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Published on February 10, 2012

Author: arorajitin93


PowerPoint Presentation: five point someone What not to do at IIT ! by chetan bhagat Made by:- Jitin Arora Aman Goyal Ashu Kalra Chapter 12 Neha Speaks: Chapter 12 Neha Speaks Theme: Theme In this chapter NEHA write a letter to her brother whoes name is SAMIR. In this letter NEHA told him about HARI. She told him that he is a very good person, he is a student of an IIT but he hated every IIT students who lived in campus. Theme (Cont…): Theme ( Cont …) She tell his brother that he is not very good looking but she likes him very much. She also told him that dad were never accept him. She told him not to wory about her as she had not done anything with her. Theme (Cont…): Theme ( Cont …) She also told him that about his friends ALOK and RYAN. RYAN was belong a good ,royal family and ALOK is very poor but similarity b/w threes are all of three have five … some GPA. Characterization: Characterization In this chapter NEHA was a major character. NEHA loved her Boyfriend HARI very much and she told about him to her bother. NEHA was a good girl and her choice was totally different from her father. Her father liked person who was only good in study. but NEHA likes people which have different view to see the world. Characterization(Cont..): Characterization(Cont..) NEHA also respect her father very much. She never did any task which insulted her father. She liked share her feeling to her bother . That’s the reason she told every thing about her boyfriend to h er brother. Characterization (Cont…): Characterization ( C ont…) She also said in her letter that her father did not accept because he hated three but if HARI gets a job than she introduce HARI to her father and everything become good. Typical words: Typical words Word synonyms Antonyms Bumbler incompetent competent Meaning : someone who makes mistakes because of incompetence. Besotted foolish wise meaning : stupefied with drink. Typical words(Cont…): Typical words( Cont …) Hobnobbing socialize meaning: to obsolete drink(with) Sentence: An old man hate to hobnob. Precisely: accurate wrongly Meaning: indicating exactness. Sentence: she was doing precisely what she had told her to do. Typical word(Cont…): Typical word( Cont …) Aggression attack defence sentence: The army is stopped to any foreign aggression. Barely nakedly meaning without covering. PowerPoint Presentation: Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

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