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Published on January 7, 2008

Author: Nikita


Managing Ponds For Fishing:  Managing Ponds For Fishing Gary Burtle The University of Georgia Photos from Aquanic/Purdue University Successful Pond Management:  Successful Pond Management Pond design Stocking Strategy Fish Growth and Harvest Successful Fish Reproduction Management of Competitive Species Typical Stocking Strategy For Small Ponds:  Typical Stocking Strategy For Small Ponds Bluegill/ Red ear Largemouth Bass Channel Catfish Problem Fish For Ponds:  Problem Fish For Ponds Pond Fishery Out of Balance:  Pond Fishery Out of Balance A Few Large Bluegill Many Small Largemouth Bass Pond Fishery Out of Balance:  Pond Fishery Out of Balance Many Small Bluegill Few Large Largemouth Bass Balanced Pond:  Balanced Pond Bluegill/ Red ear Largemouth Bass The Best Monitoring Method:  The Best Monitoring Method Fishing Questions To Ask Yourself:  Questions To Ask Yourself Is the average size of bluegill declining? Is the largest size bluegill you catch getting smaller? Do you catch fewer big fish? Are bass being caught less frequently? Are crappie, carp, or other non-stocked fish being caught? Record Fish Harvest:  Record Fish Harvest Species Size Number Date Water Conditions Three Reasons For Poor Fishing Quality:  Three Reasons For Poor Fishing Quality Wrong kinds of fish Wrong size of fish Wrong number of fish Pond Management Is A Balancing Act:  Pond Management Is A Balancing Act A balanced pond fishery can be established with the initial stocking. Maintaining that balance requires the pond owner to manage the harvest. 100 Bass and 1,000 Bream per Acre Largemouth Bass Mortality:  Largemouth Bass Mortality Managing The Harvest:  Managing The Harvest Catch and Release Bag Limits Size Limits Education Managing Largemouth Bass:  Managing Largemouth Bass Do not harvest bass for two years after initial stocking Minimum size limit of 14 inches Remove no more than 20 to 25 bass per surface acre each year (after the first two years) Be conservative Common Causes Of Muddy Ponds And Their Solutions:  Common Causes Of Muddy Ponds And Their Solutions Soil erosion Abundance of common carp and bullheads Wave action Livestock Suspended clay particles Buffer zone of grass Eradication : chemical or drain pond Riprap or vegetation Fencing Liming, Hay, Gypsum Pond Fertilization:  Pond Fertilization 50 lbs per Acre per Month in Spring Lime requirement must be met Benefits: increase fish production and reduce aquatic weeds Risks: Does not work when aquatic weeds are present Water flow through pond removes nutrients Cannot control weed growth in shallow ponds Liming is required in most Southern ponds Fish Kills Due to Low Oxygen:  Fish Kills Due to Low Oxygen Cloudy weather for several days Rapid plant die-offs resulting from: Change in algal species Intense sunlight High winds Presence of herbicide Oxygen Management:  Oxygen Management Keep pond full Plan to aerate the pond (1 hp per Acre) Pumps, aerators, stirrers, fountains, air blowers, diffusers Create a “sanctuary”area Potassium permanganate Aquatic Weed Control:  Aquatic Weed Control Treatment the weed then add Triploid Grass Carp Use 14 inch Grass Carp if Bass are already stocked Types of control Physical – Pond design or weed removal Chemical - Herbicide Biological – Grass Carp Common Aquatic Herbicides:  Common Aquatic Herbicides Diquat (Reward) 2,4 – D Glyphosate (Rodeo) Copper (Copper sulfate, Cutrine, Earthtech) Endothal (Aquathol) Sonar Correcting Poor Fishing:  Correcting Poor Fishing Eradication of all fish species is recommended if your pond contains a poor mix of fish species or is dominated by over-crowded, slow-growing bluegills Choices: Drain pond Chemically treat Stunted Bass:  Stunted Bass Causes: Underfishing for Bass No structure for Bream Disease (tapeworm) in Bass Cure Balance fishing and record catch Add Christmas trees or fish habitat Control wading birds stock red-ear Fish Attractors:  Fish Attractors May be useful if pond has limited cover Will not significantly increase pond productivity , simply concentrates fish Recommended materials include brush, Christmas trees or any wood Anchor to the bottom Feeding Fish:  Feeding Fish Not recommended for most pond owners - not needed in a balanced system Okay if Catfish have been stocked Not a solution for undersized fish Pattern Of Fishing In An Unmanaged Pond:  Pattern Of Fishing In An Unmanaged Pond The pond is built and stocked with fish Fishing begins one or two years later Three to five years after construction, fishing is excellent Fishing declines after six or seven years and remains poor Why Does Fishing Decline:  Why Does Fishing Decline Aquatic Plant Growth makes capturing prey more difficult increases the chances of fish kills due to plant die-offs Selective Fishing Only Bass are caught Only Large Bream are removed Pond Renovation:  Pond Renovation Recommended for ponds with: Stunted fish populations Too many problem fish Excessive weed growth and decomposing organic material

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