First Impressions Matter: LeanUX Design of Landing Page #2

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Information about First Impressions Matter: LeanUX Design of Landing Page #2

Published on December 14, 2013

Author: kazumichisakata



My talk from Lean Startup Machine Tokyo 2013 held Dec. 13th - 15th.

First Impressions Matter: LeanUX Design of Landing Page ‘13 @mariosakata (Courtesy of Jefrey Bulla) Lean Startup Machine Tokyo | Dec 13th-15th 2013

User Experience & User Experience Design

What’s the point? UX Design is NOT new

What’s the point? UX Design is NOT time consuming

What’s the point? UX Design IS added value

What’s the point? KNOW the User ⌃ UNDERSTAND

What’s the point? Think in their WORKFLOW

What’s the point? Speak in their LANGUAGE

Why? •  There is an intended behavior we want to create. •  We have no direct control over user behavior. •  Design gives us means to control the contextual environment and evaluate the resulting effect.

Why? “Customers don’t care about your solution. They care about their problems.” - @davemcclure

First Touchpoint Experience Customers are increasingly using the web as first touchpoint. *Winning  the  Zero  Moment  of  Truth  (ZMOT)   First impressions are 94% design related; positive first impressions lead to higher satisfaction. *Persuasive  Design  of  Des:na:on  Web  Sites:  An  Analysis  of  First  Impression   *Users  love  simple  and  familiar  designs  –  Why  website  need  to  make  great  first  impression  

“Powers of 10” 0.1sec: Form first impression about a website. 1sec: Stay focused on their current train of thought. 10sec: Often leave the website. 1min: Able to complete simple task. 10min: Long visit to a website. (Cont’d) *Powers  of  10:  Time  Scales  in  User  Experience  

Starting Point of Journey *User  Experience  Journey  Map  

Create & Encourage Emotional Connection Build ‘Memorable’ Website

Create & Encourage Emotional Connection What’s ‘Memorable’?

Create & Encourage Emotional Connection Attractive *Plutchik’s  Emo:on  Wheel  

Create & Encourage Emotional Connection Useful

Create & Encourage Emotional Connection Empathy

‘Emotional’ Landing Page




Simplified Layout Headline •  Key Benefit •  Key Benefit •  Key Benefit Social Proof Large Graphic ççèè         éé           êê           Call-to-Action

Headline First thing read for customers to search for specific solution to their problem. *Airbnb   Big Picture Hypothesis = Solution Hypothesis = Value Proposition

Key Benefits How does your product or service benefit the customer? *Instagram  

Large Graphic Image high-lighting product and conveys happy customer experience. *Square  

Social Proof Social networks to establish credibility and trust by building multitouchpoints.

Call-to-Action Solicit one clear action that tests your riskiest assumptions. *Flickr   Total number and ratio of early adaptors, interests, etc.

Questions to be answered Stimulus Awareness Relevance Who is this for? How long will this take? What should I do next? Where should I go next? How should I do it? *ARCS  Model   Confidence Satisfaction

Lean Startup + User Experience

LeanUX *  LiU  of  Pi  

LeanUX LeanUX book is coming out in Japanese next month!

LeanUX Thinking Collaborative, Transparent, and Demystify.

LeanUX Thinking Documents don’t solve customer solutions.

LeanUX Thinking Build the right ‘it’ before build ‘it’ right.

Make An Assumption of Your Customers Name and Picture What does the persona look like? What’s the persona’s name? Characteristics What are the persona’s relevant characteristics? Need and Pain Why the persona want to use the product ? *Persona  Sets  

Make An Assumption of Your Customers

Test Your Ideas *Lean  ways  to  test  your  new  business  idea  

Test Your Ideas

How’s his/her journey? *User  Experience  Journey  Map  

Don’t blow it •  The headline is everything and will probably have the biggest impact on conversions—A/B Split Test the Headline. •  Don’t speak about your product or function, speak about your vision. •  Don’t be lazy about the page design. Polish = Credibility. •  People don’t read. Keep copy clear & concise.

Memorable Landing Page Attractive Makes you feel… Useful Helps you do… Empathy Says about your…

CPS Evaluation Problem Change Hypothesis KPI Setting Points of Improvement No Data Make an assumption Planning With Data Identify pattern Customer Change Target User Success! Solution Pivot or Die Hypothesis User Research Planning Execute Evaluation

First Impressions Matter: LeanUX Design of Landing Page @mariosakata

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