FInance Crisis - Roads and Rail

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Information about FInance Crisis - Roads and Rail

Published on January 3, 2009

Author: spatiallyrelevant


Slide 1: The growth grid and a new green deal Roads, Rail and Infrastructure Slide 2: $700B is a big number! What are hockey moms getting for that? Slide 3: effortless Commerce Slide 4: What did we build outside of strip malls & starbucks in the housing boom? Slide 5: Passive Growth Slide 6: Financial Markets Slide 7: What have we been left with from the internet & housing booms which we can reuse? Slide 8: This is the economy that my opponent said made 'great progress' under the policies of George W. Bush, and those are the economic policies that he proposes to continue another four years “ “ barack obama Slide 9: Maybe we could build something where the people are : where the people are uneven distribution Slide 11: U.S. loses 159,000 jobs in September, worst one-month drop in five years Economists say the accelerating pace of unemployment, combined with the most severe credit crisis since the Great Depression, makes the label of 'recession' increasingly likely. also where the people are Slide 12: “ You know that there's been tremendous turmoil in our financial markets and Wall St. And it is -- people are frightened by these events. Our economy, I think still -- the fundamentals of our economy are strong. But these are very, very difficult times. “ john mccain where are these people? Where the highways are : Where the highways are a bunch of gaps Slide 14: Maybe we could make it easier to move things and go places on less fuel where the pollution is : where the pollution is hmm… it’s where large populations & infrastructure are Slide 16: what if people could move to other places with new industry? Slide 18: could you improve the economy AND the environment? Slide 19: a new green deal? build a growth grid? : build a growth grid? Infrastructure for a tertiary economy The growth grid : The growth grid establish sustainability masstransit states highways energy JOBS populationdensity small business bandwidth rail Tarriffs localgrowth eminentdomain wind crossindustry middleclass whitecollar emmissions privatesector wireless publicsector municipalities Slide 22: maybe we could think a little bigger Slide 23: maybe YOU should vote Slide 24: © 2008 credits : credits QUOTES:,0,1408655.story

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