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Published on March 5, 2009

Author: kalaivananelumalai


F . E . A : E . KALAIVANAN 2006 1245 MECHANICAL - AB F . E . A Slide 2: Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is a numerical method which provides solutions to problems that would otherwise be difficult to obtain. Finite element analysis (FEA) is a computer simulation technique used in engineering analysis. . FINITE ELEMENT ANALYSIS Slide 3: FEA consists of a computer model of a material or design that is stressed and analyzed for specific results. It is used in new product design, and existing product refinement Slide 4: It uses a numerical technique called the finite element method (FEM). This F.E.M. is based on the principle of discretization and numerical approximations to solve scientific and engineering problems. Slide 5: HOW F.E.A. WORKS ? FEA uses a complex system of points called nodes which make a grid called a mesh . This mesh is programmed to contain the material and structural properties which define how the structure will react to certain loading conditions. Slide 6: VAN SHOWING NODES AND MESH Slide 7: Point, pressure, thermal, gravity, and centrifugal static loads. Thermal loads from solution of heat transfer analysis. Enforced displacements. Heat flux and convection. Point, pressure and gravity dynamic loads. VARIOUS LOADING CONDITIONS Slide 8: A car deforms in an asymmetrical crash using finite element analysis. Slide 9: THREE PHASES IN F.E.A Pre-processing Analysis solver Post-processing Slide 10: TYPES OF ENGINEERING ANALYSIS STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS VIBRATIONAL ANALYSIS FATIGUE ANALYSIS HEAT TRANSFER ANALYSIS Slide 11: If a machine experiences a problem because of an unexpected resonant frequency, high local flexibility, a weak element in the system, an unexpectedly high dynamic load, or excessive sensitivity to known dynamic loads, structural failure may occur. Finite element (FE) analysis helps find correction factors that make more cost-effective, simplified analyses as accurate as possible. APPLICATIONS OF F.E.A. Slide 12: High-frequency, unbalanced gas load excitation of a reciprocating compressor skid is evaluated by finite element analysis Slide 13: BOEING 747 AIRCRAFT OTHER EXAMPLES Slide 14: F.E.A. ON WING REGION (OVER 7000 UNKNOWNS) Slide 15: HUMAN FEMUR Slide 16: ADVANTAGES OF F.E.A. F.E.A can be applied to cater irregular geometry. It can take care of any type of boundary. Material anisotropy and inhomogeneity can be treated without much difficulty. Any type of loading can be handled . DISADVANTAGES OF F.E.A : DISADVANTAGES OF F.E.A Cost involved is very high. For vibration and stability problems in many cases the cost of analysis by F.E.A method may be prohibitive. There are other trouble spots such as aspect ratio which may affect the final results. Slide 18:  Results of Finite Element Analysis FEA has become a solution to the task of predicting failure due to unknown stresses by showing problem areas in a material and allowing designers to see all of the theoretical stresses within. This method of product design and testing is far superior to the manufacturing costs which would accrue if each sample was actually built and tested. Slide 19: REFERENCES : Finite Element Analysis In Engineering Design – S.RAJASEKARAN THANK YOU : THANK YOU

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