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Information about finishes on materials

Published on April 26, 2014

Author: darshikagupta167



different finishes on different material

Different finishes on different material Submitted by – Darshika gupta Submitted to – Mr. sandeep sachan

What is a finish????? A finish is in simple terms a coating, layer or skin applied to the material. The finish will be applied for one or more of the following reasons: . -To protect the material from moisture, wear, abrasion, fungus, mould or insect attack. - - To change the materials appearance, its colour or texture. - To enhance the materials durability, surface hardness or other properties.

Different finishes for wood Finishes: provides a solution that is used to add beauty and gives protection to the wood. The finishing process depends partly on - type of wood. - The appearance we want. Different types of finishes are: - Varnish Varnishes are one of the most protective finishes available. This level of protection increases with additional layers.Slow drying and not very good at color retention. varnish

- Lacquer Dries quickly. -Penetrating Oil Applied to give protection and adds beauty that penetrates the wood surface. -Staining Staining is used to enhance the true color of the woodwork. It is also used to change the colour of the wood. -Waxing Waxing is the ultimate rich-looking and labor intensive finish that seals and protects the wood. Staining Waxing

Dyes Dyes by themselves provide little protection to the wood. The wood to be dyed must be new, clean, dry and free from grease.

oil wax varnish stain

Finishes for metals Oil & grease Steels rust (except stainless steel) so they need to be protected against moisture and air. Coating in oil or grease is effective as long as the coating is not removed. Plastic dip coating It is very effective as it can change the appearance as well e.g. the shelves in fridges and dishwashers are plastic coated. Painting is the most common way of protecting steel from rusting e.g. car bodies, white goods, filing cabinets etc

Lacquer – this a clear finish like a varnish. The surface is thoroughly polished or patterned, degreased and then lacquered. Electroplating This is used to apply a layer of another metal such as chromium or nickel which do not rust and can be highly polished. Galvanising It is a form of electroplating which applies a layer of zinc a dull silver grey finish is usually produced. The layer of zinc is usually thick to protect steelwork used outside e.g. fences, water tanks etc.

Polishing Polishing creates a shiny surface through the action of rubbing or the application of chemicals. These remove the oxides on the surface of the metal. The process of polishing needs repeating regularly to maintain shine.

WALL FINISHES - Wood panelling It is a decorative treatment done with wooden panels on the walls in various designs. The material used can be plywood. - Laminate finish Laminate comes in various colours and designs. It comes in the form of sheet and is pasted with fevicol on Plywood.

Marble powder finish This is a very smooth finish. The finish looks like Marble flooring. This finish is obtained by mortar of marble powder, white cement and water. It is applied manually. Sand textured finish Sand Textured finish is used to give fine texture to the wall. This wall finish is not very commonly used because of its grains coming out.

Pebble finish This a very simple and attractive finish obtained by pasting small pebbles on the walls with cement. Plaster of paris finish Plaster of Paris or simply plaster is a type of building material based on calcium sulphate hemihydrates. This is a smooth finish achieved by plaster of Paris generally applied on internal walls

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