Five Essential Steps for Successful Networking in Sports Medicine

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Information about Five Essential Steps for Successful Networking in Sports Medicine

Published on February 24, 2014

Author: KusalGoonewardena



The 5 Essential Steps to Network Successfully by Elite Athlete Sports Physiotherapist, Kusal Goonewardena.

Kusal covers
1. Who to connect with
2. Why you would want to connect with them
3. Where to find them
4. How to make the contact
5. What to provide them when you make contact

Good luck.



STEP 1 - WHO Who do you want to connect with? And how do you determine this? Connect with • EXPERTS (Credible, Good track Record) • Experts who get RESULTS • Experts who get results who have similar VALUES to you

STEP 2 - WHY Why do you want to connect with Experts who get results who have similar VALUES to you? • Be a part of a network of people who are MAKING A DIFFERENCE • Provide information to them – so you are showing them how YOU get results and how YOUR values are aligned with them. • Obtain info from them – best practices for your athletes/patients/clients • Get Referrals from them

STEP 3 – WHERE Where can you find Experts who get results who have similar VALUES to you? • Search and trawl: Professional databases, websites, Google, LinkedIn, Universities, Sports organizations, Newspapers, Magazines, Media sources, Sports teams, Associated staff….the lists are endless. • Use your imagination- Think, “Where will I find them?”

STEP 4 - HOW How do you connect with Experts who get results who have similar VALUES to you? Each person you connect with will need about 5 points of contact before you build RAPPORT eg. Email, LinkedIn, 2nd email, phone call, Introduction through colleague. Some will need only one – eg LinkedIn will do all the hard work by prequalifying you (they check your credibility). Remember – “No means MAYBE” “Never give up if you want that connection”

STEP 5 - WHAT What will you provide these Experts who get results who have similar VALUES to you? You need to work out 1. Your VALUES 2. Why do THEY want to be connected with you? You need to work this out. - Determine your expertise – (EVEN IF YOU ARE A NEW GRADUATE) Be able to tell people the above in 15 seconds or less (Create your „elevator pitch‟) Kusal Goonewardena‟s „elevator pitch‟ “I achieve to get the best results in the shortest period of time for my athletes. I average a 95% improvement in 2-12 days. I make a difference in 3 sessions or less; otherwise I will find someone in my network who will help you” 3. What can you do to solve THEIR problem. People want to be connected with those who can solve their problems.

WORRIED ABOUT WHAT MAKES YOU SPECIAL? “The best you can be is the secret. There are more experienced and more knowledgeable practitioners out there, but the key is to provide YOUR very best to your athlete. That is all that matters.” -Kusal Goonewardena

KEY TAKE HOME MESSAGES 1. Work out your VALUES IMPORTANT+++ Elite Akademy‟s Sports Medicine Values – -Love and Respect -Teamwork -Make a Mark -Be very Cool -Learn and Enrich 2. Work out how you can be the best YOU can be What makes you unique, 3. Share this with everyone you WANT to connect with 4. Over 5-10 years your network will be your TEAM OF EXPERTS WHO HELP YOUR ATHLETES

THANK YOU If you have any suggestions on other topics in sports medicine you would like to hear email me My twitter address is @kusalkumar For information on online PD courses go to The Elite Akademy twitter address is @EliteAkademy We share strategies, advice and practitioner success stories on our Facebook site Lastly these slides have been uploaded to

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