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Published on March 6, 2008

Author: Octavio


Developing & Implementing the Virtual Carrier for CVN 21:  Developing & Implementing the Virtual Carrier for CVN 21 John Fisher CVN 21 MS&A IPT Lead 8 May 2007 Slide2:  CVN 21 Program Ship Improvements Zonal Electrical Distribution System New Propulsion Plants New Propulsion/Electric Plant All Electric Aux Services 4 EMALS #4 CAT Unrestricted Aircraft Elevators (3) Stbd Sponson Redesign Hangar Bays (2) Enlarged Flight Deck Footprint “Pit Stop” Advanced Arresting Gear Enhanced Flight Deck DBR Smaller Island Re-Positioned Aft & Outboard Composite Mast with Clamp Antenna JPALS Integrated Island Improved Survivability Dynamic Armor Protection Underwater Protection ESSM Enhanced Ship Self Defense Advanced Weapons Elevators Improved Weapon & Material Handling Heavy UNREP KPP CVN 21 Sustained SGR Surge SGR Service Life Allowance Interoperability Electrical Capacity Manpower Threshold 160 270 5%Wt / 1.5 ft KG Attain Critical IERs 2.5X NIMITZ 500 reduction Objective 220 310 7.5%Wt /2.5 ft KG Attain all IERs 3.0 X NIMITZ 900 reduction Design Reference Mission (DRM) :  Establishes 30-day Sustained and 4-day Surge Air Plans as basis for design assessment and testing Sponsored by OPNAV N885 Developed in the context of the Major Combat Operation (MCO) scenarios using an augmented 75 A/C CVW Scalable to provide reach beyond the CVN-21 SGR KPP threshold toward the objective Sustained: 160 – 220 Surge: 270 – 310 DRM assumptions intended to stress flight deck and drive ship design Simplifying assumptions (No MX Failures or bolters, etc.) Ideal environmental conditions Design Reference Mission (DRM) Average Sorties per Day Virtual Carrier Requirements:  Virtual Carrier Requirements Represent, in a Modeling & Simulation Environment, the aviation operations functions, processes, organizations, personnel, systems, elements and components of the CVN 78 class that must interact to successfully achieve required sortie generation capabilities of the Air Wing to effect the missions assigned to the carrier. M&S Implements Flight Deck Operations Air Dept/Weapons Dept/Air Wing Interactions:  Enlarged Flight Deck Footprint "Pit stop" Advanced Arresting Gear Three Aircraft Elevators Electromagnetic Aircraft Launching System M&S Implements Flight Deck Operations Air Dept/Weapons Dept/Air Wing Interactions Video Clip of Flight Deck:  Video Clip of Flight Deck Slide7:  Upper Stage Elevator To Flight Deck 02 Level Weapons Handling Area ~ ~ Human Amplification Technology Dedicated Weapons Handling Areas M&S Implements Below Deck Operations Air Dept/Weapons Dept/AIMD/Supply/Air Wing/Ops Dept Interactions Advanced Weapons Elevators Improved Weapons Throughput/Sortie Generation Rate Reduced Manpower Improved Weapons Throughput/Sortie Generation Rate 70% Greater Weight Capacity 20% Larger Platform Reduced Manpower & Maintenance Improved Weapons Throughput/Sortie Generation Rate Reduced Manpower Lower Stage Elevator from Magazines to O2 Staging Area Lower Stage Elevator Ordnance Magazines Weapons Handling Area Upper Stage “Express” Elevator Product Model Interface to Drive 3D Visualization:  Product Model Interface to Drive 3D Visualization 02 Level Weapons Handling Area Processes PEO Carriers – SGR T&E Study:  PEO Carriers – SGR T&E Study An appropriate M&S strategy may bridge the gap between attainable live test opportunities and measuring SGR for the full DRM Future Carrier Program Office with COMOPTEVFOR, study of methodologies for testing SGR using a virtual carrier M&S environment Establish options and cost for mixtures of live test with use of M&S to support IOT&E for SGR KPP COTF/CNAF/CSFTGL/CNA/DOT&E provided support Execution of full SGR DRM for OT will cost over $200M Study established that live test data from scheduled COMTUEX can be used to support M&S validation of SGR KPP for the entire DRM Virtual Carrier Applications (Documented in T&E Master Plan):  Virtual Carrier Applications (Documented in T&E Master Plan) Slide11:  Product Development Flow & Configuration Management Summary – Virtual Carrier M&S Environment:  Summary – Virtual Carrier M&S Environment Virtual Carrier has been developed in 4 six month spirals since 2005 SGR M&S applications have focused on design issues (to date) Verifying SGR capabilities – SGRA # 3 – 6 Part of design contract incentive award for KPP M&S environment has been continually improved over two years Accomplished various design studies during 2005 - 2006 EMALS Cycle Time Fuel Station Locations Catapult Utilization Weapons Elevator Utilization Underway Replenishment Deconfliction (Strike-Up/Strike-Down) Future SGR M&S applications will enhance operational realism, manpower assessment and simulation/stimulation of Aviation C2 Significant enhancement to testing, thereby greatly reducing cost and improving safety Slide13:  Questions

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