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Published on March 4, 2014

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Keynote address by Fionnuala Croke, Director of Chester Beatty Library Dublin 'When is a library not a library'
Delivered at 'Information Innovators: Librarians evolving in the digital environment' Academic & special libraries conference Thursday Feb 27 2014,

When is a Library not a Library? Fionnuala Croke, Chester Beatty Library A&SL Annual Conference February 2014

Part 1: introduction to Chester Beatty

Beatty’s first wife with their daughter Ninette and son Chester, 1907

Baroda House, Kensington Palace Gardens, London

Edith Beatty, c. 1913

Ninette and Chester Jnr, Cairo

Baroda House, Library c.1913 (W.G. Beatty)

© RIBA Library Photographs Collection

Baroda House, Garden Library (photo 1937)

Baroda House, Garden Library (converted stables), 1937

Above: the conservatory at Baroda (with Beatty’s Chinese ceiling superimposed) Below: a glimpse from the picture gallery into the Chinese Library/converted conservatory

Chester Beatty Library, Chinese ceiling Shrewsbury Road Reading Room with Chinese ceiling Clock Tower, Dublin Castle Reference Library with Chinese ceiling

The Chester Beatty Library, Shrewsbury Road, Dublin, opened 8 August 1953

Chester Beatty Library, Clock Tower Building Dublin Castle (opened 2000)

So, when is a library not a library? ... ... ... when it’s a museum when it’s a visitor attraction when it’s a forum for intercultural dialogue!

Part 2: Chester Beatty: the digital challenges

Before and after conservation. CBL In 30, ff. 1b-2a Illuminated Frontispiece The Treasure of Khawarizm Shah (medical encyclopedia) Golconda, India, 1572

In 2012, over 1000 high resolution images were added to the collection, including two fully conserved and digitised manuscripts. CBL Is 1558, f.445a Illuminated Endpiece, al-Qur'an Ruzbihan Muhammad al-Tab‘i al-Shirazi Mid-16th century, Shiraz, Iran CBL Heb, f.43v Samaritan Pentateuch 13th century

1960s: The CBL began capturing Arabic manuscripts on microfilm. Over 2200 of these are now available in a digital format. CBL Ar 3029, Rahmat al-umma fi 'khtilaf al-a'imma: An account of the points of agreement and difference between four Sunni schools of law, dated 21 January, 1473

Chester Beatty Library Digital Initiative CBL Image Gallery launched 2008 (beta) and 2010

Chester Beatty Library Digital Initiative Telling Images of China: Narrative and Figure Paintings from the Shanghai Museum Digital and In-Gallery Exhibitions, 2010,

Chester Beatty Library Digital Initiative CBL Islamic Seals Database

For each seal, the database provides the ability to: •Zoom Image •View Full Folio •View Catalogue Scholars submit the following moderated information: •Date •Shape •Arabic Transcription •Transliteration •Translation •Identify Person/Institution •Identify other seal appearances •General comments

Chester Beatty Library Digital Initiative Treasures of the Chester Beatty Library iOS App - 2013

International Collaborations The Chester Beatty Library actively collaborates with funded projects throughout the world, conduct research into our collections, assist with digitisation and help increase accessibility though online databases and repositories. Digital Humanities Observatory - Ireland Virtual Collection of Masterpieces (ASEMUS: Asia Europe Museum Network)

Chester Beatty Library Collaborative Partnership

Chester Beatty Library Collaborative Partnership The HUMI Project Keio University, Japan Since 2003, the HUMI project has helped the Chester Beatty Library create around 8000 images of Japanese picture and story scrolls in our collection. CBL J 1107, detail, two volume handscroll Yoshitsune’s Invasion of Hell, 17th Century Japan

Chester Beatty Library Collaborative Partnership Art Research Centre Ritsumeikan University, Japan In 2010, The Art Research Centre at Ritsumeikan University helped the Chester Beatty Library create over 800 images of Japanese prints in our collection. CBL J 2125 Cleaver, plate, cup stand and cherry blossom by Hokkei

Chester Beatty Library Collaborative Partnership Index of Christian Art Princeton University, USA In 2012, the Chester Beatty Library uploaded over 300 images to the Index of Christian Art database at Princeton University. CBL W 099, f. 1 Jesus Christ, Rosarium of Phillip II of Spain, c. 1530, Bruges, Belgium

Chester Beatty Library Collaborative Partnership Japanese Buddhist Art in Europe Database Hosei University, Japan and the University of Zurich, Switzerland Since 2011, the Chester Beatty Library has been contributing images of Japanese Buddhist materials in our collection to this online database. CBL J 1214 The Bodhisattva Jizo, Hanging Scroll, 15th Century Japan

Chester Beatty Library Collaborative Partnership The Manichean Kephalaia Project National Endowment for the Humanities, USA and the Australian Research Council CBL BP I, f. 29v detail

Chester Beatty Library Collaborative Partnership New Testament Virtual Manuscript Room Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, Germany

Chester Beatty Library Collaborative Partnership The Chester Beatty Library is able to contribute our highest resolution images (ca. 225 mb) because the NT.VMR does not allow for high resolution download of complete images. The annotated clips, however, allow for in-depth research into this important material.

New Media Consortium: The Horizon Report > 2013 Museum Edition Emerging Technologies Time to Adoption Horizon 2011 2013 One Year or Less Mobile Apps BYOD Tablet Computing Crowdsourcing Augmented Reality Electronic Publishing Electronic Publishing BYOD Digital Preservation Natural User Interfaces Smart Objects Preservation and Conservation Technologies Two to Three Years Four to Five Years

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