FIRST Case Study: EziBuy gains better data for better decisions with Google Analytics

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Published on March 5, 2014

Author: firstnz



► Campaign Objectives: Make full use of the Google Analytics tracking solution to accurately track and measure online activity to enable smarter business decisions
► Approach and Outcomes: ► E-Commerce Tracking ► Tracking new & existing customers separately ► Extensive Channel Tagging ► Custom Reporting Dashboards ► Google Analytics + SAP Integration ► Powerful Funnel Tracking ► Understand Acquisition by Referrer ► Mobile user Tracking ► Google Tag Manager (GTM) Implementation

EZIBUY CASE STUDY EZIBUY GAINS BETTER DATA FOR BETTER DECISIONS WITH GOOGLE ANALYTICS EziBuy, purchased by Woolworths for $350M in 2013, is a leading multi-channel retailer offering fashion clothing and home decor in Australasia. FIRST has been working with EziBuy continuously since 2005 to optimise the return from digital channels, driving significant new customer and revenue growth for EziBuy. Leveraging the Google Analytics global partner network (GACP), FIRST has configured Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager (GTM) for best practice. CAMPAIGN OBJECTIVES Make full use of the Google Analytics tracking solution to accurately track and measure online activity to enable smarter business decisions. An accurate analytics implementation along with FIRST’s smart, analytical decision support is crucial for EziBuy to understand which digital channels provide the highest and best return for EziBuy’s marketing investment. EziBuy customers can purchase from EziBuy’s NZ and AU websites, a multi national contact centre, or from one of EziBuy’s New Zealand retail stores. CAMPAIGN OBJECTIVES EziBuy understood early on that robust, end-to-end visitor tracking is a key requirement for better E-Commerce decision making, as well as understanding a customer’s first visit purchase behaviour better and carrying out life-time value (LTV) customer analysis. EziBuy also desired to track new customers separate from existing customers, to understand the different behaviours and purchasing habits to enable the creation and optimisation of segment-specific promotional messages and marketing initiatives. WWW.FIRSTDIGITAL.CO.NZ WWW.FIRST.COM.AU Level 5, 55 Anzac Avenue, PO Box 106 357 Auckland 1010, New Zealand +64 (9) 920 1740 Level 2, 181 Riley Street, Darlinghurst Sydney NSW 2010, Australia +61 (2) 9339 6747

EZIBUY CASE STUDY | 02 APPROACH & OUTCOMES FIRST, a Google Analytics Certified Partner (GACP), has heavily customised Google Analytics for EziBuy to meet their desired objectives: E-COMMERCE TRACKING. CUSTOM REPORTING DASHBOARDS. Understanding the revenue contribution of the various online channels was vitally important to EziBuy. Full conversion and E-Commerce tracking was implemented resulting in an accurate understanding of the number of sales, transactions and revenue. TRACKING NEW & EXISTING CUSTOMERS SEPARATELY. Extensions were made to the standard tracking format that not only allowed for the tracking of sales, but also for differentiation of new and existing customers. This has resulted in a more accurate understanding of how online marketing was accelerating new customer acquisition and to what extent retention marketing initiatives were delivering on set objectives. EXTENSIVE CHANNEL TAGGING. Given the myriad of ways to drive visitors to an E-Commerce store, it is critical to measure marketing effectiveness to ensure maximum impact. EziBuy utilises the Google Analytics UTM tagging system, following FIRST’s framework for tagging links from all external marketing campaigns. This has resulted in accurate channel-by-channel ROI analysis and has helped guide smart channel budget allocation for all campaigns, creating accountability for sales from both paid and non-paid visitors to the site. UTM tagging has also allowed EziBuy to identify which channels are helping to drive the most new customers and which are generating customers with a high LTV. Data is not information and not all information is actionable. Different stakeholders in the EziBuy business require different information from their online tracking solution. FIRST used the flexible Google Analytics reporting systems to set up customised dashboards for different stakeholders, ensuring that information needed the most to make critical decisions is always right at their fingertips. Data is most useful when it is effectively analysed and appropriate actions taken from the intelligence it provides! GOOGLE ANALYTICS + SAP INTEGRATION. FIRST extended the standard Google Analytics code to integrate with EziBuy's SAP-powered in-house Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. This integration of Google Analytics’ digital channel data with SAP’s customer-centric view across all channels (phone and store inclusive), has resulted in the entire organisation understanding the true value that digital is driving for the business. With the in-house CRM now leveraging Google Analytics’ channel referral data, EziBuy has gained a much more robust understanding of which channels are driving customer growth and customer life-time spending habits. This has resulted in better strategic decision making, leading to increased profits for the business. POWERFUL FUNNEL TRACKING. Understanding drop-off rates for the sales conversion channel is critically important. This is true for existing customers, but is especially true for new customers. Using Google Analytics’ powerful Goal and Funnel system, FIRST worked with EziBuy to implement an accurate way of measuring the progress of different customer types through the conversion process, including the PayPal merchant gateway. This data was used to make improvements to the funnel process, directly improving the bottom line results. WWW.FIRSTDIGITAL.CO.NZ WWW.FIRST.COM.AU Level 5, 55 Anzac Avenue, PO Box 106 357 Auckland 1010, New Zealand +64 (9) 920 1740 Level 2, 181 Riley Street, Darlinghurst Sydney NSW 2010, Australia +61 (2) 9339 6747

EZIBUY CASE STUDY | 03 UNDERSTAND ACQUISITION BY REFERRER. FIRST's extended analytics script (“acquisition by referrer”) records the original medium that brought the visitor to the website which resulted in a conversion (or acquisition) during that visit or any other future visit. FIRST further grew the value that Analytics added to the business by allowing for more accurate new customer CPA calculations and also for a better understanding of crosschannel conversion attribution. MOBILE USER TRACKING. EziBuy’s mobile site launch required FIRST to provide best practice tracking of mobile devices. FIRST’s mobile tracking solution provides EziBuy with an understanding of its customer’s smartphone usage and multiscreen behaviours. FIRST ensured that mobile revenue and channel revenue contribution can be tracked both separately and concurrently to the main Google Analytics view (profile). FIRST has worked with EziBuy extensively to create a datadriven culture resulting in better, data-driven decision making. Relying on Google Analytics for better marketing decisions ensures digital budget allocation is based on actionable insights resulting in EziBuy’s marketing investment being directed into digital strategies that yield the greatest returns for the business. Without a tracking solution like Google Analytics correctly implemented, it is impossible to ascertain the true effectiveness of your marketing. Your business is therefore missing out on vital information on what is really working, and what is not. Companies can no longer afford to play a guessing game when it comes to marketing effectiveness, especially online. Find out how Google Analytics and FIRST’s analytics consulting expertise can assist your business with better decision making and strategic digital campaign execution. GOOGLE TAG MANAGER (GTM) IMPLEMENTATION. FIRST has carried out a best practice implementation of GTM and has in the process migrated third party tags from search, display, shopping comparison, affiliate, ratings and review, and retargeting systems into the GTM framework. This has created efficiencies for the marketing team for tag management by accelerating time-to-deployment for new tags: IT involvement is no longer required. FIRST have worked with us for almost ten years to deliver smarter digital marketing and they remain integral to our marketing processes, essentially acting as an extension of our own in-house resource and expertise. Our advanced implementation of Google Analytics enables data-driven decision making which in turn drives greater returns for our business.” EMMA THOMAS Ecommerce Manager WWW.FIRSTDIGITAL.CO.NZ WWW.FIRST.COM.AU Level 5, 55 Anzac Avenue, PO Box 106 357 Auckland 1010, New Zealand +64 (9) 920 1740 Level 2, 181 Riley Street, Darlinghurst Sydney NSW 2010, Australia +61 (2) 9339 6747

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