Five Tips for Using Quizzes to Boost Online

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Information about Five Tips for Using Quizzes to Boost Online

Published on November 16, 2018

Author: Quizflix


Five Tips for Using Quizzes to Boost Online Learning : Five Tips for Using Quizzes to Boost Online Learning About quizzes : A bout quizzes Are you seeking ways to enhance your online learning? How about trying quizzes to assess yourself and improve constantly? Quizflix is a fantastic app that will help you learn something new every day from the ocean of general Slide3: knowledge. This app comprises of endless challenging general knowledge questions with many levels in numerous categories. Every day we perceive a lot of knowledge from books, internet, etc. But we may forget it after a few days of learning. But studying in the form of quizzes will undeniably help in keeping it in your mind for a longer period. So, quizzes are sure to boost your learning online. students typically try to Remember things: students typically try to Remember things Mostly, students devise some strategies or implement certain plans to make themselves remember what they have read or learned. Some of the things they typically do include: highlighting the text, underlining it, circling, taking notes, etc. These kinds of approaches will help students in remembering answers, but practicing quizzes will help in remembering answers for even more time.   Slide5: Practicing offers students a thought process into knowing the techniques to remember answers effortlessly. So, following the quiz procedure will certainly do great things for students and will boost their learning skills . 5 tips to improve your online learning: 5 tips to improve your online learning 1. Embedding questions into multiple : While reading something, try and transform it into multiple choice questions; give yourself 4 options and pick the right answer. This helps in remembering answers for an extensive time period.   Slide7: 2. Comprehend feedback : After you answer a quiz question, you know if you have answered it correct or wrong. If you answered it wrong, quizzes will generally display an explanation on why the answer you have chosen is wrong. Reading it carefully will help you advance your learning and memory.   3. Re-evaluate the critical material: Testing your potential learning is extremely vital; i.e. when a learner answers a question incorrectly, they will be prompted to restudy the relevant material and then answer the question again. This helps students to have a better grip and in-depth consideration of the restudied material. Slide8: 4 . Be involved in creative discussion forums : There are numerous quiz discussion forums or portals online, where people will be discussing general knowledge questions and getting into discussions to find the right answers to unknown questions. Getting involved in this space will help in better learning and these discussions will help in remembering answers too!   5. Include fun components while learning : Playing is the best form of learning! If you include a few fun components by turning multiple choice questions into experiments such as giving a gaming character to your quiz questions and answers, it will be even more exciting to learn and remember for a long time. CONCLUSION : CONCLUSION So, following these simple tips will help in enhancing your online learning effectively. To know more about the Quixflixapp , visit our website now: Download our app directly from here:

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