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Published on April 15, 2009

Author: akshaytathe


Slide 1: Wi - Com The Wireless communicator Slide 2: Let’s Begin! Slide 3: ABOUT SOCKET PROGRAMMING SOCKET CONNECTION DIAGRAM SERVER ALGORITHM CLIENT ALGORITHM DATA-FLOW DIAGRAM SETTING UP W-LAN ADVANTAGES LIMITATIONS FUTURE APPLICATIONS OVERVIEW Slide 4: About Socket Programming Java is a powerful language that supports client/server communication through socket programming. Sockets are logical connections that are created to connect the computers to each other. A port number and a host IP address/host name is required to create a socket. Slide 6: Step 1: Create a server-socket object and call to the server socket constructor ServerSocket server = new ServerSocket(portNumber,queuelength); Step 2: The server listens indefinitely for an attemp by a client to connect. To listen for a client connection the program calls server Socket method accept() as- Socket Connection = server.accept(); SERVER ALGORITHUM Slide 7: Step 3: Get the Outputstream and Inputstream objects that enable the server to communicate with the client by sending and receiving bytes. ObjectInputStream input=new ObjectInputStream (connection.getInput stream()); ObjectInputStream Output = new ObjectInputStream (connection.getoutput stream()); Slide 8:  Step 4: Processing phase in which the server and the client communicate via the output stream objects and the input stream objects Step 5: When the transmission is complete the server closes connection by invoking the close method on the streams and on the socket. Slide 9: Step 1: Create a Socket to connect the server Server address nd the port number must be specified Step 2: Client socket uses getinputstream and getoutputstream to obtain references to the socket Inputstream and outputstream Step 3: Processing phase in which client and server communication via the InputStream and Outputsteam objects Step 4:The client closes the connection when the transmission is complete by invoking close method on the stream and on the socket. CLIENT ALGORITHUM Slide 10: Data Flow Diagram Slide 11: Setting up W-LAN Slide 12: Advantages 1/2 Channel of discrete business communication – receiving and sending IM even during a meeting or phone call Allows communication with one or more persons at the same time Multiple servers can be run on a single machine thereby supporting many private networks. Monitoring the user communication for security checks by maintaining a log file Slide 13: Advantages 2/2 Real-time communication Fast and easy message sending and chance for an immediate answer Decreases costs of phone calls and personal meetings Slide 14: Future versions The server application can be made more user friendly 2. The client application could be improved to support transfer of files. 3. The client application could support emoticons. 4. Users can create accounts with the server, thus protecting their username from being taken by other users. Slide 15: Complete reference to JAVA Java 6 Programming Black Book Wireless Networks- Pearson Publications CWNA – David Coleman - David Westcott Online help REFERENCES Slide 16: Project by: Aditya Khandkar Ankit Wasnik Akshay Tathe Animesh Thakre Project Guide: Mrs.V.S.Bhute Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering. G.H.Raisoni College Of Engineering Slide 17: Wi-Com Communication redefined Thanks & Questions

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