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Information about fish and shellfish

Published on March 10, 2009

Author: nutr245lab


Fish and Seafood Lab:  Fish and Seafood Lab Slide2:  FIGURE 8-1 Classification of Fish FISH COMPOSITION:  FISH COMPOSITION Structure of Finfish Tenderness 3% Collagen Amino Acid Content Less Hydroxyproline Collagen @ Lower Temperature Converts to Gelatin Muscle Structure Characteristic Flakiness FISH COMPOSITION:  FISH COMPOSITION Myotomes Layers of Short Fibers in Fish Muscle Myocommata Large Sheets of Very Thin Connective Tissue Separating the Myotomes FIGURE 8-2 Fish muscle, unlike other meats, is arranged in layers of short fibers (myotomes) separated by very thin sheets (myocommata) FISH PURCHASING:  FISH PURCHASING Fish Purchased Fresh or Frozen as Whole Drawn Dressed Steaks Fillets Sticks FISH PURCHASING:  FISH PURCHASING Determining Freshness of Fish Sniff Test “Fresh Fish” Aroma Tight Scales Firm Flesh Stiff Body Red Gills Belly Free of Swelling or Gas FISH PURCHASING:  FISH PURCHASING Signs of Decay Flat Concave Eyes Gray Creamy Brown Pupil Opaque Discolored Cornea Brown Gills Gaping, Figure 8-4 Separation of Fish Flesh Into Flakes Occurs As Steak or Fillet Ages Aging Rough Handling FIGURE 8-4 A badly gaping fish fillet FISH PURCHASING:  FISH PURCHASING Surimi Japanese For “Minced Meat,” Fabricated Fish Product - Alaskan Pollack, Deep-sea Whitefish, Skinned, Deboned, Minced, Washed, Strained, Shaped Into Pieces to Resemble Crab, Shrimp, Or Scallops. FIGURE 8-6 Surimi Products FISH AND SHELLFISH PREPARATION:  FISH AND SHELLFISH PREPARATION Dry-Heat Preparation Baking Broiling Grilling Frying Sautéed Deep-Fried Moist-Heat Preparation Poaching Simmering Steaming Microwaving Determining Doneness Flakes Easily FISH AND SHELLFISH STORAGE:  FISH AND SHELLFISH STORAGE Fresh Fish Best Consumed 1-2 Days of Purchase Store In Coldest Portion of Refrigerator <40°F Wrap Tightly to Prevent Odors from Coming In Contact w/ Other Foods Fresh Shellfish Consume the Day Purchased See Inside Back Cover of Text Storage Requirements Vary FISH AND SHELLFISH STORAGE:  FISH AND SHELLFISH STORAGE Freezing Reduction In Quality Dryer Tougher Less Springy Less Flavorful

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