Finova CCP Presentation - 09.2016

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Information about Finova CCP Presentation - 09.2016

Published on October 1, 2016

Author: YevgeniyDyeyev


1. Connected Cars Platform Telematics with a human touch | 2016

2. Finova Inc. is a company focused on developing Telematics & Connected Car Technologies, creating new features that enhance the car ownership experiences for drivers and delivering unique opportunities for car-related businesses from OEM to service stations and insurance companies. | 2016

3. From business to business to customer Business customers ● OEM ● Dealers ● Buy Here Pay Here Dealers ● Independent Service Stations End customers ● Car owners/Drivers/Customers | 2016

4. The reality ● Drivers are no longer willing to be stuck with standard processes and offers; they expect their needs and wants to be promptly handled via their preferred channel… ● In addition, drivers expect a new level of e-touch capability that allows them to switch seamlessly between physical and digital touchpoints. OEMs and dealers need to improve. | 2016

5. About 87% of very satisfied customers would purchase the same brand again and 85% would buy from the same dealer. About 37% of car drivers in mature markets say they have not been contacted at all by their dealer or manufacturer during the last year. Source: Capgemini | Cars Online 2015 | 2016

6. Consumer truth ● Car owners expect more and more from OEMs and dealers. When talking to a dealer about buying a car, people value technical expertise over a pure sales approach. ● Car owners want more and better contacts. They want better explanations to make more informed decisions, especially when it comes to new technology and how to use it. They want more relevant information. ● Satisfaction alone is no longer enough. Building loyalty is essential to drive repurchase, taking the relationship between brand, manufacturer, and dealer to a totally new level. ● Connected cars are a growing trend that continues to generate interest. Around 47% of car owners already use connectivity features, or would like to do so with their next car. | 2016

7. Consumers are interested in Connected Car benefits ● Safety and Security Features 48% — Emergency call system for assistance using GPS in the car. 26% — Ability to quickly recover a stolen car using GPS in the car. ● Car Maintenance Features 68% — Ability to see vehicle diagnostics and maintenance needs. 14% — Ability to monitor fuel usage patterns. ● Convenience Features 30% — Ability to easily locate car using a mobile app and GPS in the car. 29% — In-car voice commands to make navigation directions. Source: Spireon | 2016

8. Finova Connected Cars Platform brings top features to connect businesses (OEM/Dealer) with customers and provide superior digital communication via app to enhance the car ownership experience for the end-users. Finova CCP brings connectivity to cars manufactured since 1998. | 2016

9. Finova Connected Cars Platform ● Web-based CRM Connected Car Management Tool for business. ● Mobile App Mobile App for drivers with the most wanted and relevant features. ● Telematic OBD-II Device Simple plug-in device. | 2016

10. How it works ● Data is collected from cars via a Finova plug-in device. ● Stored data is analyzed via unique algorithms. ● The dealer has access to data via CRM. ● The dealer sends only relevant offers to the client. ● Improved customer engagement increases profits. | 2016

11. The benefits of Finova CC Platform ● One platform fits all brands of cars. ● Simple device that is easy to plug in. ● Adaptable to specific business needs. ● Completely synergetic system that delivers benefits to both business and car owner. ● Easily customizable. | 2016

12. Finova CCP Mobile App The Finova CCP mobile app contains the following high-demand Connected Car features: ● Vehicle location ● Remote diagnostics ● 24/7 Assistance ● Detailed driving history and statistics ● Message center with personalized offers from dealers and OEM ● Driving score The app can be further customized to fit specific OEM business needs. | 2016

13. All communication is managed via a dedicated Finova CRM web interface. Alternatively, all collected data by Finova CCP can be integrated to your existing software using API. | 2016

14. Securing Privacy To ensure compliance with the Privacy of Personally Identifiable Information all drivers’ personal data is stored and managed independently and only shared with businesses and personal users with appropriate permission. The vehicle owner decides who has access to the data. ● 99% of customers who feel very informed about the usage of their data say they are satisfied. ● Around 80% of interested customers say they would share data under the right conditions. ● You can use Finova CCS to share data, in addition to improving the quality of service and increasing customer loyalty. Source: Capgemini | Cars Online 2015 | 2016

15. Innovation to drive sales Sell more cars Analyze driving behavior and use tailored messages via a dedicated marketing channel (mobile app), targeting offers at individual clients. Monitor Customer Satisfaction Index Built in app features allow users to give feedback directly to OEM, allowing you to react and improve quickly. Know your customer better Improve your targeting and segmentation with a better customer knowledge database available at your fingertips. Sell more individualized products & services Increase conversion while selling highly targeted products using Lead Gen based on driving behavior and other user-specific data. Improve customer satisfaction based on their current needs Include features that make customers happier: additional safety & security, remote diagnostics, concierge services and savings options. | 2016

16. Innovation to improve service Improve customer retention rate Increase your customer return rate. When a customer sees a car problem, they are more willing to schedule maintenance promptly. Improve efficiency of service appointments Finova CCS predicts the date of the next service date based on real-time mileage, car faults and driving habits, and automatically schedules the best time for a future service appointment. Rely less on service guys; make appointments more automatic. Simplify billing Customers approve bills and pay directly from their smartphone. Increase your account receivables. | 2016

17. Innovation to drive better business Finova works with multiple projects including pro-active car diagnostics, predictive driver behavior, and AI maintenance reminders to help you drive your business to better results. | 2016

18. Innovation-minded business partners such as dealers, OEM, and service stations welcome to join Finova en route to a better driving experience. 35975 Bronze St. Union City, CA, 94587, USA +1.415.400.63.95 | 2016

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