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Published on August 2, 2009

Author: myheartbeat28


Society and Culture w/ Family Planning : Society and Culture w/ Family Planning Mrs. Parayno Tuesday and Thursday 7:00 – 8:30 pm Class Slide 2: 8 Slide 3: 7 Slide 4: 6 Slide 5: 5 Slide 6: 4 Slide 7: 3 Slide 10: PICTURE START “PROSTITUTION” : “PROSTITUTION” Pro – statuere (Latin) Slide 12: Pro – preposition Statuere – verb Latin Words Definition of Terms : Definition of Terms PROSTITUTION : PROSTITUTION The act or practice of engaging in promiscuous sexual relations especially for money Slide 16: The person who acts for an unworthy purpose and for sexual hire. PROSTITUTE FEMALE PROSTITUTION : FEMALE PROSTITUTION CHILD PROSTITUTION : CHILD PROSTITUTION MALE PROSTITUTION : MALE PROSTITUTION GAY PROSTITUTION : GAY PROSTITUTION RAPE : RAPE HIV / AIDS : HIV / AIDS TYPES OF PROSTITUTION : TYPES OF PROSTITUTION STREET PROSTITUTION ESCORT PROSTITUTION PRIVATE PROSTITUTION CYBER PROSTITUTION CAUSE OF PROSTITUTION : CAUSE OF PROSTITUTION Slide 26: SEXUALLY ABUSED RAPE VICTIM POVERTY MURDER Slide 27: LACK OF WORK OPPORTUNITY FAMILY AND FINANCIAL PROBLEM WHITE SLAVERY Slide 28: DRUG ADDICTION HUMAN TRAFFICKING EFFECTS OF PROSTITUTION : EFFECTS OF PROSTITUTION TOTHESOCIETY… : TOTHESOCIETY… Slide 31: Prostitution violate the value of monogamy (sharing sex with only one partner); It facilitates the spread of venereal diseases and more recently the dreadful AIDS virus; Slide 32: 3. It allows the prostitute and accomplices to rob or blackmail their clients; 4. It provides an enterprise for organized crime; Slide 33: 5. It promotes solicitation and loitering on the streets; 6. It attracts undesirables (clients of disreputable characteristics and crime figures); Slide 34: 7. It makes it difficult for non-prostitutes to walk in the neighborhood without being solicited and harassed by potential clients; 8. It has adverse effects on children in the area; Slide 35: 9. It makes it difficult for men to walk in the area without being solicited or harassed; and 10. It attracts the kind of business to the area that will lower the property values and often lead deterioration of building. EFFECTS OF PROSTITUTION : EFFECTS OF PROSTITUTION TOTHEPERSONINVOLVED... : TOTHEPERSONINVOLVED... Slide 39: STD / HIV / AIDS PSYCHOLOGICAL AND EMOTIONAL PROBLEMS UNWANTED PREGNANCY BAD IMAGE FOR THE COUNTRY Prostitution in thePhilippines : Prostitution in thePhilippines Slide 41: It’s illegal. CATW-AP - The Coalition Against Trafficking in Women-Asia Pacific ~(1998 ) 400, OOO prostitutes Slide 42: ILO- The International Labor Organization ~1993/94=nearly half a million prostitutes Slide 43: Angeles Olongapo Subic Bay Pasay City Manila City, Ermita Quezon City Violence andCoercionagainstProstitutes : Violence andCoercionagainstProstitutes Slide 45: Local and Foreigners Police City Officials Gangsters Pedophiles Survey : Survey Slide 47: REASON WHY… Women work as masseuses as a their front act Slide 48: 34%- to supports poor parents 8%-to support siblings 28%-to support husbands or boyfriend Slide 49: 20% - said the job was well paid 2% - said it was easy work 2% - claimed to enjoy the job Slide 50: ILO 50%-with heavy heart 20%- ”conscience-stricken Slide 51: Some felt nothing The Remainder- the transaction saddened them Slide 52: STATISTICS/The Facts Rene Ofreneo Dario Agnote Diana Mendoza Possible ways on how toSolve Prostitution : Possible ways on how toSolve Prostitution Slide 54: Educating the people More Jobs NGO against prostitution Law for prevention of prostitution

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