Five Parts of a Book

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Information about Five Parts of a Book

Published on July 1, 2008

Author: lcarter


Learn the Parts of a Book! : Learn the Parts of a Book! Lesley Carter Library Teacher & Media Specialist NJCU Authoring Tools Project Goal : Goal Identify specific parts of a book and learn the information included in each part. Information : Information You will identify five (5) parts of a book: spine, cover, author, illustrator, and title. Learning the parts is fun! You may already know some of them. Parts of a Book : Parts of a Book Spine Cover Author Illustrator Title The Spine of the Book : The Spine of the Book The spine of a book is the part that you see when it’s on the shelf. The spine of the book holds the book together and helps keep it strong. See the spines of these books? The Cover of the Book : The Cover of the Book The cover of the book is the outside part of the book. There is a front cover and a back cover. Here are some popular covers. covers! : Here are some popular covers. covers! Who is the author? : Who is the author? The author is the person who writes the words in a story. Sometimes the author draws pictures too--then you say the person is the author and illustrator Amy Hest is an author who came to visit our school. Who is the illustrator? : Who is the illustrator? The illustrator is the person who draws the pictures in a book. Sometimes there are pictures on every page. We call this book a picture book. Graeme Base is the illustrator here. Slide 10: Here are some great illustrations The Title : The Title The title is usually on the front cover of the book and on the spine. The title is on a page inside the book too. This page is called the title page. Authors usually choose the title for their books since they write the words. The title is large and at the top of the page Let’s Review : Let’s Review Spine Cover Author Illustrator Title

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