of a group More women in the workforce:  More women in the workforce When mothers work, children spend most of their time in the care of other people When parents work, families must adjust to spending less time together Adjustments in household chores and schedules may be needed High Divorce Rate:  High Divorce Rate Family members take on new roles, relationships, and living arrangements Postponing Marriage & Parenthood:  Postponing Marriage & Parenthood This causes families to be smaller today Nuclear Family:  Nuclear Family A mother, father, and their biological children living under 1 roof. Adopted children become part of a nuclear family Example: Growing Pains Single-Parent Family:  Single-Parent Family Only one parent living with the child/children. 90% of single-parent households are ran by the mother Example: Hannah Montana Extended Family:  Extended Family A network of close family members living together or near each other. Extended families may include aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc.. Example: Everybody Loves Raymond Blended Families:  Blended Families When two single-parent families get together to make one huge family Example: The Brady Bunch Foster Family:  Foster Family An adult or couple provides care and a temporary home for children whose parents are unable to care for them Example: Like Mike Other Family Forms:  Other Family Forms A married couple without any children, a group of unrelated people who don’t have families of their own Example: Chandler & Monica from Friends Adults’ Responsibilities:  Adults’ Responsibilities To provide for children’s basic needs (food, shelter, education, etc..) Socialization: (notes are there) To set and maintain rules to be followed Children’s Responsibilities:  Children’s Responsibilities Taking care of yourself Following household rules and showing respect Doing chores and watching out for siblings Shared Responsibilites:  Shared Responsibilites Divide responsibilities to be done – everybody helps out around the house Children learn by watching parents Family Stress:  Family Stress Children often blame themselves for their parent’s arguing Children may feel anger, guilt, resentment towards their parent’s divorce Children should stay focused on their lives and responsibilities Drug Abuse:  Drug Abuse All family members are affected when one member has a drug problem (financial stress, embarrassment, chores not getting done, etc..) Home may no longer be a safe, peaceful, caring environment Financial Problems:  Financial Problems The loss of a job, illness, or a family break-up could lead to financial stresses Can lead to serious emotional problems (parents unable to provide for family, kids not getting what their friends have, etc..) Physical Abuse:  Physical Abuse If punishment, even if given for a reason, leaves a mark that can be seen the next day. This could be a bruise, welt, burn, scratch, etc.. Sexual Abuse:  Sexual Abuse When an adult uses a child or adolescent for sexual purposes, he or she is committing sexual abuse. S.A. could range from unwanted kisses, inappropriate touching or sexual intercourse Emotional Abuse:  Emotional Abuse The non-physical mistreatment of a person that can destroy their sense of self-worth. When parents’ attitudes are hostile and threatening much of the time, children do not receive the love and support they need Runaways:  Runaways Some leave home because of violence in the family, others run away because of emotional problems or school failure. Runaways usually become ill or turn to crime.

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