Find Counseling To Treat Port Charlotte Mental Health Issues

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Published on January 31, 2014

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Find Counseling To Treat Port Charlotte Mental Health Issues

Clinical depression is far more serious than a temporary depression lasting a few days. It lasts longer and is intense. In port charlotte mental health disorders can be treated.

A sadness strikes everyone at one time or another. When a job is lost it can occur. Clinical depression stays with the person for a longer time and affects every aspect of his life.

Depression can occur in many forms. Usually, a major depression will continue for more than two weeks. The symptoms that the individual has can include amnesia, a lack of concentration and eating disorders.

Dysthymia is a form of depression that is only different because it is a mild version. Eating disorders may be included, but are not as serious. Sleep may be difficult, however, a whole night of sleep is rarely lost.

When a woman gives birth, it is supposed to be a happy event. But, there are some new mothers stricken with post-partum depression. The infant may not be crying all the time, and her sadness has nothing to do with the child. Professional help is necessary.

Bipolar disorder makes an individual difficult to understand and nearly impossible to live with. On Monday he or she may be smiling and overactive. On Wednesday morning the mood may be one of complete desolation and inactivity.

The type of depression called seasonal affective disorder was not identified as an illness until recent times. It is one that occurs with the onset of winter. The lower degree of exposure to the sun is thought to be the causative factor. Using a sun lamp sometimes eases the sadness.

Depression with psychosis is one that occurs only rarely. The sufferer may have delusions and hallucinate. A professional therapist is needed to diagnose and treat this severe type of mental illness.

Schizophrenia is a mental illness that renders a person psychotic. This brain disorder brings on delusions. Many of the sufferers imagine someone is out to get them.

Disorganized schizophrenia is an even more severe mental illness. The person who has it may not be capable of taking care of meals or grooming needs. The patterns of speech may be impossible to understand. This brings on outbursts of anger.

The catatonic schizophrenic looks as if he is in a coma part of the time. Or, he may alternate with periods of manic behavior. Unless treatment is provided, the catatonic state can last for more than a month.

Children may also suffer from mental illnesses that afflict adults. They include anxiety disorders, mood disorders, depression for example and psychotic conditions such as schizophrenia. Children may be harder to diagnose.

The signs of mental illness in children are often unnoticed by friends and relatives. They tend to withdraw from sports and other recreational activities. Their behavior changes and they have intense emotional issues. Gone untreated, a disorder may cause a child to try to injure himself.

Although treatment is available port charlotte mental health clinics do not see all who need them. If these people would seek counseling, they could be helped to alleviate their distress. By ignoring symptoms of a mental disorder, an individual may even view suicide as a way to find relief.

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