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Published on March 11, 2008

Author: Tibald


FIPSE- CTDLC E-Portfolio Project:  FIPSE- CTDLC E-Portfolio Project Capital CC Charter Oak Manchester CC Northwestern CC Naugatuck Valley CC Quinnipiac Univ. Sacred Heart Univ. Teikyo Post Univ. Three Rivers CC Tunxis CC University of Connecticut Introduction:  Introduction E-Portfolio is student centered. Only students can add to their E-portfolio There are two types of spaces: Workspace – students can give access to workspace to whomever they want Public space – searchable (by name and code number), open to all. The student controls what’s in their public space Introduction:  Introduction Student is advised as to what is permitted and not in their E-portfolio (nothing that violates copyright, file sharing, etc laws). Public is advised that everything in the portfolio is put there by the student. Introduction:  Introduction Institution will have a master “key” and search tools which will allow for institutional research – aggregate research which does not reveal information about individual students. For example institution could search all the Educational goals. Introduction:  Introduction Workspace Biography Goals My Portfolios Advising Careers Orientation Pre-Registration My Public Page Biographical Info Name Education Honors Picture My History Portfolio My Year in Spain Portfolio My Resume Initiating a Portfolio:  Initiating a Portfolio Student goes to e-portfolio URL and completes form: Name Institution (drop down menu) Student/Staff/Faculty/Administrator Email address (or where to get one) Must affirm they have read the rules re: usage of the eportfolio Choose name and password Computer generates 7 digit code. Initiating a Portfolio:  Initiating a Portfolio Student goes to their home page – a form with: Spaces for biographical information which can always be updated Browser to upload a picture Specified Links from their home institution A menu to the various sections Links they have created for resume/portfolios Home Page:  Home Page The Home Page has the “look” of the home institution, including institutional links Note this is a mockup – so it’s a draft What we have here now may well be changed. Private Workspace Page Home Page:  Home Page What is put on the home page – flows to the Public Page (the public space). Initially it will only have biographical information. But as the student goes along, it can have links to portfolios and their resume. Guest Page Menu: Biography:  Menu: Biography A Form for the biographical information that the committee asked for. While some biographical information will be on the home page, other information (that the student wants private) will be kept here. Outcomes: My Portfolios:  Outcomes: My Portfolios Individual Work writing, visual, audio with reflection On Public Page Menu: Goals:  Menu: Goals Type of Goal – (career, education, program, major, etc – menu) Specific Area – add a name My Goal – explanation of the goal Reflections on the Goal Comments – can paste in other’s comments “Available with Key” “Not Available Menu: My Portfolios:  Menu: My Portfolios New Portfolio Select Goal from above = My History Major Portfolio Introduce Portfolio What I Learned Comments Menu: My Portfolios:  Menu: My Portfolios Add a Work Drop down of Portfolios to chose where to add work Name the work Describe the Work Why choose this work What have you learned Other’s comments Upload the work (browse button) Menu: My Portfolio:  Menu: My Portfolio Edit a work Edit the form Delete the work Upload substitute work Copy the work Move it to a different portfolio Zip and email the portfolio “Public On” -- places a link on the Public page. Menu: Career Planning:  Menu: Career Planning Career Planning Tools Resume Forms built from biography and goals, with spaces for additional information Information on how to save resume as word document “Public On”– moves resume to Public Page. Menu: Advising:  Menu: Advising Form: Advisor’s name Career Goal – from “Goals” Educational Goal – from “Goals: Program/Majors/Minors – “Biography” Plan of Study Unofficial Transcript “Available with Key” “Private” Menu: Advising:  Menu: Advising Link to Common Definitions Link to Degree Audit Comments and Information sent to Student Date From Whom Subject Text box to copy in information or to upload Menu: Orientation Tools:  Menu: Orientation Tools As defined by the committee Menu: Pre-Registration :  Menu: Pre-Registration To Be Determined

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