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Published on July 15, 2018

Author: kristinaseeber


Feeding the Homeless and Giving Back to the Community! : Feeding the Homeless and Giving Back to the Community! Kristina Seeber 7-15-2018 EEX 3241 Griffin Elementary School 5050 SW 116th Avenue Cooper City, FL 33330 : Griffin Elementary School 5050 SW 116th Avenue Cooper City, FL 33330 I completed my 15 service hours at Griffin Elementary School This school is located in my hometown, Cooper City, FL More on Griffin Elementary School: More on Griffin Elementary School They have various classrooms for students with disabilities They have preschool special ed classrooms and EBD classrooms with padded walls Their mission is to fill their students needs in a fun and loving way! They have many teachers and specialist that work with these students one-on-one Mrs. D’Orios Classroom : Mrs. D’Orios Classroom Ms. D’Orio teaches preschool She has 15 special ed students All of her students have an IEP and receive special services Many of her students are developmentally delayed, have Autism, ADHD, dyslexia, down syndrome, and many other disabilities She has a variety of diversity in her classroom from Caucasian to Chinese Engagement Activities : Engagement Activities I decided to address the need of giving back to the community and teaching these students how to be kind to one another After conducting a lesson on giving back to the community, we made lunches for the homeless I volunteered at Griffin Elementary June 4 th , 5 th , and 6 th I would stay in the classroom for 3-4 hours a day We would perform various activities that correlated with the idea of community Community Helpers! : Community Helpers! Before making the meals for the homeless, we did the following: Read books about community service Played bonding games to strength our classroom community Made a chart talking about the importance of helping others Wrote notes/ drew pictures to our peers A many more games to keep the students engaged on the subject! This lesson was performed at the end of the school year so children were having a blast! I created this project independently because I love giving back to the community! Participant Demographics: Participant Demographics Children ranged from age 3 to age 6 According to I.D.E.A, these children are considered persons with disabilities because they have at least one or more factors that limit life activity I worked closely with the 15 students in the classroom but when we packaged the meals for the homeless, we had another special ed class join us There was 15 students in the other classroom which resulted in 30 students making meals with teacher support Service in Action: Service in Action This is me collecting the items after school and out for delivery! Inside was a sandwich and a bag of chips Each child made at least two sandwiches and either wrote a note on the bag or had a teacher write their note for them Together, we made over 120 meals! Service in Action continued: Service in Action continued My connection to students with disabilities! Perceptions of Differences: Perceptions of Differences Before this learning assignment, I was not sure if the students would be able to connect to the assignment or task I was shocked! I have always loved working with students that have disabilities but this truly grew my love for them! I was mostly impacted by the light on the students faces They were so excited! Connections to Your Course: Connections to Your Course I learned the following concepts more in-depth from this experience: The importance of using transitions and how they make learning activities run smoother When we were making meals for the homeless, each child rotated to different stations giving children a set pattern to follow Bettering a child's disabilities through performance of tasks If children had difficulties with fine motor skills, we would have them practice closing the bags or writing a note on the front of the bag The importance of behavior strategies throughout a lesson We used a lot of strategies when conducting this lesson to ensure learning was taking place while the children were having fun Civic Engagement: Civic Engagement This grew my love for volunteering and civic engagement This was a perfect way to show these students that they matter and they can make a difference outside of the classroom Service-learning is an AMAZING way to learn hands on! I want to use service-learning in my future classroom because it teaches children how to be a community helper and be selfless Final Thoughts & Reflections: Final Thoughts & Reflections How could we make a difference? Have children perform an act of community service once a month Write notes to those in need Read books about community service and encourage parents to get involved with their children Send home monthly letters stating the local community service opportunities near by Service starts with us as teachers and how we instill these values into our students everyday lives

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