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Published on January 4, 2008

Author: Olivier


Slide1:  Fall 2006 SVAT Final Presentation St. Vincent Pediatric Rehabilitation Center, Indianapolis:  St. Vincent Pediatric Rehabilitation Center, Indianapolis Services Inpatient Outpatient Mission Create a creative home-like environment for rehabilitation Increase the quality of life for each patient SVAT Team:  SVAT Team Three Projects Augmentative and Alternative Communication Ventilator Transport Quantitative Toy Measurement Communication with St. Vincent Site Visits Videoconferences Therapists/project partnerships SVAT AAC Team :  SVAT AAC Team Lauren Griffith, Ryan Fraley, & Ashmita Hoskote Augmentative Assistive Communication (AAC) Project Criteria:  Augmentative Assistive Communication (AAC) Project Criteria Versatile Communication Tool Adaptable content for multiple user accounts Ability to record or create phrases Customizable format for various communication and mobility levels Inexpensive A communication tool that is significantly cheaper than commercially available solutions Easy to use Small learning curve for therapists and caretakers Comfortable and customizable interface for patients St. Vincent’s Current AAC Devices:  St. Vincent’s Current AAC Devices Picture Board Handheld Touch Screen Device Simple word identification Time consuming to modify Therapist records each word Aids in more complex communication Easy to modify content Ability to form phrases or use for simple word identification Solution – Webpage and touch screen interface :  Solution – Webpage and touch screen interface Solution: Use a touch screen interface for a website to help children communicate. There are two stages of the website: Static Dynamic - customizable Both websites will use the same basic layout and principles Static website is already in use at St. Vincent and can replace simple picture boards Dynamic website has been created but needs the customization interface Screenshot of Static Site:  Screenshot of Static Site Slide9:  Main Directory Food School Toys Family Snacks Drinks Fruits Mom Dad Sister Brother Grandma Train Ball Bubbles Video Games Book bag ABCs 123s Colors Pudding Yogurt Cookies Pretzels Crackers Milk Juice Water Banana Grape Red Yellow Blue Green Black Food Family Toys School Book bag Fruits Drinks Snacks Basic Navigation Menu for Static AAC Site * Each menu will have image and audio/video option. Ruler Crayons Books 1-10 A-Z (song) 123s Color ABCs Work Done to Static Site:  Work Done to Static Site New sounds Male and female voices More phrases and words recorded CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) Easier to modify layout of all pages Improved auto restart time Used for children who can’t use the back button Set to two minutes Therapists requests for the Dynamic Site:  Therapists requests for the Dynamic Site Customizable content for each patient Ability to record or create phrases Flexible page layout for children with varying mobility levels Easy to set up an account and use Dynamic Implementation:  Dynamic Implementation Primarily utilizes PHP and mySQL database backend Three database tables are used to store individual user information Users Numeric Table Entries Common Users:  Users Each user will have: Login Password E-mail Preferences Girl or Boy voice Pictures per page Other Information Entries:  Entries Each title entry is related to specific data Image Sound Title Structure:  Structure 1 Food 2 School 3 Snacks 4 Fruit 5 Book bag 6 Colors 7 Pudding 8 Yogurt 9 Banana 10 Grape 11 Ruler 12 Crayons 13 Red 14 Yellow Recursive Storage System Slide16:  Sample Dynamic Page Status After receiving input from Amy we have begun to code how the dynamic page will interact with the databases Dynamically generated pages completed Unique user preferences determine page layout Load images based off of recursive structure database Clicking images links to the next page and plays sound Dynamic Site Demo Slide17:  Peach Strawberries Grapes Pineapple With Toolbars Goals for Next Semester:  Goals for Next Semester Design user creation process St. Vincent creates the account and the user creates their pages St. Vincent would have an administrator like account to create users How the user creates a profile Preferences, pages, change password and preferences Page by page layout of customization Design uploading process of custom images and sounds Research security issues SVAT Toy Team :  SVAT Toy Team Min Suk Park, Michelle Scheidt, Meenal Patel, Jessica Beck, Sangtae Park, & Chansoo Kim St Vincent’s Pediatric Patients:  St Vincent’s Pediatric Patients Pediatric patients have: Cerebral Palsy 40% Autism 30% Orthopedic 10% Brain injuries 5% Muscular Dystrophy 5% Genetic Disorders 5% Down Syndrome 5% Toy Team works with Moriah Approximately 40 children Most are 4-7 years old St. Vincent’s Needs:  St. Vincent’s Needs Therapists at St Vincent’s currently measure muscular strength subjectively, or with a hand dynamometer St Vincent’s Need: Want a way of measuring the muscular strength and reaction time of pediatric patients quantitatively Slide22:  Problems with Hand Dynamometer Problems Expensive Too heavy for the child Awkward to handle and squeeze for the child Not fun How our Toys meet St Vincent’s Needs:  How our Toys meet St Vincent’s Needs Fun interactive toy for the children Measures their reaction time and muscular strength quantitatively for the therapists Use the output data to gage the effectiveness of the physical therapy and to see the progress of each pediatric patient Quantitative Measurement Toys:  Quantitative Measurement Toys Light up pressing Toy LVDT value VS. Color Whack-a-mole game Programs we used:  Programs we used Assembly language to control: - Microcontroller -LCD display -Accelerometer and LVDT (Linearly Variable Displacement Transducer) -Generating sound -Reaction Time Measurement Project Packaging (Whack-a-Mole Game):  Project Packaging (Whack-a-Mole Game) Flowchart of Whack-a-Mole Game:  Start Music Hard Easy Select Mode Hit Success sound Green LED Red LED LED on 4 secs LED on Mole 1,2,3,4 Failure sound LED on 2 secs Flowchart of Whack-a-Mole Game Display Ending Music # of hit the mole (15 times) No Yes Yes No MIN/MAX Average Variance Light check system Self Diagnostic Testing:  Self Diagnostic Testing Mode Select (EASY or HARD):  Mode Select (EASY or HARD) Hitting a Mole:  Hitting a Mole Reaction Time Display:  Reaction Time Display Try Again:  Try Again Results (Min, Max, & Avg of Reaction Time):  Results (Min, Max, & Avg of Reaction Time) Project Packaging (Light up pressing toy):  Project Packaging (Light up pressing toy) Reasons for New Design:  Reasons for New Design Engages muscles for both arms Two positions Arms extended Biceps, Brachioradialis, Pectoralis Major, Triceps, Deltoids Arms Close to Trunk Biceps and Deltoids Uses LVDT New light up toy design:  New light up toy design Prototype of Light up Pressing Toy:  Prototype of Light up Pressing Toy Future Consideration:  Future Consideration Next Semester Projects Continue working on the light up pressing toy 2nd edition Whack a mole game with both reaction time and strength measurement Punching game for reaction time and strength measurement SVAT Vent Team :  SVAT Vent Team Natalie Beltz, Rachel Hagy, Vikram Anand, Harsha Ranganath Motivation:  Motivation Ventilation systems have many components Equipment is difficult to transport to and from the hospital Current methods are hazardous to the therapists and the child There is a strong need for a better method of equipment transportation Project Background:  Project Background Unorganized equipment Suction & O2 tank hanging in back Tubing dragging on ground Project Goals:  Project Goals Develop a better ventilation transport method for St. Vincent’s by: Organizing equipment to remove potential hazards to both child and staff Making equipment visible and adjustable Consolidating equipment to decrease travel preparation time and difficulty Larger Equipment:  Larger Equipment Suction machine in its bag Ventilator Apnea Monitor Oxygen Canister Main Equipment:  Main Equipment Ventilator – 11”x14”x4” Ventilator battery – 4”x6.5”x2.5” Ventilator back-up battery – 11”x9”x9.5” 28.2 lbs Suction – 10”x13.5”x7” 9.8 lbs Oxygen tank – 6.5”x15”x6” 8 lbs Apnea monitor – 9.5”x7.5”x8” 12 lbs Apnea monitor battery – 3.5”x5”x3” 2.8 lbs Tubing 14.8 lbs Current Design Constraints:  Current Design Constraints Staff must be able to adjust the controls on: apnea monitor ventilator screens Staff must be able to easily access: ambu bag suction machine Must be able to carry in as few trips as possible Must not be an ergonomic safety hazard Must fit in Graco extended Duo Glider stroller Proposed Solution: Container:  Proposed Solution: Container Use open container rather than a fabric sack or suitcase to hold equipment Provides easy access to equipment Allows for visibility of monitors Equipment stability and protection Proposed Solution: Equipment:  Proposed Solution: Equipment Mount ventilator on a steel plate on front of container Place backup ventilator battery in the bottom Attach Velcro loops on outside to organize tubing Container Material:  Container Material PVC foam light weight low cost moisture resistant high impact strength PVC foam dividers will be molded within the container to further stabilize equipment Future Work for Next Semester:  Future Work for Next Semester Test design Modify if necessary Take container to St. Vincent’s Therapist approval and input Extend to a home carrier for parents Thank you! Comments or Questions?:  Thank you! Comments or Questions?

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