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Published on February 20, 2014

Author: MarcoleviCD


Floorshot copying Buffy vampire scene (vampire (marc’s) legs intruding the frame up close from behind with victim (Olivia) in frame between legs as she’s opening corridor doors having victim appear far away Medium shot of Victim/olivia opening corridor doors (Use tripod) Medium straight-on shot of Olivia as she’s walking down corridor

Medium-close-up of olivia with Marc in a medium long shot close behind but him on the right blurred out n then hiding in the side of the elevator Long shot of Olivia further down in corridor looking back because she heard something POV/Long shot all the way down corridor of nothing

As olivia turns round to carry on walking move camera to left hand side to show Marc hiding behind the wall where he was out of sight Camera floor shot showing vampire come out of hiding and approaching closely behind Olivia who will obviously be closer up in frame as she will be further ahead of him in the corridor

Medium shot of Olivia from behind putting out her hand behind her Medium close up of arms/hands reaching out to eachother and grabbing hold Exact same Medium shot from behind of Olivia instructing Marc by holding his hand to the door

Shot’s that we did in Preliminary to show the opening of the door and the other shots we’ve already got of what happens inside, just need A close-up shot of victim unbuckling belt & shots of vampire teeth to do flip back editing shits of vampire teeth/pen falling which should add on the 8 seconds we needed

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