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Published on February 28, 2014

Author: chaplesannamat


Find Out What Those Documents Say

• At one point in time you have cleaned out the attic and found some things and documents that go along with the item only to find out that they are in another language that you are not completely familiar with. Or you may know what language it is due to family history but you do not know how to speak it. So what are you supposed to do to find out what the documents say about the item?

• Some people and even professionals will tell you to try and use Google Translate, but what they do not keep in mind is that Google Translate does not translate word for word. They translate only by phrases and a lot of the time they end up changing the meaning of what is really being said. So even if you do not know what it is that is said on the document if you know what type of translation you are going to need like a French translation or Arabic Translation there is a company out there that can help you.

What Do I Need to Do? • Zend Translation Services will take care of all of your translation needs no matter what. All you have to do is scan to items in to your computer, from their load the documents into our system and let us know how you want them translated.

• From there all you do is submit it and once you get your work request we will make sure that you get the documents in the quickest fashion possible and you do not have to worry about choppy French translation because all of our French Translators are fluent in speaking and translating French and they are all certified, so we know that all of the work that they give back to our clients are going to be the best translations possible.

I’m On a Budget Can You Work with Me? • Now a days everyone is on a budget that is nothing different from everyone else Zend Translation Services is the best when it comes to working with their clients with how much they charge because they only charge their clients an amazing 0.06 cents a word. Whereas, other translation companies that offer French translation actually charge anywhere from 0.10 to 0.20 cents a word. In today’s economy that is not something that is affordable to a lot of people let alone companies as they are looking for the best ways to get the work done with the lowest cost.

Professional Translation Service Website Translation Language Translation Service

• But cost is not the only thing that people look at it is also the quality of the work that people and companies look for. Sure there are always going to be the individuals that thing that they have to pay the higher prices to get what they want as far as the best translation work possible but that is not the case when you work with Zend Translation Services.

• Our highly qualified translation specialists do all that they can to make sure that all of their work is not only top notch as far as quality goes but we want to make sure that you also get it in the professional manner that you expect and in a timely manner that is why all of our work is guaranteed to be done within our 72 hour turnaround time if not sooner.

What are you Waiting For? • Once you see how our translation team is so efficient in all that they do you will want to keep coming back to our company to make sure all of your translation needs are done and met to your specifications. Next thing you know the next person that you talk to and they ask you where you got your documents translated you are going to tell them Zend Translation Services.

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