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Published on May 29, 2014

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The 2014 FirstPartner Data-Driven Marketing Market Map provides an overview of the processes and key players behind the use of consumer data for marketing purposes. The map highlights important trends in the collection and analysis of consumer data and describes how companies are using data to drive marketing initiatives and increase ROI.
The map includes a visual overview of approaches to data collection and analysis, such as by retailers, the data processing ecosystem and the digital advertising ecosystem. It also gives a brief insight into the technologies enabling data processing and discusses the main concerns around the debate on data protection and privacy.
FirstPartner is an independent research and proposition development company specialising in areas including Payments, Mobile Advertising, Mobile Value Added Services and M2M. For more information click on the “Get in touch” button or visit to download a free copy of the map.

Payment Processing Retail & Commerce PoS Software e-Commerce Platforms Retail Management & Logistics Retail 2014 Data Driven Marketing Uses of Data Digital Advertising & Marketing Introduction Consumers are leaving an increasingly rich digital trail as they navigate their on-line, mobile and off-line worlds. The ability of companies to gather, analyse and act on this data is now at the heart of consumer marketing and customer service. This promises more meaningful customer relationships, greater convenience and significant improvements in marketing efficiency. It also brings concerns of privacy infringement. This Market Map summarises the rapidly evolving ecosystem underpinning and driven by marketing“Big Data”. Consumer Big Data Trends (1) DDMI 2013 (2) SAS 2012 (3) IDC 2013 (4) BIA Kelsey 2012 75% Of Marketers worldwide use consumer data to drive marketing initiatives (6) $156Bn The revenues provided by Data-Driven Marketing Economy in the US in 2012 alone (1) $20.8Bn will be spent annually on RTB worldwide in 2017 with 51% CAGR from 2012(3) UK Digital Advertising Spend in 2013(5) 8X The ROI on marketing spend can be delivered by personalized advertise- ments (7) $5.8Bn Location-based ads spend will account for by 2016, up from 664M in 2011 (4) Consumer Behaviour Drives Data How Consumers are Profiled The Data Mix Data describing multiple consumer characteristics are combined to create profiles or segments. These are used to identify and target audiences for display advertising and personalised customer communica- tions. Combining Sources to Build Profiles Data Providers & Aggregators Profiles & Segments First Party Data Third Party Data - CRM - Purchase History - Marketing Preference - Loyalty - Socio Demographic - Additional Purchase - Financial On-line Mobile & Location On-line and off-line data from 1st and 3rd party sources are combined to provide rich profiles of target segments. Third party DMPs are increasingly used Data Processing Ecosystem Privacy & Regulation - Segmentation - Micro-segmentation - Store Clustering - Basket Analysis - In-store Behaviour Analysis Shopper Analytics - Media Audit - Brand Performance - Brand Awareness - Media Mix Optimization - Campaign Effectiveness - Tactics Optimization Brand Marketing Analytics - Clickstream - Visitor Tracking - Closed-loop Marketing Analysis - Cross-channel Monitoring - Lifetime Value Analysis - Social Media Sentiment Digital Analytics - Portfolio Optimization - Assortment Optimization - Space Optimization - Adjacency Placement - Demand-based Store Clustering Assortment and Store Space Analytics - Cost to Serve - Margin Leakage - Base Volume - Price Elasticity - Shelf Price Threshold - Price Gap Optimization Pricing and Promotion Analytics - Product channel segmentation - Distributor Segmentation - Sales Channel Strategy - Sales Force Optimization - Trading Partner Collaboration - Location-based up/cross-selling Channel Management Analytics - Demand Prediction - In-Store Activity Optimization - Broker Performance - Supply Chain Performance - Route Optimization - Compliance Monitoring Retail Execution Analytics Marketing RoI Improvement Revenue Growth Customer Satisfaction Brand Management Cost Reduction Operational Improvement Business Objectives Analysis Techniques Data Driven Marketers Balancing the tension between commerce, the individual & governance Regulator View Key aspects from different international perspectives The European Commission’s proposal on EU-wide data protection reform is targeted for agreement before the end of 2014. The reform is based on the following principles: - One Continent, one Law - Single regulation for the whole EU - One-stop-shop - Single authority to deal with within the EU - Not tied to companies’establishment - Same rules for EU & non-EU firms. EU harmonisation aims to reduce business compliance costs (estimated £1.9bn yearly), however, the legislation will restrict the ways in which personal data is used for marketing & create challenges for global companies operating in more liberal data regimes such as the US. The United States has a 'sectoral' approach to DP which relies on a combination of legislation, regulation, and self-regulation. While certain sectors may already satisfy the EU Directive, at least in part, some do not. The European Commission has responded to 2013 revelations of widespread surveillance by the US NSA with calls for strengthening of US data protection provisions. Consumers appear prepared to trade pricy for benefits with 81% happy to receive tailored offers based on items bought or viewed (Deloitte). Younger people more readily share their personal information online than adults, especially in exchange for free services. They are less concerned about companies sharing their data with 3rd parties and 31% declare they do not read privacy statements (Eurobarometer). Data driven marketing promises advertisers and retailers improved cross-selling and marketing RoI but there are risks. In addition to increasingly stringent European compliance, 85% of sellers agree that any significant breach in data security would seriously harm customer relationships and reputations (Forbes Insight). Media & Entertainmente-commerce Financial Services FMCG Travel Publishers Agencies Sell Side Platforms & Exchanges Demand Side Platforms Ad Networks Ad Servers Targeting Enabled Information Commissioner’s Office (UK) European Data Protection Supervisor EU Member’s Privacy Supervisory Data Management Platforms (DMPs) Retail Operations Brand Marketing Analytics Regulatory Bodies Key Institution with regulative power on Data Protection and Advertisements Enterprise Resource Planning Type of Information PersonallyIdentifiableData Mobile & Location 6X More time was spent on Retailer’s apps in Dec 2013 compared t Dec 2012(8) $6.3Bn Preferences Social Media Demographic Financial Purchase History Biometrics Location Media Consumption Web Browsing Direct email Basic Targeting General Segment Targeting Micro segmentation Geo-Targeting Content Targeting Real Target Ads Up-selling & Loyalty Rewards Consumer View Privacy vs. Opportunities Commercial View Marketing Efficiency & Customer Satisfaction Federal Trade Commission (US) US Department of Commerce Campaign Analytics & Planning Audience TargetingDigital Media AnalyticsRetail Analytics Technology Enablers Critical Technologies underpinning the analytics ecosystem Open source massively scalable database technology Hadoop Open source database management distributed system Cassandra Distributed data storage system developed by Amazon Dynamo Databases that do not store data in tables Non-SQL Databases Scalable computing resources provided as a network service Cloud Computing Technologies designed to process large real-time streams of events Stream Processing Digital & Social Compositionof the DigitalTrail produced by an Average UK Consumer Subscription & Preferences Social Media & Communication Demographic Financial Purchasing History Biometrics and Health Location Media Consumption WebBrowsing 84% 80% Of smartphone owners want more mobile-optimized product information while they’re shopping in stores (3) 95% Of shoppers own at least one loyalty card and 88.2% regularly use loyalty cards when shopping. (2) 89% Of Consumers agree they want to be in control of their online privacy (4) 37% Of UK Internet users are not aware of Cookies (4) Of Online shoppers use at least one social media site with Facebook being by far the most popular (1) Sources (1) comScore 2013 (2) SAS 2013 (3) Moosylvania 2013 (4) iab 2013 Retail, Financial & Demographic Tracking Service Providers Cookies have until now dominated online tracking. The rise of multiple browsers, mobile devices, and user privacy concerns limit their effectiveness. Apple, Google and Microsoft are developing proprietary alternatives. The dominance of these players in browsers and apps could make them “tracking gatekeepers” with consequences for privacy and data neutrality. Forecast value of economic benefits produced by Data-driven improvements in customer marketing, in the period 2012-17 (2) $73.8Bn Web Browsing & Search Tracking - Cookies - Ad Preferences - Mouseovers - Clickthrough - Word Search - Visiting Time Demographics & Lifestyle - Age, and Gender - Marital Status - Income - Interests - Leisure Activity - Job Mobile Usage - Voice & Text Logs - Geolocalization - m-Shopping - m-Financials - Media Sharings - Social Activity Purchasing Activity - Time , Day, Freq - Location - Brand Preference - Store Preference - Loyalty Data - Cart assortment Media Consumption - TV & Movie - Media on Demand - News & e-learning - Music - Entertainment -Social Media Profile & Activity Financial Data - Credit History - Cards Transaction - m-wallet - Location - Trends - Exps Category Data Collection Approaches AnonymousData (5) iab/PWC 2013 (6) Teradata 2013 (7) McKinsey 2013 (8) Flurry 2013 Sources Paid for Search Advertising Spend in UK in 2013(5) $3.5Bn Loyalty & Promotions Third Party Loyalty Services Providers White-Label Loyalty Service ProvidersProprietary Loyalty Programmes Privacy Protection Bodies Schemes Tracking Control Data Control FirstPartnerMarket Insight Proposition Development Product Launch Customer Engagement Andrea Pepe Research Analyst +44 (0) 870 874 8700 @firstpartner Like what you see? Contact us for in-depth insight into your target markets! Contacts Author FirstPartner EVALUATION COPY

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