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Published on February 18, 2014

Author: Billopal



Finding email addresses for passive candidates

Finding Email Addresses for passive candidates Bill Opal, CEO & Head of Recruitment Recruitment On-Demand for Corporate Talent Acquisition Teams Tuesday, February 18, 14 Phone: 919-518-9777 Email: Web: LinkedIn:

• Reaching the passive candidate - via email The definition of a passive candidate is someone who is not trying to reach you about your job. You are reaching out to them to tell them about the job, your company and the opportunity • But how do you get in touch with them? • Just drop them a email! Tuesday, February 18, 14

Finding Email Addresses If you find one - you have found them all • • If you figure out how a company creates their email addresses, you can email anyone in the company • Tuesday, February 18, 14 Most companies have a standard way to create email addresses for their employees Example: The format is the same for everyone in Dell.

Search Strings • • Simple Google search strings: • Get creative: try different strings such as mike "email * *" (Use quotes & replace companyname with company you want to find) Tuesday, February 18, 14

Search Strings Google search the company URL on specific site Tuesday, February 18, 14 Use different search engines, you get different results

Email Format Site • • Enter the domain • Example: or • Hit search • Gives you a list of possible formats, starting with the most probable. Tuesday, February 18, 14 Connect • • • • • • You add a contact you get a contact Tuesday, February 18, 14 Free database service that works on an add one/get one basis Works on a point system not Dollars $$ Remember, you don’t have to find exactly who you are looking for, just the email format for the company where they work

Search by company select contact get email address Most people at Bluecoat systems will have the email address format: Tuesday, February 18, 14

Can’t find the email address ? • Skip it! There is a diminishing return on your time investment trying to find email address formats. • Move on to phone sourcing for that candidate. Tuesday, February 18, 14

Example Email to the Candidates Hi Joanne, I have been retained by Lenovo to help them find a Executive Director of Marketing Strategy. This role reports directly to Lenovo's Chief Marketing Officer. After reviewing your profile on Linkedin, I thought I would reach out to you to see if you might be interested or if you know someone who would be interested in exploring this role. The Marketing Strategy Executive will work with World Wide, Region and Product Marketing teams to set the World Wide Marketing Strategy for Lenovo. This role will be responsible for leveraging Lenovo’s Research, Market Intelligence and Corporate Strategy teams to develop targeted Marketing plans to build Lenovo’s global brand presence and market position. This position will work out of the Raleigh, NC office. Do you have a few minutes to talk about this role? I know your schedule will be filled. If you shoot me a few times that would work for you, I'll work around your schedule. Keep it short, open up the conversation, give yourself the opportunity to sell the candidate on the job Don’t mass email everyone using the blind copy box, you will eventually make a mistake and CC everyone instead of BC (to error is human) One message at a time, using the candidates first name in the greeting, yields best results Tuesday, February 18, 14

Don’t panic • Emails will bounce back- I’ve found about a 10-20% bounce back rate. Candidate might not be working at the company • • • • The public name might not be the name they use with their email. Bob Carter might be • Track your bounce backs and move to phone sourcing Candidate might have the same name as someone else at the company. is not a email address you will ever guess Expect mad people • You will get replys to your email from people who are upset you contacted them • If the worse thing that happens to someone in their day is that they get a email message about a good job, in their industry, doing similar work, then they should call it a good day. • Don’t engage mad people, don’t argue or justify. Just move on. Tuesday, February 18, 14

Thank you! Bill Opal, CEO & Head of Recruitment Phone: 919-518-9777 Email: Web: LinkedIn: Tuesday, February 18, 14

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