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Published on October 3, 2007

Author: Oceane


Mountain Ridge Project - final presentation -:  Mountain Ridge Project - final presentation - AEC The making of Ridge University Engineering Building Engineer Martha DelCampo, Stanford Architect Katrin Wender, Weimar Owner Regina Pau, Sunnyvale Construction Manager Kris Grotelueschen, Stanford APPrentice Grace Yamamoto, Stanford AEC Site conditions:  Site conditions AEC AEC Winter Decision Matrix:  Winter Decision Matrix A E C Benefits Draw- backs Owner’s choice 2 Entrances Privacy/security good Concrete system Straightforward structure Spiral stairs Concrete frame & slab Better MEP & floor depth Not risky for A Roof truss & MEP intake Stream threats Skylight leaking Extended footprint Deep floor beams & MEP Lack of vertical mech. path space $2.7 Million 6/01/16 $3.4 Million 5/12/16 Functional spaces and relationship:  Functional spaces and relationship AEC AEC 3d view – design concept:  3d view – design concept ...water is flowing among stones... ...sunlight - collected like rain in a lake in the mountains... AEC Key elements of design:  Key elements of design instr. labs student offices, large meeting space normal student offices seminar rooms auditorium entrance hall AEC layout floor #2 south-north section with sunlight study Layouts (schematic view):  Layouts (schematic view) mechanical computer storage restrooms auditorium large classr. small classr. instr. labs student - offices seminar r. faculty off. secretaries chair‘s off. senior admin AEC basement floor #1 floor #2 floor #3 Entrance :  Entrance the fly brake box builds a relationship between the road and the building AEC Sight lines :  Sight lines AEC floor #1 line: road – entrance – auditorium  leads people into the building sight lines to stairs circulation Floor #1:  Floor #1 entrance hall with fly brake box (1.1, 1.0) auditorium (1.5) large classrooms (1.4, 1.6) small classrooms (1.7, 1.8) restrooms (1.2, 1.3) AEC Floor #2:  Floor #2 pbl spaces with seminar rooms, student offices, round table space (2.7-2.22) greenhouse space (2.23) instructional labs (2.6, 2.24) small classrooms (2.28, 2.30) faculty offices (2.4, 2.5, 2.26, 2.27) storage (2.25) restrooms (2.2, 2.3) AEC Floor #3:  Floor #3 administration (3.23-3.29) faculty offices(3.4-3.21) storage (3.18) gallery (3.10) faculty lounge (3.6) restrooms(3.2, 3.3) hallway (3.1, 3.22) AEC Facades :  Facades east / north east north west AEC east / north west / south south / east Wall systems & Cladding:  Wall systems & Cladding EIFS exterior wall systems Good thermal values Lightweight Inexpensive compared to stone panels Available in many colors AEC Performance – architecture :  Performance – architecture AEC Performance – architecture :  Performance – architecture AEC requirements, that are matched: daylight for all classrooms, labs, offices -all classrooms have a views to river or mountains -privacy for offices security for administration and computer machines room requirements that are not matched: computer machines room closed to the instr. labs level of allowed noise for large classrooms privacy of student offices Structural system:  Structural system Structural system elements:  Concrete columns Concrete shear walls – bearing and lateral Post-tensioned slab Steel and glass roof truss system Structural system elements Structural system – gravity loads:  Dead Loads Lightweight Concrete Slab: Avg. 100 psf Partition Walls: 10 psf Ducts, Lights, etc.: 5 psf Cladding: 10 psf Live Loads Offices: 50 psf Classrooms: 40 psf Auditorium: 50 psf Corridors: 100 psf Snow: 50 psf Avg. LL (by area): 62.5 psf Structural system – gravity loads Structural system – load path:  Gravity: Structural system – load path Structural system – lateral loads:  Wind Exposure B V33 = 70 mph Earthquake Zone 3 V = 638 kips Structural system – lateral loads Structural system – load path:  Lateral: V V Structural system – load path Structural system by floor:  B 1 2 3 Structural system by floor Structural details:  Column and Column Footing Detail: Structural details Structural details:  Column at Slab: Structural details Structural details:  Wall Detail: Structural details Slab design:  16 banded 10 banded 5 distributed, 10 over column lines Post-Tensioning cable layout, Floor 1 11” deep center span 9” deep side span Slab design Slab design:  Post-Tensioning cable layout, Floor 2 16 banded 10 banded 5 distributed, 10 over column lines Slab design Slab design:  Post-Tensioning cable layout, Floor 3 16 banded 10 banded 5 distributed, 10 over column lines Slab design Slab design:  Post-Tensioning cable layout, Roof 10 banded 10 banded 5 distributed, 10 over column lines Slab design Slab deflections:  1 2 3 R Thanks to KL&A for use of Floor software Slab deflections Structural system – foundation:  Soil Stiff Sand Bearing Capacity: 5 ksf Low settlement Frost Depth: 4 ft. Foundation Wall footings under shear and foundation walls: 3.5’w x 12”d Column footings under columns: 8.5 ft2 x 2’d Slab on Grade Structural system – foundation Structural model:  SAP 2000 Model: Structural model Structural model:  Mode 1: Mode 2: T = 0.0952 sec. Δmax = 1.65 in. T = 0.092 sec. Δmax = 2.18 in. Structural model HVAC system:  HVAC system 3rd floor 2nd floor 1st floor Basement/Mechanical Air Intake Air Exhuast Vertical Shafts AEC HVAC diagram:  HVAC diagram AEC Construction site layout:  Sub Trailers Site Office 88t Hydraulic Mobile Crane Site Parking Material Laydown Site Entrance Construction site layout AEC Construction sequence:  AEC Construction sequence Construction budget:  Construction budget AEC Construction budget:  Construction budget Foundations $245K Substructures $63K Superstructures $690K Exterior Closure $467K Roofing $48K Interior Construction $554K Conveying Systems $52K Mechanical $749K Electrical $330K Special Construction $99K Total $3,297K AEC Atrium-Architecture Basis:  Atrium-Architecture Basis Atrium-Truss System:  Atrium-Truss System Atrium-Truss Selection:  Atrium-Truss Selection Problems deflection complex connections Three-Hinged Arch Truss Atrium-Truss Constraints:  Atrium-Truss Constraints Repeated glass panel size, 4‘x5‘ Atrium-Truss Details:  Atrium-Truss Details Purlin detail Bolt connection Anchor connection to slab Column connection, no slab Atrium-Member Sizes:  Atrium-Member Sizes Columns W 10x100 Truss members 2L 4x4x1/4 Bolts A325N ¾“ diameter Purlins 2L 3x5x1/2 Learning Experience-What did we learn here :  Computer Necessity New hardware & software Meltdown flexibility Communication Be Clear & Listen Asynchronous vs. Synchronous Create clear sketches Collaboration 1 Goal Act as one Team Learning Experience-What did we learn here AEC AEC Thanks:  Thanks AEC AEC Thanks to mentors: Robert Alvarado Helmut Krawinkler Greg Luth Eric Horn Alfred Koelliker Chuck Madewell Bob Tatum James Bartone Boyd Paulson Scott Dennis ...and Questions?

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