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Published on November 23, 2007

Author: Florence


PERFORMING ARTS CENTER:  PERFORMING ARTS CENTER Part I Public Presentation Slide2:  Assess the community need for new arts facilities Assess the communities ability to support new arts facilities Make recommendations for new arts facilities How much will it cost? Slide3:  INTERVIEW THE COMMUNITY PUBLIC OFFICIALS AND EDUCATORS:  PUBLIC OFFICIALS AND EDUCATORS Commissioner Jane Sauls Commissioner Bob Rackleff Senator Al Lawson Representative Loranne Ausley Commissioner Allan Katz Representative Curtis Richardson Commissioner Tony Grippa Mayor John Marks Commissioner Mark Mustian Commissioner Debbie Lightsey Secretary of State Glenda Hood Commissioner Ed DePuy County Administrator Parwez Alam (P.A.) Lee Hall/Harvey Smith FSU School of Music/Leo Welch & Jon Piersol Superintendent Bill Montford Theatre TCC/ John Schultz & Ken Frederickson FSU Dance Facilities/ Russell Sandifer Mark Bertolani/FSU Facilities Director FAMU Music/J Longineu Parsons FSU School of Theatre/ Steve Wallace TCC Arts/ Marge Banocy-Payne Lee Hinkle (FSU) Bill Law (TCC) FSU Film School/Dean Frank Patterson Ruby Diamond/Tom Hunter FAMU Dance/Gaynell Sherrod Love Collins, FAMU V.P. of Development LOCAL ARTS GROUPS:  LOCAL ARTS GROUPS Tallahassee Symphony/Lois Griffin & Pat Hoy Apalachee Blues Society/Ken Winker Tallahassee Irish Step Dancers/ David Jones Laughing Stock/Peggy Brady & Elise Judelle Waldie Anderson The Warehouse/Jay Scott Essential Theatre & Winterwood Auditorium/ Valencia Matthews & Carey Robinson Donna McHugh/7 Days of Opening Nights Barbershop Harmony Society/Josh Bronfman LeMoyne Art Foundation/MaryBeth Foss Goodwood Museum/ Larry Paarlberg Civic Center/Ron Spencer Tallahassee Ballet/Lauren Ashburn, Christina Paoluci, & Martha Olive Hall Tallahassee Little Theatre/Norman Ussery & June Dollar African Caribbean Dance Theatre/ Jevelle & Marcus Robinson Boys Choir of Tallahassee/ Earl Lee Classical Guitar Society/Tim Atkinson & one Capital City Shakespeare/Steve Adams Monticello Opera House/Jan Rickey Young Actors Theatre/Tina Williams Tallahassee Community Chorus/Lanue Ryan Mickee Faust Club/ Isabelle Potts Curious Echo Radio Theatre/Sonia James & Sharon Moscowitz Mary Brogan Museum/ Chucha Barber Southern Shakespeare Festival/Janet Hinkle Jazz at the Gray/ Wes Singletary & Ken Crawford Women's Dance Project/ Janet Hughes Troupe Arabesque/Nancy Redig Tallahassee Civic Chorale/Cynthia Valencic Tallahassee Museum/Russell Daws Bill Mock/Quincy Music Theatre Charlie Witmer/Bach Parley & Voces Off-Street Players/ Pamela Gordon-Vaught Theatre A La Carte/Eric Hurst Gordon McCleary/ Emerald Isle Society & Celtic Festival Pas de Vie/Noelle Lawrence Big Bend Community Orchestra/ Ginny Densmore & Jim Croft Tallahassee Film Society/ Dan Wester Artist Series/Carolyn Hayes & Ray McConn BUSINESS LEADERS AND CITIZENS:  BUSINESS LEADERS AND CITIZENS Convention & Visitors Bureau/Mike Bristol Economic Development/Michael Parker Midtown Merchants Association & Chez Pierre/ Karen Cooley Capital City Chamber of Commerce/ Cheryl Gonzalez Action 2010 Downtown Improvement Authority/Marilyn Larson Tallahassee Democrat/ Mike Pate (Publisher) Tallahassee Democrat/ Maryann Lindley Parks & Recreation/ Randy Trousdale & David Chapman Guy Thompson/Tourist Development Council Florida Division of Cultural Affairs/ JuDee Pettijohn Cultural Support Space/Margo Bindhardt & Steve Fox Rev. R.B. Holmes/ Bethel AME Beth Weidner/ Maclay Gardens Cathy Wilson/Capital Outlook Ron Davis Jim McMurtry Ben Gunter Del Suggs Dave Ramsey/ Suntrust Ken Armstrong/ United Way Carmen Braswell/Sprint Will Butler/ St Joe Corporation Sally McRorie Beverly Barber Kim Williams Bruce and Sandra Host Craig Dennis/ Maclay Gardens Family Forum Magazine/ Lori Danello Roberts Susie Busch Transou John Lewis/Superlube Gerry Leahy WHAT WE HEARD:  WHAT WE HEARD There is a need for a mid sized venue for the local arts groups There is a need for a larger venue for touring productions Cost to use the facility is important An important economic and artistic facility for the capital city of Florida Provide an economic/tourist engine for the surrounding area MARKET ANALYSIS:  MARKET ANALYSIS To address the need for facilities, we considered: Supply and Demand Issues: Current Facilities Audiences Uses and Users Broader goals expressed by the Cultural Plan and by the leaders of Tallahassee’s civic, cultural and higher education communities. The experiences of comparable markets and facilities, as well as national trends in facility development and operation. PARTICIPATION INDICATORS:  PARTICIPATION INDICATORS Sex: women attend more often than men in every discipline except jazz. Median Household Income: attendance increases with higher income, but not to extent of education. Age: traditional arts audience is getting older, coinciding with general aging of population. Race: affects kinds of arts attendance more than rate of attendance. Educational Attainment: arts attendance more than quadruples with college education. Source: Performing Arts in a New Era, RAND Corporation, 1999 (National) POPULATION:  POPULATION AGE:  AGE Roughly 40% of Tallahassee’s population are students, making it the youngest City in Florida. EDUCATION:  EDUCATION LOCAL AND REGIONAL AUDIENCES CONCLUSIONS:  LOCAL AND REGIONAL AUDIENCES CONCLUSIONS Strong indicators of propensity and capacity in the Tallahassee and Leon County market: Significant population growth. High levels of educational attainment. Tallahassee is an active and diverse market. Programming should be broader in scope and more culturally significant than simply presenting traditional arts. Cultural programming can help address perceptions that arts activities are not readily available to all communities. LOCAL ARTS ORGANIZATIONS:  LOCAL ARTS ORGANIZATIONS UNIVERSITY PROGRAMS:  UNIVERSITY PROGRAMS ENTERTAINMENT AND CULTURAL PRESENTING:  ENTERTAINMENT AND CULTURAL PRESENTING FACILITY INVENTORY:  FACILITY INVENTORY USES AND USERS CONCLUSIONS:  USES AND USERS CONCLUSIONS Limited quality of + 500-seat venues: Local organizations – Affects production values and artistic quality of presentations. Presenters – Limits ability to provide high level entertainment and cultural products to the Tallahassee market. Educational institutions – Limits the level of professional development and cultural experiences available to students. For all – Affects audience experience and overall desire to attend. Limited access for local arts organizations and presenters: Larger organizations vie for best calendar dates at Ruby Diamond and Opperman. Small to mid-sized organizations seek access wherever available. Pressing need to fill the capacity gap between Opperman and Ruby Diamond. BENEFITS AND IMPACTS ECONOMIC IMPACTS:  BENEFITS AND IMPACTS ECONOMIC IMPACTS Non-local Average: $38.05 Local Average: $21.75 Americans for the Arts, “Arts & Economic Prosperity” BENEFITS AND IMPACTS ARTS EDUCATION:  BENEFITS AND IMPACTS ARTS EDUCATION New facilities can play a significant and central role in their communities: Creates a nexus of arts education activity for the community and region. Positions the project for broader community support. Allows access to a separate circle of government, foundation and philanthropic support. BENEFITS AND IMPACTS COMMUNITY ACCESS:  BENEFITS AND IMPACTS COMMUNITY ACCESS Promotes diversity of arts and cultural activity needed to build arts participation in the local community. Promotes development of local arts organizations – brings activity and vitality to the areas in which they are located, improving quality of life and attractiveness to local businesses. Responds to community needs – a key to achieving project commitment from diverse communities. CONCLUSIONS:  CONCLUSIONS There are significant needs in this community for new facilities: The audience is large, growing and has the characteristics to suggest active participation in the arts. Local arts organizations need better access to bigger and better facilities. There is significant potential for additional touring Broadway and other entertainment oriented to younger audiences. Current facilities are lacking in number, size, flexibility, access and quality. New facilities support a series of community goals. FACILITY OPTIONS FOR TALLAHASSEE:  FACILITY OPTIONS FOR TALLAHASSEE  Option 1: 2,800-seat Performance Hall 1,350-seat Concert Theatre 750-seat Multi-Purpose Theatre  Option 2: 2,000 to 2,200-seat Multipurpose Performance Hall 750-seat Multi-Purpose Theatre PRELIMINARY PROGRAM OPTION 1:  PRELIMINARY PROGRAM OPTION 1 PUBLIC AREAS 63,710 2,800 Performance Hall 60,325 1,350 Concert Theatre 46,390 750 Seat Multi-Purpose Theatre 31,854 Administration/Education 18,100 TOTAL NET PROGRAMMED AREA 220,379 (net programmed area X 1.65) TOTAL GROSS AREA 363,625 OPTION 1 COMPARABLES:  OPTION 1 COMPARABLES 2,800-SEAT PERFORMANCE HALL TOURING PRODUCTIONS 7 DAYS ALLISON KRAUSE OPTION 1 COMPARABLES:  OPTION 1 COMPARABLES 1,350-SEAT CONCERT THEATRE FSU SCHOOL OF MUSIC TALLAHASSEE SYMPHONY TALLAHASSEE BALLET ARTIST SERIES FLORIDA STATE OPERA OPTION 1 COMPARABLES:  OPTION 1 COMPARABLES 750-SEAT MULTI-PURPOSE THEATRE LAUGHING STOCK AFRICAN CARIBBEAN DANCE THEATRE FSU SCHOOL OF THEATRE THEATRE A LA CARTE TALLAHASSEE FILM SOCIETY PRELIMINARY PROGRAM OPTION 2:  PRELIMINARY PROGRAM OPTION 2 PUBLIC AREAS 42,023 2,200 Seat Performance Hall 60,324 650 Seat Multi-Purpose Theatre 33,463 ADMINISTRATION/EDUCATION 10,700 TOTAL NET PROGRAMMED AREA 146,510 (net programmed area X 1.65) TOTAL GROSS AREA 241,741 OPTION 2 COMPARABLES:  OPTION 2 COMPARABLES 2,200-SEAT PERFORMANCE HALL TALLAHASSEE SYMPHONY TALLAHASSEE BALLET ARTIST SERIES TOURING PRODUCTIONS 7 DAYS ALLISON KRAUSE OPTION 2 COMPARABLES:  OPTION 2 COMPARABLES 650-SEAT MULTI-PURPOSE THEATRE LAUGHING STOCK AFRICAN CARIBBEAN DANCE THEATRE THEATRE A LA CARTE TALLAHASSEE FILM SOCIETY PROGRAM BUDGET OPTION 1:  PROGRAM BUDGET OPTION 1 Area (sf) $/sf $,000’s Net Area and Cost Public Areas 63,710 343 21,876 2800 Seat Performance Hall 60,325 665 40,116 1350 Seat Concert Theatre 46,390 654 30,321 750 Seat Multi-purpose Theatre 31,854 460 14,669 Administration / Education 13,230 205 2,707 4,870 396 1,929 Subtotal 220,379 111,618 Auxiliary Area and Cost Grossing Multiplier (1.65) 143,246 20,771 Total Construction Cost 363,625 426 132,389 Soft Costs (33%) 43,688 Total Project Cost 363,625 176,077 PROGRAM BUDGET OPTION 2:  PROGRAM BUDGET OPTION 2 Area (sf) $/sf $,000’s Net Area and Cost Public Areas 42,023 343 14,394 2200 Seat Performance Hall 60,324 665 40,117 650 Seat Multi-purpose Theatre 33,463 445 14,904 Administration / Education 10,700 208 2,229 Subtotal 146,510 71,644 Auxiliary Area and Cost Grossing Multiplier (1.65) 95,232 13,809 Total Construction Cost 241,742 353 85,453 Soft Costs (33%) 28,199 Total Project Cost 241,742 113,652 BUDGET COMPARABLES:  BUDGET COMPARABLES BUDGET COMPARABLES:  BUDGET COMPARABLES WE CAN DO IT! :  WE CAN DO IT! CIVIC CENTER:  CIVIC CENTER COST IN TODAY’S DOLLARS $100,000,000 UNIVERSITY CENTER:  UNIVERSITY CENTER COST TO BUILD $130,000,000 HOSPITAL:  HOSPITAL COST IN TODAY’S DOLLARS $100,000,000

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