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Published on February 17, 2009

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  Pakistan releases 'father' of nuclear bomb from house arrest High court rules Abdul Qadeer Khan was not involved in selling nuclear secrets to Iran, North Korea and Libya  Pakistani nuclear scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan waves after his release from house arrest in Islamabad. Abdul Qadeer Khan, the Pakistani scientist accused of selling nuclear secrets, was today freed from five years of house arrest by a court and immediately declared that he can now "lead a normal life". Khan, lionised as the "father" of Pakistan 's atomic bomb, confessed in 2004 to selling nuclear secrets to Iran, North Korea and Libya. He was immediately pardoned but detained in his home. Khan was detained in early 2004 after making a televised confession to nuclear proliferation, following intense international pressure on Pakistan. His nuclear trading network had been discovered by western intelligence agents. A national hero in Pakistan for spearheading the country's nuclear weapons programe, Khan subsequently retracted his confession.

Army official: Suicides in January 'terrifying' CNN   WASHINGTON (CNN) -- One week after the U.S. Army announced record suicide rates among its soldiers last year, the service is worried about a spike in possible suicides in the new year. If reports of suicides are confirmed, more soldiers will have taken their lives in January than died in combat. The Army said 24 soldiers are believed to have committed suicide in January alone -- six times as many as killed themselves in January 2008, according to statistics released Thursday. The Army said it already has confirmed seven suicides, with 17 additional cases pending that it believes investigators will confirm as suicides for January. If those prove true, more soldiers will have killed themselves than died in combat last month. According to Pentagon statistics, there were 16 U.S. combat deaths in Afghanistan and Iraq in January.

Spanish scientists confirm extra virgin olive oil helps to combat breast cancer Researchers of the Catalonian Institute of Oncology (Spain) and the University of Granada (Spain) have discovered that extra virgin olive oil may help to combat breast cancer, according to a paper published in the last issue of the renowned scientific journal BMC Cancer . The scientists have confirmed the bioactivity of polyphenols (this is, natural antioxidants) present in olive oil in breast cancer cell lines. The study has proved the anti-HER2 effect of fractions of phenolic compounds directly extracted of extra virgin olive oil in breast cancer cell lines. They have used solid-phase extraction methods of semi-preparative liquid chromatography to isolate fractions of commercial oils and, later, separation techniques (capillary electrophoresis and liquid chromatography connected to mass spectrometry) to check the purity and composition of the fractions.

A Bipartisan Blow To Smoking in Va. Leaders Support Ban in Bars, Restaurants     Washington Post  Friday, February 6, 2009 RICHMOND, Feb. 5 -- Gov. Timothy M. Kaine and Republican House Speaker William J. Howell have agreed on a plan to prohibit smoking in most Virginia bars and restaurants, putting unprecedented political heft behind a measure that was once unthinkable in the cradle of the nation's tobacco industry -- and home base to one of the largest producers of cigarettes in the world. Under the plan, which represents a rare moment of bipartisan cooperation between the state's two most powerful leaders, smoking would still be permitted in private clubs, and other public establishments would be given the chance to construct enclosed, ventilated smoking rooms for patrons. A few hours after Howell (R-Stafford) and Kaine stood together to unveil their plan, the legislation was approved by a House committee. It will be taken up Monday by the full House for a vote. Kaine and Howell both predict the legislation will be approved.

India to launch cow urine as soft drink (no, we're not taking the p***)   From Times Online February 11, 2009 (Sasa Kralj/AP) Does your Pepsi lack pep? Is your Coke not the real thing? India's Hindu nationalist movement apparently has the answer: a new soft drink made from cow urine. The bovine brew is in the final stages of development by the Cow Protection Department of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), India's biggest and oldest Hindu nationalist group, according to the man who makes it. Om Prakash, the head of the department, said the drink – called "gau jal", or "cow water" – in Sanskrit was undergoing laboratory tests and would be launched "very soon, maybe by the end of this year". The drink is the latest attempt by the RSS – which was founded in 1925 and now claims eight million members – to cleanse India of foreign influence and promote its ideology of Hindutva, or Hindu-ness. Hindus revere cows and slaughtering them is illegal in most of India. Cow dung is traditionally used as a fuel and disinfectant in villages, while cow urine and dung are often consumed in rituals to "purify" those on the bottom rungs of the Hindu caste system. In 2001, the RSS and its offshoots – which include the opposition Bharatiya Janata Party – began promoting cow urine as a cure for ailments ranging from liver disease to obesity and even cancer. The movement has often been accused of using more violent methods, such as killing 67 Christians in the eastern state of Orissa last year, and assaulting women in a pub in Mangalore last month. It also has a history of targeting foreign business in India, as in 1994, when it organised a nationwide boycott of multinational consumer goods, including Pepsi and Coca Cola. Mr Prakash said his drink, by contrast, was made mainly of cow urine, mixed with a few medicinal and ayurvedic herbs. He said it would be "cheap", but declined to give further details about its price or ingredients until it was officially launched. He insisted, however, that it would be able to compete with the American cola brands, even with their enormous advertising budgets. "We're going to give them good competition as our drink is good for mankind," he said. "We may also think of exporting it."

The cow that was zapped by lightning - and survived   06th February 2009 It has certainly been flame grilled but this extraordinary cow is still standing. The poor creature was struck by lightning and left with blistering burns. You would expect it to have been cooked alive.   But the cow miraculously survived, apparently unperturbed by the ordeal, and is already back roaming the meadows. Flame grilled: This poor cow was struck by lightning but, in a rare freak of nature, lives to the tell the tale Professor of Physical Geography, Jon Nott of James Cook University, said the event was rare but entirely feasible. He said: 'Cows are susceptible to lightning strikes because both sets of legs are on the ground. 'But, more often than not, they die from it.' He added: 'The electricity from a lightning strike would enter the front set of legs and exit out the back legs so, based on the picture, it is possible it happened. 'While I can't explain the knee wounds, the ankle wounds would be consistent with those of lightning.' The cow is believed to have been struck by the bolt in Gladstone, Queensland, Australia, last month.

Stockton Teacher Accused Of Sex With Student Woman Employed By Lodi Unified School District STOCKTON, Calif. - A 24-year-old English teacher has been arrested after being accused of having sex with a 16-year-old student, Stockton police said. Christina Oliver works at Ronald E. McNair High School in Stockton and is employed by the Lodi Unified School District, assistant Chief of Police Blair Ulring said. Police said they got a call from a parent who said he thought his son was sexually involved with a teacher at the school. Oliver was booked just after 2 a.m. Wednesday at the San Joaquin County Jail on multiple felony and misdemeanor charges. She is being held on $125,000 bail . Pete Smith of the Stockton Police Department said the boy was a student of Oliver's, and that it's unclear how long the relationship lasted. In a statement, the school district said, "health and welfare of our students, but the school district is not rushing to judgment, however, we won't have the teacher in the classroom with kids." "I expect them to protect my children, not sexually assault them or go beyond the boundaries of an adult," parent Nellie Rigas said. "It does surprise me. She's a good teacher, but it happens all the time. You hear it on the news all the time," student Ronnie Lawson said. "I never thought she would do anything like that," student Eric Madison said.

Drug-dealing milkman spared jail Fri Feb 6, 11:58 am ET LONDON (Reuters) – A milkman who admitted he delivered cannabis as well as pints to elderly customers to ease their aches and pains, was spared jail Friday. Robert Holding, 72, from Burnley, told police he supplied the drug to 17 customers after detectives raided his home and found nearly 6oz (167g) of cannabis in an egg crate in the van he used for deliveries. "He said he sold the cannabis to existing customers because they were old and had aches and pains," said prosecutor Sarah Statham. "He said he sold a 9oz (255g) bar about every three weeks and sold it for a relatively cheap value. He said that customers left him notes saying, for example, 'Can I have an ounce this week or can I have an eighth.'" Holding, who admitted supplying and possession of the drug at a previous hearing, was given a 36-month prison sentence suspended for a year at Burnley Crown Court Friday, the Press Association reported. Judge Beverley Lunt told him the sentence was "an act of mercy" because he visited his wife, who has Alzheimer's disease, every day in a care home. "You were not some philanthropist helping out the elderly out of the good of your heart. You dealt drugs for profit in a calculated way. It was a business," the judge told him. His lawyer Philip Holden said his client "wasn't making much of a profit" and that his oldest client was 92. "Word had got out that he was a man who could supply cannabis to those of a certain age with aches and pains and he misguidedly believed he was providing a public service," he said. After the verdict Holding insisted he had not made money from his drug dealing. "They (the customers) enjoyed it, they saved a lot of money while I was doing it and I only did it for a short time," he said. However Neil Standage, area crown prosecutor for East Lancashire, said there was no evidence that he was only supplying elderly people with painful ailments. "This might make it sound like what he was doing was harmless. It wasn't," he said.

Gun dealers experiencing shortages of bullets  Orlando Sentinel February 10, 2009 Selling bullets may be the most secure job in Florida as long as supplies last. After months of heavy buying, gun dealers across the state are experiencing shortages. Some say it began with the election of President Barack Obama . Others say it's about the economic downturn or fear of crime. Whatever the reasons, ammunition has been selling like plywood and bottled water in the days before a hurricane. "The survivalist in all of us comes out," said John Ritz, manager of East Orange Shooting Sports in Winter Park . "It's more about protecting what you have." Demand for bullets is so strong that suppliers are restricting deliveries. "Where we used to get 20 to 30 cases [in a shipment], we may get two to three cases now," said Vic Grechniw of Florida Ammo Traders in Tampa. "The supply just isn't there. . . . Everybody is pretty much rushing out to get their hands on whatever they can." Most in demand is handgun ammunition, including 9 mm and .45-caliber for semiautomatic pistols and .38-caliber for revolvers. Clerks at local Walmart stores, including Apopka and Kissimmee , say those sizes, along with .22-caliber, are on back order at the chain's warehouses. American gun owners buy about 7 billion rounds of ammunition yearly, according to the National Rifle Association. It has been warning its several million members that Obama favors raising taxes on bullets to make them prohibitively expensive.

  Could smoking pot raise testicular cancer risk? Do men who frequently smoke pot have a higher risk of testicular cancer than those who do not? It's possible, according to a new study. However, the researchers say the link is currently a "hypothesis" that needs further testing.  Some experts question research saying that frequent pot smokers could double the risk of having testicular cancer. Testicular cancer is relatively rare -- a man's lifetime chance of developing the disease is about 1 in 300 (and dying of it is about 1 in 5,000). Frequent or long-term marijuana smokers could have about double the risk of nonusers, according to the report in the February 9 issue of the journal Cancer. In the study, a team led by Dr. Janet R. Daling of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, Washington, interviewed 369 men between the ages of 18 and 44 from the Seattle-Puget Sound area whose testicular cancer had been diagnosed. They compared those men with 979 men who lived in the same area, but did not have cancer. Overall, 26 percent of the testicular cancer patients were pot smokers (15 percent who used daily or weekly) at the time of diagnosis, compared with 20 percent of men without cancer (10 percent who used daily or weekly).

Donkey Penis… It’s What’s For Dinner In keeping with the Chinese belief that certain animals or their organs have special medicinal properties, one can only speculate about the advantages of ingesting a penis that once belonged to a poor little donkey. China International Travel Service (CITS) prepares visitors for the fact that they might consider some of the things eaten in China to be offensive to their sensibilities. They encourage people, however, to taste them in order to “bridge the cultural gap and look at it with an open mind.” In many shopping districts, vendors offer a range of delicacies such as seahorses on sticks, donkey penises and cicadas. One vendor said of his very different food fare: “The seahorses are good for men’s kidneys and these cicada are good for both the boys and the girls.” Perhaps the strangest custom to western eyes is the consumption of donkey penises, which are considered highly desirable delicacies. (Not for the poor donkeys).

Obama Look-Alike Famous in Indonesia Obama’s popularity has really spread around the world. Everything from streets, hotels, and even people are being named after the newly elected President of the United States. For one photographer in Indonesia, it is not the name Obama that has thrown him into almost instant fame, but rather his face. Ilham Anas bares a striking resemblance to the president-elect Barack Obama in this recent commercial. The whole thing initially started as a job for Ilham. “When Obama won, my colleagues played a practical joke on me — they made me wear a suit, a tie, and took pictures of me posing as Obama,” said Ilham. “The pictures spread very quickly on the Internet. It was phenomenal. Then TV stations and an advertising agency got in touch with me.” Ilham says he is often mistaken for Obama and people ask to take pictures with him. “I never thought I would be a star in a commercial, then this happened. It’s very fortunate,” Ilham said.

Marihuana… Keeping Customers Happy Since 1999 For whatever reason, this fast food place in Taichung, Taiwan decided to call itself ‘Marihuana‘. If you happen to be in Taichung while vising Taiwan, Marihuana is located behind the Zhong You Department Store.

Chinese Mermaid Discovered Maomao, a 10 day-old baby who was born with a defect known as sirenomelia, or ‘mermaid syndrome,’ is undergoing a medical check-up by doctors at the Changsha Children’s hospital, Hunan Province, China. The baby was abandoned by her parents and found outside the hospital. Doctors are preparing to make operations to separate her legs

SI cover girl Refaeli nudges her swimsuit south Posted 2/10/2009 11:14 AM ET   NEW YORK — The world knows a lot more about Bar Refaeli today than it did yesterday, including where her tiny tan line falls. Sports Illustrated Swimsuit unveiled on Tuesday 23-year-old Refaeli as a first-time cover girl, wearing a string bikini by Missoni -- and the strings on the bikini bottom are being tugged south. This gig, more than top fashion or entertainment magazines, can be career-altering as it puts a model's face (not to mention, her likely fantastically toned and taut body) in front of millions of eyeballs, appealing to both men and women, sports fans and fashionistas. It's the cover that matters most, says SI group editor Terry McDonell, but each model -- 19 for this issue -- gets an equal shot at the cover. "The cover has to reflect the athleticism and sexiness of the culture. This photo is modern, her hair and swimsuit look natural. You see her freckles. Her body is amazing and she looks intelligent," McDonell said.

Saudi Arabia: A man of 47 marries girl of 8 to cancel debt  11.02.2009    Judge refuses to annul wedding. Mother’s petition not accepted because she is not the child’s tutor. The girl’s father arranged the marriage so as to cancel his debts. According to the CNN website, Judge Habib Sheikh Abdallah al-Habib rejected a petition brought by the mother of the girl because "she is not the legal guardian of the girl, " quoted the lawyer, Abdullah al-Jutaili. The same source said the father, separated from the mother, arranged the marriage with a friend to settle their debts. Human rights organizations say that the incidence of marriages between adults and children in Saudi Arabia violates international standards signed by this country. The judge stipulated however that the man should not consummate the marriage until the girl is an adolescent and then when she is, she can file for divorce . 

Taxpayers may have to cover octuplet mom's costs   LOS ANGELES — A big share of the financial burden of raising Nadya Suleman's 14 children could fall on the shoulders of California's taxpayers, compounding the public furor in a state already billions of dollars in the red. Even before the 33-year-old single, unemployed mother gave birth to octuplets last month, she had been caring for her six other children with the help of $490 a month in food stamps, plus Social Security disability payments for three of the youngsters. The public aid will almost certainly be increased with the new additions to her family. Also, the hospital where the octuplets are expected to spend seven to 12 weeks has requested reimbursement from Medi-Cal, the state's Medicaid program, for care of the premature babies, according to the Los Angeles Times. The cost has not been disclosed. Word of the public assistance has stoked the furor over Suleman's decision to have so many children by having embryos implanted in her womb. "It appears that, in the case of the Suleman family, raising 14 children takes not simply a village but the combined resources of the county, state and federal governments," Los Angeles Times columnist Tim Rutten wrote in Wednesday's paper. He called Suleman's story "grotesque." On the Internet, bloggers rained insults on Suleman, calling her an "idiot," criticizing her decision to have more children when she couldn't afford the ones she had and suggesting she be sterilized.






































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