Five Steps to Successful Call Tracking

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Published on March 19, 2014

Author: ernestoolivares



For companies, the phone call is key for the relation with its customers and supplies. A good tracing can provide us a valuable information about how is seen our product and which opinions obtains. To transmit the necessities, entrusted us the creation of a 100% visual leaflet that transmit with images and infographic the value of centralized services of phone callings - See more at:



LOCAL NUMBER PORTABILITY Hello Hi John 1 2 3 Originally, phone numbers had one, two or three digits only. Central, please connect me to... 11 22 33 feared the town’s 4 operators would become ill and suggested numbers be assigned to the 200+ telephone subscribers so that temps could be trained more easily. in Lowell, Massachusetts & can be attributed to the measles epidemic. Mechanical direct-dialing of numbers became the norm. Previously, most urban areas had“exchanges”of two letters, followed by numbers. Exchanges became the first 2 digits of the phone number and were tied to a specific geographic location.These are now known as area codes. Michael Corleone asks an operator to connect him with Long Beach 4-5620, presumably the number for the main house on the Corleone compound. telephone numbers were invented, they were short & were given orally to a switchboard operator. A toll-free service was introduced in the United States by AT&T as an alternative to collect calling and to reduce the need for operators. Forever ingrained in our hearts and mostly our minds, this song led to many custom- ers who actually had that number receiv- ing a plethora of un- wanted calls. Tommy Tutone released the hit song "867-5309/Jenny". This meant that toll-free numbers are not associated with a particular telephone carrier such as AT&T or MCI. FCC mandated 800-number portability. First FCC mandated Local Number Portability among wireline carriers. Calls placed to these hosted phone numbers are seamlessly forwarded to any existing number. FIRST USE OF NUMBERS STRICTLY NUMERIC TOLL-FREE DIRECT DIALING Dr. moses greenley parker Dr. moses greenley parker Dr. moses greenley parker A SONG AND A NUMBER TOLL-FREE PORTABILITY 3

Thanks for calling Bob’s Chef Supplies... How did you hear about us? Traditional call tracking is viewed as unreliable because it was mostly anecdotal, but preceded web analytics by more than a few decades. Companies now offer local and toll-free numbers that are designed specifically to help marketers capture this valuable information. Purchase a unique calltracking number and place in your advertisement When a customer dials the number… Hosted Numbers captures call data and forwards the call seamlessly Call routed to preferred location View reports that show call volume for that ad. Great, thanks for being a loyal customer and responding to the coupon we mailed you I just saw your ad on TV for outdoor grills. BOB´S CHEF SUPPLIES USING UNIQUE PHONE NUMBERS FOR CALL TRACKING Introducing hosted numbers 11 22 33 44 55 HISTORYHISTORYHISTORYHISTORY how it workshow it workshow it worksHow it works DATA CENTERDATA CENTERDATA CENTERBlah, blah blah, blah Blah, blah... 4

Most marketers would agree they would rather hear the phone ringing. Why? Most landing pages convert only 2-10% of total visitors. Phone call conversion rates can approach 80%. 63% of people complete their purchase offline following their search activity. 46% of people who conducted local online searches resulted in a phone call to a business. There are so many other stats to support this assertion. And yet more emphasis is placed on having WAYbetter tracking on web visitors than what is causing the phone to ring. Call tracking should be integrated into all marketing efforts because it is a critical component of campaign management. Without call tracking, campaign effective- ness data is incomplete and worse… misleading. Hopefully we have laid out a good case for integrating call tracking into all your analytics NOW. But the truth is, it becomes increasingly important as more online marketing shifts to mobile. There are currently 6 billion mobile subscribers worldwide. This equals 87% of the world’s population. Mobile ad spend was $3.3 billion in 2011 and projected to be $20.6 billion in 2012. Mobile search is growing... 1 in 7 searches now originate from a mobile device. 52% of all mobile advertising leads to a phone call. 61% of mobile searches lead to a phone call. world´s population are mobile subscribers WHY USE IT? KEY BENEFITS PHONE CALL CONVERSION RATE PEOPLE THAT COMPLETE THEIR PURCHASE OFFLINE MOBILE SUBSCRIBERS MOBILE advertising is growing Mobile advertising drives phone calls: Mobile ad spend ($ billion) 2011 2012 (estimate) CASE STUDY CASE STUDY We do SEM campaigns for Hosted Numbers on number porting keywords (taking your phone number with you to another provider). This ad group always generates clicks, but no online conversions. We considered reducing the bids on these keywords and even eliminating this ad group entirely. Then, we looked at the call volume associated with this ad group (because we assigned a unique phone number for this ad group and used dynamic number replacement to display the same phone number on our website when people clicked through to our site) and were pleasantly surprised at how high it was relative to other ad groups.We quickly realized that number porting was a high touch process and didn't lend itself to online conversions. Customers often called to understand the porting process and converted in a phone call.That ad group alone was more valuable to the bottom-line than 10 others combined. Thank goodness we dug a little deeper before ending it. 63% 87% 22.6 3.3 80% With the shift to mobile, soon online ads will drive more calls than clicks BOTTOM LINE BOTTOM LINE 5

It sounds simple and it is! Identify where you are spending the majority of your ad spend and start there. If you are not using unique phone numbers in advertise- ments where you are spending the most, then you are missing out on a huge component of advertising respondents. Even worse, you are probably wasting money on advertis- ing that is not effective. Every paid ad should have a unique phone number. If that isn't feasible based on budget, then assign a unique phone number to each channel or medium (email, banner ads, SEM, etc.). You can't improve what you don't measure!! “By cutting ineffective ads, I saved $1,200 in 2011 and $6,000 so far in 2012. I have been using Hosted Numbers now since 2010 and highly recommend them to anyone who wants to track where their business is coming from in real-time, moni- tor those calls for true source and effec- tiveness, and make smarter marketing decisions.” Bryan Jamison, Allstate Agent Things like social media marketing, PR, and affiliate marketing might not show up as a marketing line item, but they take up time and other resources that could be diverted to more fruitful pursuits. Identify additional areas that drive revenue, exposure, or web traffic. Assign unique phone numbers to these things as well. You might be overjoyed to find out that the guest blog you have been posting on an affiliate's site is driving a ton of phone calls to your company. Bussiness cards Social Media channels E-mails Newsletters Coupons Website Brochures and mailers Promotional Items Classified/ Craigslist ads Better Business Bureau, Chamber of Commerce, or other directories of ad spending is wasted on leads that do not convert. START WHERE YOU SPEND asign a unique phone number to each medium places to put unique numbers you might have overlooked: 11 Free stuff is never really free22 79% NAME SALE! - 30% www @ NEWS EXPERTS SUGGESTEXPERTS SUGGEST 6

Advances in call forwarding allow you to: Call tracking companies have features to announce the call before it is connected based on the phone number in use. These features can play a short message when the phone is answered but before the call is connected to let your sales team know exactly what ad that caller is responding to. Dynamic number replacement (DNR) is a recent advancement that allows the phone number displayed on your website to change dynamically based on where a person clicks through from. For example, you have a banner advertisement with a phone number in it, but someone clicks through to the site before calling, the same phone number in the banner ad will display throughout your site. This way if the website visitor then decides to pick up the phone and call, you can now trace that call back to that specific banner ad based on the number they dialed. Set up call forward- ing schedules based on time of day or day of week parameters Mike’s Pizzeria ran an offer in Sunday’s coupon section of the newspaper for free breadsticks with an order of their “Gameday Special”. They used a specific phone number on that coupon. When someone calls that number and the Mike’s Pizzeria answers, they hear “This caller is respond- ing to the Sunday Newspaper Coupon Route ad response calls directly to a particular sales rep to avoid a front-end IVR to reduce call abandonment. Forward calls to ring to several loca- tions (office, then home, then cell) before dropping the caller in voice- mail to avoid mis- sing those impor- tant ad response calls. Route calls based on geographic ter- ritories. Queue calls so that if one sales person is on a call it rolls to next sales rep until the call is answered Thanks for calling Mike’s Pizzeria I see you are calling about the offer for free bread- sticks with the Gameday Special. Will this be take out or delivery?” WEBSITE If you are spending money on online advertising, DNR takes your call tracking analytics from a flashlight to a laser beam! Beyond Just Phone Numbers… powerful features that drive additional insight value33 & the past few years, giant strides have been made in honing tracking techniques beyond just unique phone numbers.OVEROVEROVER DNR Advanced Call Forwarding Advanced Call Forwarding dynamic number replacement dynamic number replacement 7

Call tracking gives accurate, real-time campaign effectiveness data Measure: Call Reporting44 Track leads back to the source by the number they called. Call reports make this task very easy. Name phone numbers to make reports even easier to read. For instance, you use one phone number for all your lead nurturing email campaigns. Name that phone number “Leads Email” so in reports you can see how many calls your lead nurturing email campaigns are driving. The average customer experiences 3.8 ‘touches’ from a company before they purchase. Call reports valuable information on your callers beyond just the number they call from. Use area code and city/state information to find out where callers are concen- trated. Hone your geo-targeted marketing to capitalize on areas that are responding to your ads. Peak call timesPeak call times Get insight into when calls come in. Was there a spike after that new radio spot aired? Is there a large volume of calls during hours you didn’t anticipate? Call times can provide insight into campaign effec- tiveness and workforce planning to accommodate callers. Scheduling Avoid logging into pull call data. Schedule reports to email the data at regular intervals and begin to make it a part of regu- lar campaign tracking. Analytics Integration Analytics Integration PHONE CALLS AND CAMPAIGNS Integrate your call data with your web analytics to view clicks alongside calls. Get the full picture of ad response rates without having to look at two different reports. Missed calls and hang ups no longer = lost sales opportuni- ties. The percentage of people who leave messages for businesses hangs around 8%. With the call reporting details, it is easy to identify people who contacted your business but hung up or didn’t leave a message for proper follow up. Call duration This is a big indication or lead quality. The average length of a sales call is ~3 minutes. If a campaign is driving a high number of calls that are short in duration, then they are most likely unquali- fied, low quality leads. Revisit these ads to review content and target market. of online interactions eventually lead to aphone call. 60% MISSING REWARD $$ Lead source Call result Call duration Caller info: phone number, city, state Caller info: phone number, city, state Scheduling EXPERTS SUGGESTEXPERTS SUGGEST Lead source Call result PHONE CALLS AND CAMPAIGNS 8

Integrate call tracking data into your core metrics. You are tracking online leads generated from web contact form submissions, content down- loads, webinar registrations, etc. This report should include phone leads as well. measure cost-per-click, cost-per-acquisition, revenue- per-lead, etc. Why not cost-per-call Application Programming Inter- faces (API ) is a mechanism for providing web-based, program- matic access to data and func- tions that would otherwise be inaccessible. Integrate call tracking into your core systems so it becomes part of every- day toolkit. Ensure sales and marketing alignment by integrating call data with your CRM. Easily track sales back to the source. Give your sales team visibility into lead source so they can see what ads are driving sales. of companies have no process for reengaging and nurturing leads. Once someone visits your website and does not covert, they are in essence “gone for good.” The same goes for calls. Sales people fail to capture contact data 85% of the time. With call tracking in place, many providers give you the ability to access advanced demographic data on callers beyond just their name, phone number, and address. This information can be leveraged for remarketing and expanding your marketing database. Lead Capture & Nurturing call recording Call recording gives you great insight into the quality of your leads, ad content, intended target market and training opportunities for your sales team. Above we mention call duration as an indicator of lead quality. Use call duration as a way to indicate which calls to listen to. If a campaign has lower than average call duration, listen to some calls and get a feel for whether the caller actually under- stands your messaging and is in the target market you are trying to reach. If a campaign has higher than average call duration, listen to those to identify if callers are confused by the content and need more explana- tion. Use call recordings as training aids or a way to identify training opportu- nities with your sales team. Adver- tisements might be driving a ton of phone calls that don’t convert. After listening to a few calls, it becomes apparent that the sales team is not handling the effectively. Integrate call data with core systems: API Name, Phone Number, Full Address Age, Gender, Ethnicity Occupation, Education Level Marital Status, Children Interests Estimated Income Own Credit Cards Own vs. Rent Dwelling Type (Single/Multi) Length at Residence Home Purchase Date & Price Mortgage Amount & Type Lender Name Refinance Date, Amount, Loan Type Refinance Lender’s Name Estimated Current Home Value 73% Integrate call data with core processes USE CASE USE CASE Say you wanted to down- load your Hosted Num- bers call data each night and import it into an in-house CRM package. Without an API, there would be no way to access the call data without logging in to your, downloading your call data to a CSV file, and importing it manually – over and over, every day. With an API, you could write a program to do all this for you automatically. Hello, may I help you? Yes, I want to know... Hello? Hello? YOUYOU Maximize: Use Info to Build More Effective Campaigns55 Our Caller Insight feature provides the following data points on callers when available: EXPERTS SUGGEST EXPERTS SUGGEST 9

Start by looking at you budget and assigning unique phone numbers to major line items. Then, take a look at your (and your teams’) time and identify areas where significant effort is devoted and ensure phone numbers are assigned to these initiatives as well. Once you have completed these steps, look at additional features that might drive more insight into campaign effectiveness. These features, when configured at the beginning of your campaigns, can derive significant value. Dynamic Number Replacement is key to properly tracking online advertising. Scheduling calls to forward on schedules that match your business needs from the begin- ning can streamline your communi- cations. Setting ringtones so sales and customer service teams know immediately which ads are driving call can create alignment in sales and marketing goals. APPLYAPPLYAPPLY ASSESSASSESSASSESS ADJUSTADJUSTADJUST Now that you are all set up for success, take the time to look at the information this rich, new source is collecting. Call reports give real- time campaign effectiveness data that can guide your content creation, lead nurturing, remar- keting, staf- fing, etc. Schedule reports to come to you at regular interval and block time on your calendar to review them. Put this new data to good use right away! Integrate it into your systems and processes so it becomes an everyday part of your toolkit and metrics. Use tools like caller demographic data and call recording to further enhance your lead capture and nurturing efforts. 10

Advances in CRM, campaign tracking, and call tracking integration will allow for a screen to pop as the phone is ringing to allow sales reps answering to identify the specific advertisement a person is responding to with a copy of the ad so they can respond to the callers’ interest specifically. Voice communications should be as integrated, searchable, and acces- sible as written. With advances in speech recognition and speech-to- text transcriptions, tagging calls with product info, stage of buying cycle, sentiment, etc. can make call reporting and lead nurturing much more effective. One step beyond manual tagging is keyword spotting where you can search call transcriptions for purchase indicators like sign up, or product information like local phone number in NYC. Call tagging AND keyword spotting for business intelligence Manual post-call surveys to determine buyer readiness and lead quality are already in existence. Imagine a program that handles this automatically. A program run by artificial intelligence that can score the lead and schedule appropriate lead nurturing according to the actual call. Lead scoring and remarketing Soon demographic information on callers will be available in real-time so as a sales person is on a call with a prospect they can have insight into that person’s education, income, interests, household size, etc. while conducting the call. Caller insight info in real time as call is in process Disposable numbers Need a phone number for an hour, a day, a month? Temporary numbers are growing in demand due to privacy concerns. With implementation of local number portability, people are keeping the same numbers longer. Ordering a phone number for a Craigslist ad, to talk to someone you just met at a bar, to enter a contest, for an upcoming event you are hosting, etc. is going to become the norm so you can protect your mobile number and prevent unwanted future calls after your interest wanes. Hello, may I help you with our Friday´s Special Offer? FUTURE OF CALL TRACKINGCALL TRACKINGCALL TRACKINGCALL TRACKING Advanced screen pops with information on the specific ad a person is responding to Our offer includes two pizzas and two beverages... Hello, what do you think about our product? 11

Hosted Numbers SERVICES ARE EASILY CONFIGURED, THERE ARE NO CONTRACTS, AND YOU CAN MANAGE YOUR ACCOUNT ONLINE OR CALL CUSTOMER SUPPORT 24/7. Hosted Numbers OFFERS THE ABILITY TO WHITE LABEL THEIR SERVICES FOR MARKETING FIRMS INTERESTED IN FULLY INTEGRATING CALL TRACKING INTO THE SERVICES THEY OFFER CLIENTS WWW.HOSTEDNUMBERS.COM automated systems deliver the latest technology like advanced call forwarding, call recording, dynamic number replacement voicemail and so much more Hosted Numbers is a provider of toll-free, local, and vanity phone numbers, call forwarding and ad tracking services. CONTACT INFORMATION: (800) CAN-TRK1 12

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