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Information about FIRA ROBOCUP

Published on January 7, 2008

Author: Olivier


Slide1:  FIRA vs. RoboCup CS492a Lecture Note by Rhee, Taik-heon Computer Science Department KAIST Index:  Index Introduction FIRA & Robocup History Category Discussion Issues Summary Introduction:  Introduction 4th FIRA Robot Soccer World Cup Notre Dame school, Campinas, Brazil (Aug 4-8, 1999) MiroSot 1st : RobotIS (Korea) 2nd : SIOR (Korea) 3rd : SOTY IV (Korea) NaroSot 1st : RobotIS (Korea) 2nd : Y2K2 (Korea) 3rd : Olympus (Korea) Introduction:  Introduction RoboCup-99 Stockholm Stockholm City Conference Center, Stockholm, Sweden (Jul.27 - Aug. 6, 1999) Conjunction with IJCAI-99 Simulation League 1st : CMUnited-99 (USA) Small Size League 1st : The Big Red (USA) Middle Size League 1st : CS Sharif (Iran) Sony Legged Robot League 1st : Les 3 Mousquetaries (France) FIRA & RoboCup:  FIRA & RoboCup History Category History:  History 1995 - Idea of Robot Soccer Prof. Jong-Hwan Kim (KAIST) Micro-Robot World Cup Soccer Tournament (MiroSot) Int. Orignizing Committee for MiroSot (Sep., 1995) Pre-meeting on MiroSot Jul. 29 - Aug. 4, 1996, KAIST 30 teams from 13 countries Clear shape of MiroSot Rule FIRA 1st MiroSot:  1st MiroSot Nov. 9 - 12, 1996, KAIST 23 teams for 10 countries MiroSot Newton Research Lab. (USA) Single-MiroSot (S-MiroSot) Carnegie Mellon United Team (USA) Formulation of Soccer Robot FIRA history 2nd MiroSot:  2nd MiroSot Jun. 1 - 5, 1997, KAIST 22 teams for 9 countries MiroSot Newton Research Lab. (USA) OverDrive (MR, KAIST) S-MiroSot UFO (MaroTech, Korea) MIRAGE (KAIST) Development of vision technology Vision - 30(60) frames/sec. Beginning of FIRA FIRA history FIRA Robot World Cup:  FIRA Robot World Cup FIRA Robot World Cup ‘98 Jun. 30 - Jul. 3, 1998, La Cite de Sciences Industrie, Paris, France NaroSot (Nano-Robot World Cup Soccer Tournament) 1st : MIRO III (KAIST) S-KheperaSot (Khepera Robot) 1st : STATIC, (Univ. of Aarhus, Denmark) MiroSot Four FIRA regional championships 1st : The Keys (Human Interface Inc., Korea) Development of vision & motor technology vision - 60 frames/sec motor - 2m/sec FIRA Robot World Cup ‘99 FIRA history Category:  Category MiroSot NaroSot KheperaSot RaroSot FIRA MiroSot:  MiroSot 3 robots on 1 team Size : 7.5cm * 7.5cm * 7.5cm Ball : orange golf ball Playground : black wooden rectangular playground (150cm * 130cm * 5cm) Vision : global vision system (more than 2m above playground) FIRA category NaroSot:  NaroSot 5 robots on 1 team Size : 4cm * 4cm * 5.5cm Ball : orange table-tennis ball Playground , Vision : same as Mirosot FIRA category KheperaSot:  KheperaSot 3 robots on 1 team Ball : yellow tennis ball Playground : green playground (105cm * 68cm * 20cm) Robot : Khepera Robot Vision : K213 Vision Turret FIRA category RoboSot:  RoboSot 3 robots on 1 team Size : 15cm * 15cm * 30cm Ball : red roller-hockey ball Playground : black wooden rectangular playground (220cm * 150cm * 30cm) Vision : on the robot Under preparation FIRA category History:  History Jun. 1993 - Robot J-League Minoru Asada(Osaka Univ), Yasuo Kuniyoshi, Hiroaki Kitano(SONY) Robot World Cup (RoboCup) Sep. 1993 - first public announcement Minour Asada, Manuela Veloso(CMU) 1995 - first simulator for soccer games Itsuki Noda(ETL) C++ version soccer server v1.0 IJCAI-95 : first public demonstration 1996 - Pre-RoboCup-96 Nov. 4-8, 1996, Osaka, IROS-96 8 teams for simulation league, demonstration of middle size league Robocup RoboCup 97 Nagoya:  RoboCup 97 Nagoya Aug 23 - 29, 1997, Nagoya, Japan Conjuction with IJCAI-97 Simulator league 33 teams: USA=8, Europe=8, Australia=2, Japan=15 1st : AT Humboldt (Humboldt Univ., Germany) Small size robot league 4 teams : USA, France, Spain, Japan 1st : CMUnited (CMU, USA) Middle size robot league 5 teams : USA, Australia, Japan 1st : Dreamteam (USC, USA), Trakies(Osaka Univ., Japan) Expert Robot Exhibit RoboCup 98 Paris:  RoboCup 98 Paris Jul. 2-9, 1998, La Cite de Sciences Industrie, Paris, France Conjunction with ICMAS-98 Middle size league 1st : CS-Freiberg, Germany Small size league 1st : CMUnited98 (CMU, USA) Simulator league 1st : CMUnited98 (CMU, USA) Exhibitions Full set small size robot league (11 robots) Legged robot game LEGO robot football demonstration Webot simulator league Category:  Category Simulation league Small-size league (F-180) Middle-size league (F2000) Sony legged robot league Simulation League:  Simulation League Client-server system Server : virtual field Client : brain, control Communication : UDP/IP Open system Clients can be written by any programming systems. Small-Size League:  Small-Size League 5 robots on 1 team Size Area : 18cm rule (fit inside in 18cm diameter cylinder) Height : 15cm (global vision), 22.5cm (otherwise) Ball : orange golf ball Playground : table-tennis table (274cm * 152.5cm * 10cm) Vision : global vision system (more than 3m above ground) Middle-Size League:  Middle-Size League 4 robots on 1 team (including one goalkeeper) Size Area : circle of 50cm diameter or square of length 45cm Height : 80cm Ball : red small soccer ball (FIFA standard size 4 or 5) Playground : green playground (10m * 7m * 0.5m) Global vision system is prohibited. Sony Legged Robot League:  Sony Legged Robot League 3 robots on 1 team Robot : AIBO ERS-110 (provided by Sony) Discussion Issues:  Discussion Issues Origination Low Cost vs. Big Model Elegancy vs. Efficency Summary:  Summary FIRA Since 1996 MiroSot, NaroSot, KheperaSot, RoboSot RoboCup Since 1997 Simulation league, Small size league, Middle size league, Sony legged robot league

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