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Published on June 30, 2009

Author: CraigThatcher



FRASERS has published a book of creative ideas and thoughts to stimulate thinking because you need to find new and compelling ways to talk to and engage your customers.

You need to create new and compelling ways to talk to your customers. With 25 years experience we know how.

We put your customer at the centre of everything we do. From there we work in any direction.

I guess we could start by going on like every other design agency about how we’re a passionate, creative lot who really achieve big results across a wide range of disciplines… but you’re yawning already, you’ve read that stuff a hundred times before. So read on and you’ll start to get us. Flick, browse, put us down, pick us up again. This full-on world we live in, with the persistent barrage of messages, is noisy and fast-moving – it’s more important than ever to be engaging, to know whether to shout or whisper and to know when and where. There is no longer time to stand and stare. Everyone and everything is constantly changing and we’ve all got to run with it! To keep moving forward, making things different – always better. Some other events in 1984: The first Apple Macintosh goes on sale We connect people with brands by understanding Torvill & Dean score 12 perfect 6.0s for Ravel’s Bolero. what they’re thinking and knowing how and when Tommy Cooper has a heart attack and dies on-stage to talk to them. O-level & CSE exams are replaced by the GCSE Virgin Atlantic Airways makes its inaugural flight Svetlana Savitskaya – first woman to space walk Olympics, summer in LA and winter in Sarajevo Space Shuttle Discovery’s maiden voyage First MTV Video Music Awards Brighton hotel bombing Ronald Reagan is elected President Band Aid record “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” 6 7

I’m just one person in a full-on world. There’s plenty of time, it just moves faster than I do, actually, it runs. 8 9

10 11

12 13

14 15

What gets my attention? 16 17

There’s so much choice! 10 million global brands 195 countries 167 different currencies 51 airlines 104 brands of training shoe plus lots of banks lots of credit cards millions of bands thousands of pro football teams too many types of cars thousands of TV channels more perfumes, less aftershaves hundreds of thousands of types of alcohol There’s the stuff I’m into already and so much more I don’t even know about, yet. 18 19

20 21

What pushes my buttons? is it the packag ing does it say me does it ma ke me th e best is it g reed is it loya lty is it pin k is it blue does it ma ke people love me I just wa nt it, a lrig ht! 22 23

24 25

26 27

Show me you understand me. Know what I want before I do. 28 29

30 31

32 33

34 35

Keep me interested. It’s a big number and an even bigger opportunity. The global market is huge and we never underestimate it. The world’s enhanced and complicated by different cultures, values, trends, variables and ways of life. In the UK alone, there are 60,776,238 million unique people who might just be interested in what you’ve got to say. We make sure we get to know whoever you want to talk to before we start talking. So, whether you want to reach millions or a few, – every project is an opportunity to connect with people and we love doing it. The next section features some of the successful projects we have worked on, all of which have delivered tangible results for our clients’ businesses. 36 37

38 39

40 41

42 43

44 45

46 47

48 49

50 51

52 53

DELUXE 54 55

56 57

58 59

60 61

62 63

64 65

66 67

If you’re interesting enough I’ll want to know more. 68 69

70 71

Make me miss you when you’re not there. 72 73

74 75

76 77

Make me laugh. 78 79

August 2008 Blackpool 80 81

Brands from around the world, not quite ready for the global market. Source: The World Wide Web 82 83

Address me by name, not demographic and there’s a chance I’ll let you in. 84 85

I don’t want to be shouted at. 88 89

90 91

sometimes I just want to discover it for myself 92 93

I’m bored of the same old stuff. 94 95

Nothing’s for free in life really. So, what’s the catch? subject to terms and conditions special edition special offer at a never-to-be-repeated price bogof summer sale 10% off end of season sale money back guarantee buy one get one free sale interest free credit free inside satisfaction guaranteed or your money back 2 for the price of 1 0% apr free when you buy free for a year for a limited time buy now pay later last few days remaining get them while stocks last end of season our biggest yet clearance massive sale stock clearance not-to-be-repeated offer everything must go we’ll beat any price for one day only price beater end of line you can’t buy cheaper final reductions price drop half price sale we’ll beat any quote half price plus further 25% off 3 for 2 closing down sale bargain basement original condition take away today last few remaining when it’s gone it’s gone bag a bargain satisfaction guaranteed get more than you bargained for 96 97

98 99

100 101

I will never take on your identity, but I might just flash it here and there. When I do, what do you want people to think? 102 103

Source: The World Wide Web 104 105

Don’t tell me everything you have to say at once. Let me look forward to meeting you again. 106 107

change with me, let me see you in a different light. 108 109

110 111

Be a welcome intrusion, pop up in surprising places. 112 113

114 115

116 117

Make me curious about what you have to say. 118 119

120 121

122 123

Point me in the direction of like-minded people. Talk to me. 124 125

DELUXE Page 38-39 Alan Coxon – Brand creation and packaging Page 40-41 Pizza Hut – A DM piece to incentivise trial of Page 54-55 Branding – Identities we have created for Page 56-57 BaxterStorey – Tabletop book to reinforce for Alan Coxons’ Historic Food Range. The range includes the Pizza Hut hot pizza. The campaign also included outdoor some of our clients. BaxterStorey’s uniqueness plus a DM piece to FTSE top pickles and vinegars. signage to communicate Father’s Day offer. 200 directors. Page 42-43 Nestlé Waters – Themed sales promotion Page 44-45 Peverel – Introductory brochure for a property Page 58-59 Network Rail – Fold out poster/leaflet to Page 60-61 S1 – Brand identity and marketing campaign campaigns developed for Buxton and Vittel bottled water. management company – the project included literature and generate interest in the many advertising opportunities supporting the global launch of a revolutionary new shin a website. that exist on Network Rail stations. protection system for footballers. Page 46-47 MFI – A series of product brochures for Page 48-49 ILVA – Through the line campaign for the ILVA sale. Page 62-63 Orchard – Branding for a unique furniture company, Page 64-65 Wickes – Design and production of a trade MFI kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms and appliances. Including national press, radio, outdoor and TV commercials. including identity, advertising, showroom concept and website. price list. Every project we take on is different, as are all our clients. It’s what makes our business exciting. Page 50-51 ITF – Fed and Davis Cup quarterly magazines and Page 52-53 Disney Store – Truck livery and packaging Page 66-67 Core Exercise Clinics – Brand and marketing literature for the prestigious annual ITF Champions’ Dinner. for a series of puzzles. campaign designed to support the launch of a new health club concept. 126 127

Photography Below is a small selection of our in-house photography. We have a fully equipped studio and retouching facilities on-site. Please call for further information or to see more examples. You need to create new and compelling ways to talk to your customers. With 25 years experience we know how. 128 129

Clients Services Alan Coxon Acqua Panna Argos BaxterStorey Beko Brentford Dock Britax > Core Disciplines: Brandemotion – our unique end-to-end brand planning process encompasses: Buxton David Lloyd Leisure Branding Research Design Engagement & BUPA Packaging Brand audit, competitive Store design, packaging, Internal communications, Disney Store Web literature analysis, insight research brand naming and identity, brand experience, events Dreams Through-the-line campaigns literature, communications ILVA Sales promotion Strategy and collateral, advertising Evaluation International In-store communications Positioning, proposition, campaigns, print, outdoor Measurement and Tennis Federation Trade marketing brand and product innovation and TV, interactive and online assessment MFI M.Video Nestlé Pure Life We pride ourselves on being an Frasersproduction Nestlé Waters ‘open’ agency. We will look at any Our production and Network Rail project if we think we can help. Orchard fulfilment arm for We welcome challenges and all media Perrier encourage dialogue to get to the Peverel OM heart of your project. Obviously Photography Pizza Hut all our clients do not require all our services, these are We have in-house Purple Hotels photography and high-end merely the tools we use. We S.Pellegrino are happy to work with you and retouching with a fully S1 Sport within your budget to get the right equipped studio Swish result. If you would like to know The Light Corporation more or want to talk through your Userview T-Mobile project, talk to us. Writes and designs Thresher user instructions for Universal Music brand owners’ products including consumer Vittel testing and artwork production FRASERS The Barns London Road Bourne End Hertfordshire HP1 2RH United Kingdom +44 (0)1442 200 400 brandemotion because people love brands 130 131

Contact details For more information: FRASERS +44 (0)1442 200 400 Frasersproduction +44 (0)1442 200 400 Photography +44 (0)1442 200 400 Userview +44 (0)1454 413 146 to me. Talk

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