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Information about FIWARE Accelerate Next Steps

Published on December 30, 2016

Author: FI-WARE


1. FIWARE Accelerate Next Steps Roi Rodríguez de Bernardo Project Manager IMPACT Growth, FIWARE Accelerate Mission Support Committe @RoiR23

2. Presentation 1 Roi Rodríguez de Bernardo IMPACT Growth Project Manager @RoiR23 Gold member FIWARE Foundation

3. FIWARE Accelerate program so far 2 80 Million € 16 Accelerators 8,300 applications 985 beneficiaries 5,500 jobs, 2016 € 96 m revenue, 2016 Source: D.2.4. Updated IMPACT Assesment Forecast, FI IMPACT, June 2016

4. 3  8fit helps people get in shape from home.  Offer workout & nutrition plans for everyone.  3.000.000 users, 70% US.  $ 3.5 million private investment raised.  $ 20 million valuation.  $250.000 monthly revenue  25 employees, 5 before FIWARE “We built our app with one clear goal in mind – to change lives of millions of people for the better “

5. FIWARE Accelerate Next Steps 4 • FIWARE Accelerate Mission Support Committee will be established by the beginning of 2017. • Frontier Cities and IMPACT Growth will launch new open calls by the beginning of 2017.

6. FIWARE Accelerate MSC Goals 5 • MSC FIWARE Accelerate Goal: To promote the adoption of FIWARE technologies among solutions integrators and application developers, with special focus on SMEs and startups. • MSC FIWARE Specific Goals: a. To create top acceleration programs promoting FIWARE technologies that help SMEs and startups to get to the next level. b. To empower and support the beneficiaries of the acceleration programs to use FIWARE Technologies and further expand the FIWARE development community. c. To align the promotion efforts with the PO, the FF, the different projects, MSCs and members of FIWARE Accelerate.

7. FIWARE Accelerate MSC 6 • The following working groups will be established within the MSC: • Acceleration • Community Building • Dissemination • FIWARE Adoption • Mission Support Commitee Proposal will be sent to the FIWARE Foundation BoD by the beginning of March 2017.

8. Accelerators new open calls 7 New open call end: January 2017!!! New open call end: February 2017!!!

9. Frontier Cities in a nutshell 8 ✓ 30 – 50 Grantees contracted through both Call strands will get from 25 K to 100 K ✓ 20+ FI-PPP Phase II & III research results advised and/or supported via fC2 Outreach Service ✓ 100+ cities trialling / deploying FIWARE-enabled solutions ✓ 60+ FIWARE-enabled solutions deployed in European Cities and/or Local Authorities ✓ 150 FIWARE deployment instances in Cities (and Local Authorities instances) ✓ EUR 5 million in new and third party financing and investment support in FIWARE-supported SMEs, Start-ups, FI-PPP Phase I & 2 Projects ✓ 15-20 Corporate Partnerships signed with FIWARE-supported SME solutions ✓ A significantly enhanced online media programme, with regular broadcasting of FIWARE success stories, city profiles and interviews via the ThinkingCities Platform reaching 24,000+ cities, local authorities and smart cities professionals across Europe and around the world.

10. IMPACT Growth 9

11. IMPACT Growth Global IMPACT 10

12. IMPACT Growth Key Results 11

13. FIWARE Accelerate 12 Allowed to spread the use of FIWARE. More than 1,000 FIWARE adopters due to the program. Around 9,000 people reached. The main goal of FIWARE Accelerate is to continue to contribute to the dissemination and adoption of FIWARE Technologies

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