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Published on October 9, 2009

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Selected news and photographs.

Finally Friday October 9 th 2009






NASA downgrades threat of large asteroid   Wed Oct 7, 3:48 pm ET LOS ANGELES – Earth can breathe a sigh of relief. NASA on Wednesday downgraded the odds of an 885-foot asteroid striking the planet in 2036. Scientists initially believed there was a 1-in-45,000 chance that Apophis could hit the planet on April 13, 2036. But the threat was lowered to a 1-in-250,000 chance after researchers recalculated the asteroid's path. "It wasn't anything to worry about before. Now it's even less so," said Steve Chesley, an astronomer with the Near Earth Object Program at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Chesley and his colleagues refined the asteroid's orbit after an astronomer in Hawaii analyzed previously unreleased images that gave scientists a better idea of Apophis' position. Earth got a scare in 2004 when initial measurements suggested the newly discovered Apophis seemed to have a chance of hitting the planet in 2029. Further observations ruled out any possibility of an impact. Scientists are tracking Apophis, which is slated to come within 18,300 miles above Earth's surface in 2029.

Sex-mad men search for 'lesbian' Chako Paul City   Thu Oct 08 2009   SWEDISH tourism bodies have been swamped with inquiries from millions of men captivated by a mythical town rumoured to be home to 25,000 sex-mad lesbians. The town of ‘Chako Paul City’ is said to have been founded in 1820 in the northern Swedish woods by a wealthy man-hating widow. Two blonde women are rumoured to stand guard at the town, which also features a medieval castle. Many of the town’s female residents turned to homosexuality “because they could not suppress their sexual needs”, Chinese news service Harbin News reports. The myth has been embraced by the Chinese media, with millions of men crippling the country’s internet providers trying to find out how to get to the town. However, men have been warned by media reports that they risk being “beaten half to death” by police if they dare pay a visit. "I've no idea where this came from but it's not true," local authorities' spokesman Claes Bertilson told Sweden’s new service The Local about the rumour. “At 25,000 residents, the town would be one of the largest in northern Sweden, and I find it hard to believe that you could keep something like that a secret for more than 150 years.” Mr Bertilson said he did not know where the fictitious account could have originated. “I have no idea where something like this could have come from,” he said. Although Per Wilhelmsson of the tourist office in Umea in northern Sweden said he had never heard of Chako Paul City, he did confirm that tourism in the area is bustling. “Our tourism industry is doing quite well, among the best in northern Sweden,” he said.

Woman killed by pet bear in Ross Township October 04, 2009 A Ross Township woman who keeps exotic animals as pets was killed this evening after she was attacked by her pet black bear, an official with the Pennsylvania Game Commission said. Pennsylvania State Police said they were summoned about 5 o'clock to a home in the 7200 block of Dogwood Lane for a report of the attack. Kelly Ann Walz , 37, was found with fatal injuries she received in the attack, state police at Lehighton said. Tim Conway, the game commission’s information educational supervisor for the northeast region, said Walz went inside the bear’s 15-by-15-foot steel and concrete cage to clean it and feed the bear. While she was inside, the 350-pound bear turned on Walz and killed her, officials said. Initial reports indicate a neighbor shot the bear while it was on top of Walz, Conway said. Conway said the bear had been kept as a pet since 2000 when the owners applied for a license. Conway said he wanted to stress this was not a free-roaming bear and the public was not in any danger. Also kept at the house are a Bengal tiger and an African lion. Both of those animals were licensed by the state to be kept as pets, Conway said.

October 7, 2009   Tiny nuclear battery University of Missouri engineers are building a nuclear battery the size of a penny. Their aim is to develop a long-lasting power source for tiny sensors, actuators, and labs-on-a-chip. While nuclear batteries sound, er, problematic, they're actually relatively common in larger form factors to power pacemakers and instruments aboard space vehicles. From MU News Bureau:  (Professor Jae Kown's) innovation is not only in the battery’s size, but also in its semiconductor. Kwon’s battery uses a liquid semiconductor rather than a solid semiconductor. “The critical part of using a radioactive battery is that when you harvest the energy, part of the radiation energy can damage the lattice structure of the solid semiconductor,” Kwon said. “By using a liquid semiconductor, we believe we can minimize that problem.” In the future, they hope to increase the battery’s power, shrink its size and try with various other materials. Kwon said that the battery could be thinner than the thickness of human hair. "MU Researchers Create Smaller and More Efficient Nuclear Battery"

Man, 25, reportedly shoots himself Sunday, October 04, 2009 JUNEAU EMPIRE A 25-year-old man was medevaced to Seattle with life-threatening injuries after accidentally shooting himself in the head with a .22-caliber rifle in Lemon Creek on Friday afternoon, the Juneau Police Department reported. Police responded to a report of an accidental shooting at about 2:20 p.m. at an apartment where they found the man alive but unresponsive. Three other adults and an infant were in the apartment on Glacier Highway and all the adults gave the same description of what happened, police spokesman Sgt. Dave Campbell said. The man's name was not released. "It looks like it was a tragic accident," Campbell said. Police say the accidental shooting happened as the group was planning to go to the gun range. One of the adults raised concern about the 25-year-old man handling the firearm because of the infant being in the room, according to a police press release. The adult also was concerned that the rifle was loaded. "The man joked that there was one way to find out if it was loaded and, at that point, he reportedly put the rifle in his mouth and pulled the trigger," according to the release. Capital City Fire and Rescue paramedics rushed the victim to Bartlett Regional Hospital. He was flown to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle. Even though the gun involved in the shooting was a small caliber rifle, all loaded firearms are dangerous, Campbell said. "It's still a bullet and when you're talking about close range like that, small calibers are very dangerous," he said. Neither alcohol nor drugs appear to have played a role in the incident, police reported.

Cheeseburger in a Can   October 1, 2009 This canned cheeseburger is available in Germany (I’d like to imagine it sitting on the shelf of every delicatessen and grocery store), and you know the Germans always make good stuff.

New 2010 Harley-Davidson Street Glide Trike     The Street Glide Trike joins the Tri Glide Ultra Classic in the three-wheeled category, offering a more minimalist approach with a smoked mini wind deflector, the lack of a luggage carrier, and a lighter, more compact footprint. Priced at $26,999, it undercuts the Tri Glide by $3000.

Cars! E-Wolf E2 Electric Car Wolf offers an electric Lambo to go with Tesla's Lotus-a-like. But looks, like batteries, only go so far. Powering the theoretical electric supercar will be one 134-horsepower electric motor per wheel for a total of 536 squeaky-clean horses and an impressive 738 lb-ft of torque (1,000 Nm). The run to 60 mph is expected to be dispatched in well under four seconds, though the top speed may be capped at 155 mph. Energy storage will be by way of a lithium ion battery pack composed of 84 flat cells from CERIO. Although no details have been released on the pack's stated capacity, e-Wolf suggests that range could be as high as 187 miles... Read More: e-Wolf channels inner Italian with planned e2 electric car [ Autoblog via The Awesomer ]

Inflatable Turkey October 5, 2009 “This Inflatable Turkey looks so delicious you can almost smell the stuffing. But keep the carving knives away, because this bird is strictly for show! Each 16″ long, vinyl turkey is perfect for staging your Thanksgiving table while the real turkey is roasting, or batting around on a sunny day at the beach. Comes deflated in a 4-1/4″ x 2-7/8″ x 2-7/8″ illustrated tin that would look amazing in your kitchen cupboard.”


DeKalb man wins $9M in penis damage lawsuit The Atlanta Journal-Constitution An Ellenwood man who said he suffered permanent scarring to his penis following a series of treatments for erectile dysfunction was awarded more than $9 million by a DeKalb County jury. John Henry Howard, 53, was awarded $750,000 in compensatory damages and $8.5 million in punitive damages in his suit against Boston Men’s Health Center Inc. The company, based in Altamont Springs, Fla., operates 22 clinics across the United States and Puerto Rico as Boston Medical Group. Its Web site says it treated more than 30,000 men last year. At the six-day trial, Howard, a truck driver, testified he went to Boston Medical Group’s Atlanta clinic for help with erectile dysfunction in 2006. He was treated with an injection in his penis using a proprietary formula that includes papaverine. That drug is used to improve blood flow, said Chad Ritenour, an assistant professor of urology and at the Emory University School of Medicine and director of the Men’s Health Center at the Emory Clinic. Use of the drug can lead to priaprism, a prolonged erection for more than four hours, and to permanent damage and tissue scarring, Ritenour said, especially if it’s the same injection site. Howard purchased a six-month supply of of the treatment for $1,210 and was instructed to inject himself with it three times a week. Fred Orr, his Decatur attorney, argued his client was deceived into believing the regimen was a cure. "He believed what they told him and because he believed what they told him he's permanently damaged," Orr said. The company said it explained in detail to Howard the proper procedures to take with his injections and what to do in case of a complication. The defense said Howard waited too long to seek medical help after his first home self-injection led to an erection that lasted two days.


Three charged with prostitution POSTED  Oct. 4, 2009 8 p.m. An effort to crack down on prostitution in Forsyth County’s massage parlors has resulted in the arrests of three women, including one who faced the same charge last year. The Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office charged Mi Suk Yang , 47, of Marietta and Kil Cha Hurst, 65, of Jonesboro with prostitution on Wednesday. Sheriff’s Inv. Derek Bleisath said the women were taken into custody at Sun Sauna Spa on Atlanta Highway after Yang “offered an undercover officer a sexual act for money.” Hurst had reportedly been bringing potential clients there. Investigators said a third woman, 50-year-old Seong Ok Yoo of Hampton, was also charged with prostitution after she propositioned an undercover officer at Green Spa on Buford Highway. In addition, Yoo did not have a massage therapist’s license. Last week’s incident came a year and two weeks after Yang was charged with prostitution for propositioning an undercover officer at the same business. According to the Forsyth County Clerk of Court’s Office, Yang is expected to appear in state court later this month on the Sept. 17, 2008, charge. “This is the third time we were able to arrest someone out of [Sun Sauna] for prostitution since September,” Bleisath said. Sheriff’s Lt. Col. Gene Moss said details of the investigation will be sent to the county’s business license division. Moss said there are legitimate massage businesses in the county. Based on complaints, however, authorities think Sun Sauna and Green Spa are “fronts for prostitution.” Information on Sun Sauna’s Web site includes a code of ethics attributed to the American Massage Therapy Association. The rules state that therapists should “refrain from engaging in any sexual conduct or sexual activities involving their clients.”

Dwarf gets penis glued to vacuum cleaner Tuesday, 25 August 2009 A British dwarf who was performing at the 'Edinburgh Festival' found his penis glued to a vacuum cleaner while preparing for a live show. Daniel Blackner, known as "Captain Dan the Demon Dwarf" performed at the Circus of Horrors, known for its oddball and offbeat performances. As part of the show, the dwarf pulls a Henry vacuum cleaner using a special attachment, across the show attached to his penis. However, the vacuum cleaner was broken before a performance and performer Blackner placed extra-strong glue on the attachment to fix it, neglecting to wait the entire 20 minutes required for the glue to dry, which resulted in his penis becoming glued to the vacuum cleaner. After being rushed to the A&E department of Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, Blackner was freed after an hour and remarked that: "It was the most embarrassing moment of my life when I got wheeled into a packed A&E with a vacuum attached to me. I just wished the ground could swallow me up. Luckily, they saw me quickly so the embarrassment was short lived." Hospital sources confirmed that they treated the performer, but a spokesman for the Royal Infirmary said he could not comment on individual cases.

Saudi sex braggart gets 5 years, 1,000 lashes   CNN   (CNN) -- A Saudi court on Wednesday sentenced a man who caused uproar by bragging about his sex life on television to five years in prison and 1,000 lashes, according to Ministry of Information officials. Mazen Abdul Jawad, a 32-year-old airline employee and divorced father of four, spoke openly about his sexual escapades, his love of sex and losing his virginity at age 14. He made the comments on Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation, which aired the interview a few months ago. Saudi authorities shut down LBC offices in Jeddah and Riyadh after airing the interview on an episode of its popular show "A Thick Red Line." Abdul Jawad was arrested shortly after the program aired and charged with violating Saudi Arabia's crime of publicizing vice. On the program, Abdul Jawad is also shown in his bedroom, where he holds sexual aids up to the camera. The episode ends with him cruising the streets of Jeddah in his car looking for women. The episode caused an uproar in deeply conservative Saudi Arabia, where sharia, or Islamic law, is practiced. Pre-marital sex is illegal, and unrelated men and women are not permitted to mingle. Before Jawad's detention, Arab News reported that he initiated a damage-control campaign, apologized for his comments and was considering filing a complaint against the show's producers for presenting him "in the worst possible manner by taking two hours of footage and condensing it down to a minutes-long segment."


Los Angeles Man Charged With Posing as Fertility Doctor In Order to Molest Sperm Donors Saturday, October 03, 2009     LOS ANGELES —  An Arizona man faces criminal charges for allegedly posing as a fertility doctor so he could sexually molest men while pretending to give them physical examinations, has reported. Jeffrey Graybill, 40, advertised online, offering people up to $4,000 monthly for sperm donations to support stem cell research, police said. He was arrested in Arizona on Wednesday and brought to Los Angeles, according to the Los Angeles Police Department. Graybill is accused of stealing the identity of a San Francisco doctor and posing as a "Dr. Richardson" at a Los Angeles clinic. Officer Ian Carbonell says he had no medical certification, except some experience as a paramedic. "The victims didn't know any better. They thought he's a doctor, he knows what he's doing," Carbonell said. The initial complaint about him, from a victim who provided a sperm sample but didn't get paid in June, sounded like a consumer fraud case, Carbonell said. After an investigation, Graybill was charged with sexual battery by fraud, identity theft, practicing medicine without certification and other sex charges. Carbonell said there are two victims in Los Angeles, but investigators reviewed his emails and identified 24 potential victims in California and Arizona. He allegedly did the same thing in Arizona, according to Jane Robison, a Los Angeles County district attorney's spokeswoman. "He was allegedly pretending to be a doctor, operating a sperm clinic. He would pay for sperm donors and two males showed up to donate and he allegedly conducted exams and sexually fondled them," Robison said. Graybill is charged with multiple counts of practicing medicine without a certificate, identity theft and sexual battery by fraud, Robison said. He is being held in lieu of $590,000 bail and is due back in court on Oct. 16, she said.


The Shocker Costume October 1, 2009   “ Want to shock your friends and family this Halloween? Then you need this Shocker Costume ! This costume is guaranteed to start riotous laughter, and maybe even a few disgusted people as well!”

Woman arrested after exposing herself at football game Sunday, October 4, 2009 Florida - Ocala police arrested a 41-year-old woman on Saturday after she reportedly exposed herself to several football league players. Venus Lewis was charged with three counts of lewd and lascivious exhibition and battery. According to the police report, Lewis was at the E.D. Croskey Recreation Center. She began chasing two league football players, both under 16 years old. She told them she would catch them and then have sex with them. She then walked between two picnic tables, pulled her pants down in front of both boys and inserted a tampon. The boys told police they looked away. Lewis also laid on a picnic table and began masturbating in front of the boys. Ocala police said Lewis was intoxicated. At some point, Lewis also attempted to grab the genitalia of another boy. Lewis has nine previous arrests, include a Sept. 7 open container arrest. She is being held at the Marion County Jail in lieu of $25,000 bond.











Mug Shots













Anastasia Luppova……… European Billiards Champion and winner of the World Billiards Championship - 2009












Kate Beckinsale Born :   July 26, 1972 London, England            British actress Kate Beckinsale has been named the "sexiest woman alive" by Esquire magazine. Esquire described Beckinsale as "beautiful, crisp, smart, tough" in its November edition.












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