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Published on February 19, 2014

Author: scottiebales1



I headed to Kuala Lumpur to work with FS Tech player Fiserv on their Asia Conference. A great group of bankers converged on the city for some thought leadership and collaborative discussions

r u ready? 4 Isaac Scott Bales @ScottEBales | @scottebales

Broken Industries @scottebales

have banks changed in 100 years? @scottebales

still carrying a pouch of gold coins? @scottebales

money is digital @scottebales @scottebales

Transparency exclusion & outrage @scottebales

CRED is about transparency transparency & trust gone @scottebales

voluntary exclusion @scottebales

26%  pa 2009   2013   261Bn 672Bn product of choice @scottebales

We Can’t Do That... regulator not told us what to do we target high net worth customer want branches no case for mobile blind & dependent @scottebales

Isaac Lim D.O.B. 29 Jun 2007 @scottebales @scottebales @scottebales @scottebales @scottebales @scottebales @scottebales @scottebales @scottebales @scottebales @scottebales @scottebales

17 @scottebales

Isaac Lim D.O.B. 29 Jun 2007 2023 @scottebales

Timmy D.O.B. 21 Nov 2000 2016 @scottebales

Isabelle D.O.B. 4 Sept 1998 2014 D.O.B. Ethan 10 Nov 2001 2017 @scottebales

The New Consumer @scottebales

natively digital consumers @scottebales @scottebales @scottebales

opinion democratized @scottebales @scottebales

shaping expectations @scottebales

50 days 35 days @scottebales

modality shift @scottebales

F#$% that!.. 2016 ...your saying I have to go to a branch to open an WHY? #WTF Why do I have to go into a branch to open an account with @HSBC #frustrated timmyterror2000 Timmy Terror @scottebales @scottebales @scottebales

Disruption @scottebales

1m users $5.5m per day $15Bn annually 1/8th of all US
 merchants! 7000 disruptors now mainstream @scottebales

changing experiences @scottebales @scottebales

 2011 $12Bn 2012 $20Bn 2013 @scottebales

mobile is mainstream @scottebales

customers have influence @scottebales

time to believe @scottebales

Broken Banks What should we be doing? The New Consumer Disruption A New Approach Transformation @scottebales @scottebales

time to take a different approach @scottebales

technology is your business @scottebales

mobility utilities @scottebales @scottebales

life integrated @scottebales

context aware @scottebales

experiences, not products @scottebales

empower lifestyle @scottebales

anytime... @scottebales

anywhere... @scottebales

Asia 80% 4x 50%+ 96%+ 85% 3.2 Mobile Penetration PC Ownership Smart Phones Mobile Key To Banking 87% 87% 80% 75% 89% 1st Time Smartphone Buyers primed for success Transaction Done Outside Branches Of Global Middle Class Growth In Asia billion Middle Class in Asia by 2020 @scottebales

Online& %( Offline& %( Searched(for(informa.on(on(that(product(generally( 73( 27( Researched(products(available(from(brands(familiar(with( 72( 24( Read(reviews(/(forums( 72( 15( Bookmarked(sites(that(were(useful( 69( 12( Found(out(about(new(providers(you(had(not(previously(heard(of( 66( 24( Learned(new(things(about(the(product(which(you(had(not(known( 65( 30( Compared(two(or(more(products(to(refine(your(choice( 63( 32( Looked(for(special(deals/(offers( 61( 36( Obtained(a(quote(for(your(situa.on( 45( 48( Kept(informa.on(E(eg(printed(out(info(/(collected(leaflets( 44( 48( Used(calculators,(eg(to(es.mate(repayments/amount(saved( 28( 65( Spent(more(than( one(day( researching( financial(products( 46%(( online vs offline @scottebales

e-payment gateways and other mobilerelated activities like mbanking are yet to become accessible. unleash Asian nature friends helping friends 40%(and growing) of more locally-made product research smartphone apps to happening online on appear – for things like sources of information online shopping, gaming, not controlled by a local information bank digital underbanked still huge opportunity key market gaps @scottebales

knows product intent 6 months in advance (Cards, Loans & Mortgages) @scottebales

Transformation @scottebales

W H AT TA K E S Y O U 6 MONTHS TOOK ME 3 DAYS avoid wastage & succeed faster @scottebales

new methods @scottebales

user centered design & ideation @scottebales

Keep Calm & Get Out Of The Building you cant solve real problems at a desk @scottebales

Customer Problem Solution @scottebales

join the conversation, learn @scottebales

get out of the building + understand consumers find a problem your passionate about create experiences, not products build, measure & learn find a digital mentor @scottebales

keep learning @scottebales @scottebales

We need to talk about Isaac @scottebales @scottebales @scottebales

#wtf presentations

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