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Published on February 18, 2014

Author: CoachNJ



Create a fired up Linkedin Profile Power Point Presentation.

Fire Up Your Linkedin Profile How to Use Your Profile as a Marketing Tool

Your Profile as a Marketing Tool Your Profile is an effective marketing tool for your business or job search. Using social media to build relationships takes time and planning, but there is no financial cost and there are many rewards.

We Want to Be Social “ swim in water, humans swim in a social context.” Dick Bolles, What Color is Your Parachute 2012.

Who Needs Linkedin? Job seekers  Entrepreneurs  Freelancers  Recruiters  Employers  Career professionals 

Career Professionals Use Social Media To stay up-to-date on current economic and employment trends.  Connect with other career professionals.  Share career information.  Assist clients on how to use Linkedin for career development. 

Define Who You Are Besides showing your expertise and building your networking skills you will be forced to define who you are as an entrepreneur or job seeker.

Introduce Yourself Group Activity Introduce yourself to the group with these prompts:  First name  A strength  A skill  Something interesting about yourself In small groups or as a group activity, ask each person what they remember about someone in the group. If there is time, ask why they remembered.

Who is Your Primary Audience? Employer  Customer  Client  Colleague  Friends  You may be looking for a job while freelancing and going to school. Know your primary objective.

Know What You Want to Show Your Audience Product or service  Skills and experience  Education  Character  Values  Personality  Responsibility  Expertise in your career field 

Your Profile is Your Story Developing a profile is a process.  You learn to say what you are passionate about.  You can add or change anytime.  Use key words that are also useful for a resume.  Tell your story in different ways in each section. 

Linkedin Profile Elements Head shot  Headline  Summary  Experience  Education  Samples of your work  Associations/Business Connections  Recommendations 

Call to Action Whether your audience is a current or potential customer or a prospective employer, let them know what you want them to do next. Do you want them to:  read your blog  connect with you on social media  send you an email message Be sure to give your contact information where it is readily visible.

Write Your Profile      Clearly describe your product or service. Show what you can offer a customer or employer that no one else has. Share important values you bring to your job or business. List skills you have that are needed in your business or career field. Write something interesting about yourself that might connect you with your audience

Think About Your Purpose Build your network  Look for a job  Market your product or service  Find a business opportunity  Connect with associations and businesses 

What Can You Do With Your Profile? Increase your visibility to employers, customers, and clients.  Learn from other professionals.  Research companies of interest.  Demonstrate your skills and accomplishments.  See interest and responses to your profile. 

What can your profile do for you? Helps you define who your are and what you want for:  Resume  Cover letter  Business plan  About me page on website  Bio for articles/speeches/presentations 

Things to do on Linkedin Join groups of interest  Interact with discussions  Share your knowledge  Connect with people you know or have worked with ◦ Advice for Contacting Dick Bolles: Dick says: "Don't just say „I'd like to add you to my professional network.‟ Please take the time to tell me WHY you want to connect.” 

Social Media Social media tools when used well can expand your opportunities.  Places your resume, experiences, skills, and accomplishments in the forefront and shows you have current usable technology skills.  Level of engagement will depend on the career field and size of company of interest. 

Social Reputation      Maintain a professional reputation on social media. You never know who is connected to whom in your network. Everything you put on the internet leaves a footprint. Be aware of security and privacy policies, changes, scams, and issues. Enjoy networking, but remember the social sites are a business that will continue to find ways to market you and your network.

Personal Contact Personal contact and face-to-face conversations are still the best way to network and build relationships for work and business, but Linkedin is a professional social media tool for introductions and follow-up to enhance and expand your social network. Nancy J. Miller, M.S., Fire Up Your Profile For LifeWork Success

The best way to look for a job Go to meetings  Attend social events  Volunteer  Get training if needed  Meet people  Be ready for unexpected opportunities 

Prepare for the Unexpected “Do you ever wish that one day your telephone would ring and someone would be calling to offer you the perfect job?” from “Luck Is No Accident: Making the Most of Happenstance in Your Life and Career” Krumboltz& Levin Know the job you want and be prepared for work that needs to be done. Don‟t just sit in front of your computer and wait for the phone to ring. Connect and network!

Resources Fire Up Your Profile For LifeWork Success  What Color is Your Parachute? (2012) Richard N. Bolles  Luck Is No Accident: Making the Most of Happenstance in Your Life and Career (2004) J. Krumboltz, Ph.D. and A. Levin, Ed.D.  Career Thought Leaders  Quintessential Careers  

Career Association Information California Career Development Association website –  California Career Development Linkedin group  California Career Development Facebook page  National Career Development Association –  ◦ Career Convergence web magazine available to nonmembers ◦ Career Developments magazine for members ◦ Career Development Quarterly research based articles online for members National Career Development Association Linkedin group – must be a member  Li Slideshare – Social Media for Power Point Presentations  Li Cardmunch – Business card app that links to Linkedin profiles 

Fired Up Profile For more information and tools for creating a powerful profile go to:  Creative LifeWork Design  Fire Up Your Profile For LifeWork Success Amazon, Barnes & Noble Email Nancy:

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