First Impressions...make your emails stand out from your competition.

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Information about First Impressions...make your emails stand out from your competition.

Published on March 6, 2014

Author: MarvinAzzopardi



With all the Buzz about social media, building communities and personal branding these days, many have forgotten the value of FIRST Impressions. Make communications with your customers have a lasting impression.

Introducing one easy-to-use tool for ALL of your communications needs! WOW your customers and communities with personalized emails, newsletters and printed cards! Create an IMAGE that represents YOUR Personal Brand...make your FIRST Impression a lasting one! - Marvin Azzopardi

Marvin Azzopardi ! West: 949-734-0470 East: 248-325-8118 ! Powered by TM

Email is 40x ! ! ! more effective than Facebook or Twitter Custora, E-Commerce Customer Acquistion Snapshot, 2013: McKinsey iConsumer Survey, 2012

And growing!

Everyone knows the 7-10 Touch Rule

On average, closing a sale requires 7-10 touches before prospects buy, 
 The average salesperson, however, quits 
 after just 2-3.

How many touches do your 
 salespeople average before they 
 move on to the next prospect?

How many touches do your 
 salespeople average before they 
 move on to the next prospect? Why do they quit so soon?

What would happen to sales if your salespeople had the full spectrum of creative content needed to persist to 7-10 touches? 

Most salespeople follow up like this.

Problem is, so does everyone else!

When they could be standing out and following up like this.

Same basic message Totally different impression and outcome

‘Fisher-Price’ ease of use makes creating and sending easy as an every day email.

How many of your sales team members stand out, follow up, stay-intouch, and build relationships at this level?

If there was an affordable, easyto-use, tool to help them all be there tomorrow, what impact would that have
 in your business?

Now what if that tool did far more than create engaging messages that helped your team differentiate themselves from your competitors?

Engagement Qualifying Web Presence Referrals Trackable Lead Generation Stay-In-Touch Follow Up

How is it different than Constant Contact?

Constant Contact average
 use: once a 
 month. Calendar Month

Constant Contact average
 use: once a 
 month. Ace of Sales average use: 20 times per month. Calendar Month

Both are vehicles. But they’re build for different tasks!

Ace of Sales is built to help salespeople build relationships faster with the outcome being more sales.

This is what we’re doing for sales teams and businesses like yours. ! Here’s what it looks like...

Choose from jam-packed galleries of email greetings

Easily create and customize your own branded emails

 can be built in 5 minutes

Mobile- Optimized ! interface makes 
 for easy, fast communication on the go

Track who opened your emails and when

Activate your Website in seconds for sales teams

Custom printed greetings and postcards

1,000+ custom designs and multiple sizes Printed & mailed for you

Mobile-friendly Opt-in forms 
 anyone can 
 master for 
 your lead generation

Share your custom greeting designs Copy & paste your code from Ace of Sales: b f 3 76 9 8 4 a c a 515 a s 3 s s a a

An elegant full contact manager

We create plug-ins for CRMs. We offer ongoing training for your team. We create custom content. Back-end manager for corporate/ compliance. We can be up and running quickly!

Now that you’ve seen a tool that enables all your salespeople to stand out, follow up , stay in touch, and build relationships easily, what impact do you think it would
 have on your sales and business? Powered by TM

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